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Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionPrice(Rs.)
BVE-1Biotech' Standard Portable Film and Slide Projector - with Halogrn ( blower Colled) - Ultra modern in design and sturdy stremlined body.

Salient Features - Motor driven blower 220/230 volts A/c Imp. 4" F- 3.3 coated projection lens & condensor.
Rs. 3000/-
BVE-2Biotech Semi Automatic slide projector super deluxe
Equipped with halogen imported projection bulb. Powerful cooling system and high grade Anastigmatic projection lenses. Height adjustable base. Headt absorbing filter s to avoid dmage to film or slide. Slide carrier for slides 2x2" and film strip carrier
German Lense having 85 mm F-2.8 Coated Lenses
Rs. 11000/-
BVE-2A Super Deluxe - Slide Projector with Imported lenses Export QualityRs. 12000/-
BVE-4 Videoscope- (Imported) -for projection of micro-prepared slides on 21 cm built in screen. Magnification upto 20x & 50x. Complete in a box with instructional manual Rs. 4800/-
BVE-5BIotech Senior micro-projection microscope) - Vertical Monocular body, Illumination with high powerful condensor to be worked with transformer, screen diameter 6" Built in transformer workable on 12volts 3Amp. All Objective are strictly parafocal Optical combination eyepiece 10x objective 10x & 45x. Complete in carrying case.Rs. 8500/-
BVE-6Biotech Projection Microscoper-Super deluxe micro projector- With superior optic set, fitted with mechanical stage, superior screen with excellent perfomance guranteed deluxe model.Rs. 11000/-
BVE-7Biotech 'Bioscope-Group Projector - With halogen lamp with electronic control for intensity of light vairation, screen size 150mm graduated slide movement in with the help of mechanical stage. Guaranted fine ProjectionRs. 14500/-
BVE-8Biotech's Tromascope (Conference Projection Microscope)- Model 201 A highly advanced projection equipment with Compact sealed & Dust proof unit. Projection with 12V 100 W halogen imported Bulb. Built in Mechanical stage, Quarduple revolving nose piece with 5x, 10x, 20x & 40x objectives Brilliant Micro-projection on 195 m.m dia, optically true Glass screen, magnification range form 125x to 1000x. Complete with micro cooling fan and stage micrometer for measuring purposeRs. 33000/-


Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BVE-10Biotech STandard Epidiascope (Screen master) 1000 watt DELUXE With imported bulb- A very useful machine for projecting on to the screen oppaque objects, film strips and microscopic slides. Opaques aperture is 6" x 6" . it is equipped with Anastigmatic objective for opaque projection AC/DC motor driver blower prevents the indide of epidiascope from getting over heated.Rs. 13500/-
BVE-11Biotech Epidiascope (Screen-Master) with imported Halogen Lamp- Deluxe Model same as BVE 10 WITH GERMAN LENSES AND 1000 Watt halogen Lamp.Rs. 16500/-
BVE-12Biotech Episcope/Opaque Projector - Model EP-24 is the most modern episcope which provides exceptionally brilliant image of all opaque objects with its powerful 300W halogen lamp, its multipl layer coated lens, set of three enastigmatic lenses and optically true surface coated mirrors to ensure highest parameters of resolution and exceptionally brilliant screen projection of objects. Episcope accepts book pictures, Map, Diagrams and coins etc., upto size 15x15 cmsRs. 31000/-


Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BVE-15Biotech-Senior over Head Projector - ISI Mark with mp. Double halogen lamp 24V 250 watts & Japan Fresnel condenser lens light weight specially designed for smooth and dependable services. "ELECTRONIC CONTROL" for effecient thermostate control, with all accessoriesRs. 7000/-
BVE-16'Biotech' compact Over head Projector- Electronic control With Two Bulb System - Second bulb is used for non interupted confornce in case one bulb gets fused. It is equipped with solid state variable control. Complete with effective cooling arrangementRs. 11000/-
BVE-17Excellent Over Head Projector With 1600 Lumnes- ISI Mark MP 340 A4 light and sturdy model having 24V 250W (twin lamp systems) with lever for instant lamp change 24V 250W with solid state light control system having output of 1600 lumens approx, equipped with best quality double fresnel lens (writing surface 285 mm x 285 mm) and projection Head with elevation device and sensitive focussing having roller sliding systems 1Rs. 14500/-
BVE-20Transcope Compact (Portable Overhead Projector) M--330 Portable Equipped with high grade vari-focus projection lens, Fresnel lens DIN A4 size (285x285mm) hard coated and scratch resistant to provide DIN A4 projection stage size 285x285mm with low halogen lamp 24V/250W with lever for instant lamp change, Demension : 324mmx216mmx127mm & weights 8 kgs. approximately. Working on 240 volt AC. complete packed in suitcaseRs. 32500/-
BVE-21Suvira Transcope OHP but with 24 V 250 W Halogen lamp solid state variable light controlRs. 12500/-
BVE-24Automatic slide projector 35mm imported/Exhibitor with remote control - Die-cast chasis with plastic housing 24V 150 halogen lamp, remote control cord for forward & reverse and fosussing by remote control with slide magazine for carrying 2x 2" slide. CompleteRs. 17250/-
BVE-25Biotech Automatic Slide projector Same as BVE-24 but with 100 slides megazine.Rs. 17250/-
BVE-26Automatic slide projector with built in projection screen : 8x10" (Imported) with 24V/150w halogen bulb. Heavy duty fan is provided for quick cooling. Complete with two slide megazinefor carrying 2x2" slides. It can be used on wall screen as well as on built in screenRs. 21500/-
BVE-27Biotech slidoscope (Slide viewer) bekalite moulded fitted with optical glass lens system for sharp focussingRs. 600/-
BVE-30LCD Projector (Multimedia Projector ) or Data Projector Panasonic / Sony / Sharp : Benque

Silent features:
1. High performance compact body.
2. Bright 2000 lumens.
3. Notebook-size compact body
4. Ultra light weight.
5. Heat through zoom lens.
6. Quick operation.
7. Direct power off.
8. Work as light projector.
9. One touch auto set up with digital Keystone Correcion
10. Sophisticated function.
11. Auto power off.

Complete as above
Rs. 79000/-


Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BVEA-2 Epidiascope Bulb- Indian Rs. 700/-
BVEA-3Film & Slide Projector Bulb - (watts.300)Rs. 500/-
BVEA-4OHP/Automatic Slide Projector Halogen Bulb 24 x 250 wWRs/ 300/-
BVEA-5Halogen Lam- - 650W, 220V Imported for O.H.P.Rs. 750/-
BVEA-6Halogen Bulb for Micro scope ImportedRs. 170/-
BVEA-11Trolley for projector- with Sunmica Covered Double TierRs 1100/-
BVEA-12Electronic Pointer (lsser Pointer)Rs 3000/-
BVEA-13Telescopic Pointer (Folding)Rs. 795/-
BVEA-15O.H.P Unmounted (plain) sheet (pack of 100) HeavyRs. 400/-
BVEA-17Marker Pen with Eraser Set Imported (OHP)Rs. 440/-


Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionProduct SizePrice (Rs.)
BVEA-20Biotech Deluxe Portable Tripod (Screen master)- with tripod stand)high grain export quality- screens are fabricated from special photo grade plastic material which ensures bright reflectivity of light as snow white radiant finish surface.72"x90"8500/-
BVEA-21Portable Projeen (Ection Screco)- Radiant Quality on Plastic cloth with tripod stand52"x70"3000/-
BVEA-22Biotech vision motorised projection screen- easy to operate electrically operated to stop the screen "Up & Down" position by the help of cable remote control72"x90" or 60"x84"24880/-
BVEA-23Biotech Portable Map Type Screen- Superior Quality fitted with rollers at top and bottom. Chain for hanging.
With Rollers onlyWith Housing & V spring Folding
a. 50"x50"1000/-2000/-
b. 36"x48"1100/-2500/-
c. 52"x70"1500/-3000/-
d. 90x120"(8x10')7000/-15000/-
e. 72x96"(6x10')4500/-11000/-

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