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Price (Rs.)
BPZA-1Biotech Electric Recording Drum (Kymography) - It is made on polmar Drum pattern
with thesame spee. Double electric contact arm & interchangeable contact blocks are provided as
standard fixture the gear train comprise of two mill cut gears out of the ever lasting material.Speed from 0.12 to 640 per second & is accurate to + 1%. The change in the speed from one to the other can be effected though a lever adjustable. Provide with electric long duty motor &the speed of it is controlled by mechanical governor control device to ultimate rate of 1.2 Biotechelectric Drum is supplied with chromium platedsteel spindle and 6"x6" cylinder with screw lift.
Salient Features :-
1- Casted body in aluminium.
2- Special spindle of stainless steel.
3- Neutralising cluch of gears train.
4 Uniformperformance insured .
BPZA-2Biotech Electric Recording Drum- E/8 same asBPZA-1 but with eight speeds. 12500/-
BPZA-3 Biotech Electric Recording Drum gear type:
INCO pattern Model K.
BPZA-5Sherngton Sterling Recording Drum 9350/-
BPZA-6Biotech Physiology Kit No-1. for Smoke writing:- (Latest improved ) Assembled as teaching aid for recording graphically the
movement of heart, muscles and for a variety of other basic physiology experiments. The kit includes:
Description Price Each

Kymograph BPZA- 1 10500/-

25 sheet kymograph paper 6x20" 110/-

Induction coil 2000/-

Adjustable stand 700/-

Muscles liver heavy 200/-

Weight & Hook set- set of 5 175/-

Tembour- Complete 550/-

Tunning fork N 100 - Accurate 325/-

Tunning fork starter 30/-

Femur clamp (Brass) 390/-

Double clamp (X block brass) 430/-

Electric time marker 1100/-

Heart lever starling 300/-

Frog board with clamp & holes. 400/-

Stylus with pointer 90/-

Simple key with ebonite base 350/-

Simple Electrode 200/-

Smoking burner 1000/-

Muscles chamber complete 1000/-

Heart chamber complete. 1000/-

Complete kit as above. 20860/-

Elonomic kit 20000/-
Description Price Each






















BPZA-6A Biotech Physiology Kit- same as BPZA-6 but with electric stimulator. 25000/-
BPZA-7 Biotech Physiology Kit No-2 for simple muscles switch assrmbly-most suitable for animal heart and muscles experiments. Comprising of the following:
a. kymography BPZA-1 Electric Recording drum.
b.Dubois reymond induction coil.
c.Dubosis key complete with table clamp.
d.Tunning fork tarter.
e.Tunning for N 100.
f. Drum paper clip.
g. Myograph complete with lever.
h.Simple electrode with copper wire poles.
Ii. Adjustable stand.
j. Smoking burner.
k.Smoking burner.
l. Kymograph glazed paper -set of 25 sheets.
j.Muscles chamber with electrodes.
Complete kit set of 13 items .
BPZA-7ABiotech Physiology Kit- Same as BPZA-7 but with Electronic stimulator. 25500/-
BPZA-8Cylinder (Drum) 6x6" for Kymograph. 1800/-
BPZA-9Dubois Reymond Induction coil - with base. 3500/-
BPZA-10 Dubois key 700/-
BPZA-11 Kerosene Burner with wick 3900/-
BPZA-12Smoking Burner heavy 3000/-
BPZA-13Smoking stand - with
cast iron heavy base.
BPZA-14Myography starling with lever fork 1250/-
BPZA-15Pneumograph- psychological Apparatus complete set . 3500/-
BPZA-16 Warberg's animal respirometer-A glass apparatus on respiration of aquatic animals. 700/-
BPZA-16AStethograph 3700/-
BPZA-17Student Organ Bath complete set (acrylic). 4100/-
BPZA-18Organ Bath with thermostatic control-20 oC to 60 Oc 6200/-
BPZA-19 Isolated Organ bath- made of perspex sheet - single. 8200/-
BPZA-20Isolated Organ bath (Two unit organ bath) 10250/-
BPZA-21Student stimulator electrical - single range ) 2700/-
BPZA-22Electronic Muscles Stimulator with 11 pluse rates range 25-5-10-20-30-50-100-200 pluse per seconds 4500/-
BPZA-23Electro- Convulso Meter- (for assay of anti convulsant drugs Complete with corneat electrodes cup. size 4.6.8 mm )
Electro- Conveiso Meter- It is used to study he anti convualsant activity of Phenyteix against maximum electro - shock induced convulsion in rates.
BPZA-24Analgesiometer -(Contact heart type)Mark II. 6400/-
BPZA-25Analgesiometer - (Radiant Heat type ) Mark I 11500/-
BPZA-27Animal Holder - for small animals 1100/-
BPZA-28Animal Holder - for large animals 1100/-
BPZA-29Animal Operating Table :- Large stainless steel top with slope and removable warming chamber drain pipe fixed with animal holds for big animals. 22500/-
BPZA-30Operation Table for small Animal- stainless steel top for small animals. 25000/-
BPZA-32Canula Tracheal :
Arterial/ Venus type
symen type.

425/- 110/-
BPZA-33Electric Metronome multi steps beats solid volume. 4200/
BPZA-36 Digital photoactometer (Activity cage) for monitoring spontaneous an induced ambulatory activity in animals 14500/-
BPZA-37 Histamine chamber - with sphygmomanometer & nebulizer. 11500/-
BPZA-37B Histamine chamber without sphygmomanometer & nebulaizer. 9500/-
BPZA-38Biotech Tele Thermameter - Digital six probe to study temp. in side the body simulatanously in six animals. 8000/-
BPZA-39Biotech Cook's Pole Climbing Response Apparatus - Built in solid state buzzer and stimulator to provide electric shock of 440 volts 0.2 mA at a frequency of 5 per seconds for a duration controlled manually or by built in 30 seconds. 16500/
BPZA-40Biotech Respiration pump- Mechanically operated metallic, the driving cone has 3 slots of 6x9x12" dia & balanced . A motor of 1/4 HP drives the pump. The stocks are adjustable graduated in CC upto 500 oc 48000/-
BPZA-41Bioetch Spirometer- 6 lit cap. with chain counter balance to float through pulley chamber
with corugated tube and mouth piece.
BPZA-42 Biotech Rotarod - for determination of neuropixility
A - Single chamber
B - Double chamber


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