All Chemicals Packing 500ml/gm (Mentioned Otherwise)
Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
A4 Acetic acid Glacial470
A5 Acetic acid Glacial GR612
A6 Aceto carmine (100ml) 1380
A10Acetyle acetone2320
A11Acetyl chloride820
A12Acridine orange (10gm)1890
A13Adipic Acid 890
A14Agar Agar Powder6190
A15Albumine egg (flakes)10266
A16Aluminium amm. Sulphate (ammonium alum) 550
A17 Aluminium chloride anhydrous (500 gm)730
A18Aluminium foil 1500
A19Aluminium hydroxide Gel600
A21Aluminium Metal turning980
A22Aluminium nitrate350
A23 Aluminium oxide active neutral (Alumina) 600
A24 Aluminium pot. sulphate (pott. alum) 300
A25Aluminium sulphate330
A26Amino acid kit of 24 items set5600
A27Amonia buffer solution320
A28Amonia solution (about 30% NH3) 330
A29Amonia solution (about 25% NH3)280
A30 Ammonium acetate552
A31Ammonium bicarbonate290
A32Ammonium Borate 590
A33Ammonium Bromide1325
A34 Ammonium carbonate 500
A36Ammonium ceric nitrate (100gm) 3507
A37Amm. ceric sulpharte dihydrate (100gm) 3550
A38Ammonium Chloride540
A39Ammonium Chloride GR720
A40Tri Ammonium Citrate1385
A41Ammonium dichromate1140
A42Ammonium dihydrogen orthophosphate 696
A43Ammonium Ferric sulphate (ferric alum) 445
A44Ammonium Ferrous sulphate 320
A45Ammonium ferrous sulphate GR 520
A46Ammonium Floride 1070
A47Ammonium Formate (250gm)350
A48Ammonium hydrogen carbonate 290
A49Ammonium lodide (250gm) 3910
A50Ammonium Molybdate (100gm) 2050
A54 Ammonium Oxalte 600
A55Ammonium Purpurate (05gm)550
A56Ammonium Persulphate600
A57Ammonium Sulphate340
A58Ammonium sulphate GR375
A59Ammonium Tartrate 1450
A60Ammonium thiocynate 760
A61Amyl acetate (ISO Amyl acetate) 810
A63Anthracence (100gm)2062
A65Anthronoe (25gm)1060
A67Amaranth (25gm) 300
A68Antimony sulphide black (500gm) 3310
A69Antimony trioxide3900
A70 Anti serum A or B (5ml)280
A71Anti Serum D (5ml)600
A72Antimony trichloride (250gm)3765
A73Ascorbic acid (250gm) 3360
A75Alizarine red (25gm) 580
A76Aniline blue w/s (25gm)930
A77Aniline blue s/s (25gm)1165
A78Alizarin red solu (125ml)130
A79 Aniline blue alcohalic (125ml)130
A80Aniline blue aquaous120
A81Aceto orecin (125ml)1470
B1Balsam Canada (synthetic) 2450
B2Balsam Canada (natural)5690
B4Barium Acetate 1300
B5Barium Bromide1476
B6Barium Carbonate685
B7Barium Chloride456
B8Barium Chromate2020
B9Barium hydroxide450
B11Barium lodide (100gm)5200
B12Barium Nitrate475
B13Barium Peroxide900
B14Barium Sulphate435
B15Barium Sulphide1150
B16Beef extract powder bacteriology1780
B17Bees wax960
B18Benedict's reagent (quali)280 P/125ml
B19Benedict's reagent (quant)489
B22Benzophenone (250 gm)1070
B24Benzoyl Chloride1360
B26Benzoic acid1140
B28Bile salt (100gm)1240
B29Benzyl alcohol852
B30Benzyl chloride1110
B31Bismuth carbonate (100 gm)1380
B32Bismuth chloride (100gm)3255
B33Bismark Brown (25gm)220
B35Bismuth Nitrate (100 gm)2080
B36Bismuth oxide (100gm)1210
B37Bismuth sulphate (250 gm)4555
B39Bleaching powder250
B40Borax (Di sodium Tetraborate)590
B41Borax carmine solution (125ml)460
B42Borax acid615
B43Boric acid650
B44brilliant green stain powder (25gm)370
B45Bromine (5x20ml)1585
B46Bromine water350
B47Buffer tablets pH 4.07 or 9 (20 tablets) 500
B48Butyl acetate530
B49ISO- Butyl alcohal 500
B50N-Butyl alcohal (Butanal )480
B51ISO- Butyl methyl ketone550
B52Tetra butyl alcohol555
B53Borax carmine (25gm)2100
B54Brilliant blue G-250 for Electrophoresis 7300
B55 Bromocresol blue (05gm)220
B56Bromophenol blue (05gm)330
B57Bromothymole blue (25gm)1350
B58Bromophenol blue (125ml)200
B59Bromothymol blue (125ml)180
B59BBromo Phenol Blue (5 gm)330
B60Barfored's reagent (125ml)235
B61Bromocresol purple (05gm)325
B62Bromocresol purple solu (125ml)170
B63Bromocresol green (05gm)1035
B64Bromo cresol green solu (125ml) 195
B65Biuret Reagent320 P/125 ml
B66 Bouin's fluid fixative200 P/125ml
B67Berless's mounting medica (excellent for mites and small insects) 350 P/125ml
C1Cadmium acetate (250gm)1550
C2Cadmium arsenate (100gm)2250
C4Cadmium chloride (100gm)975
C5Cadmium carbonate (100gm)620
C6Cadmium Iodide (100gm)3905
C6-ACadmium metal (250gm)1000
C7Cadmium nitrate (250 gm)1600
C8Cadmium oxide ( 250gm)1900
C9Cadmium Phosphate (250gm)1900
C10Cadmium sulphate2550
C11Calcium acetate650
C12Calcium Borate1500
C13Calcium Bromide (250gm)1000
C14Calicium carbonate 315
C15Calcium Chloride (dihydrate)360
C16 Calcium Chloride (Fused)315
C17Calcium Fluoride 1050
C18Calcium hardness ildicator Tablets (100 Tab)250
C19Calcium Hydroxide320
C20Calcium Nitrate280
C21Calcium Phosphate (Tri)550
C22Calcium Oxide Powder460
C23Calcium sulphate450
C24 Carbol fuchsin dilute stain (125 ml)180
C25Carbolic acid 740
C26Carbon disulphide985
C28Carmine stain powder (05gm)900
C29Carmine stain powder (25gm)4680
C30Ceder wood oil (25ml)1455
C31Cetyl Alcohol1160
C32Charcoal activated590
C35Cholesterol (05gm)1125
C36Chromium (metal) Powder (100gm) 1150
C37Chromium acetate2250
C38Chromium bromide (250gm)2880
C39Chromium Chloride1450
C40Chromium Nitrate1680
C41Chromium oxide (Tri)1200
C42Cinnamic acid (250gm)1155
C43Citric acid anhydrous580
C44Cobalt Acetate5400
C45Cobalt chloride (100gm)3020
C46Cobalt Nitrate (100gm)1300
C47Cobalt oxide (100gm)6350
C47ACobalt sulphate (100gm)1680
C48Congo Red indicator papers (10bks)600
C49Congo red indicator powder (5gm) 405
C50Crysol ret stain powder (05 gm)250
C51Crystal violet stain solution (125 ml)180
C52Copper metal (250gm) 1500
C53Cupric acetate (250gm)900
C54Cupric carbonate 1800
C55Cupric chloride1350
C56Cupric Nitrate1310
C57Cupric Oxide1950
C58Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate940
C59Cuprous Chloride1586
C61Carbol fuchin powder 25gm1250
C62Carbol fuchin cone 125ml220
C64Congo red solu (125ml)150
C65Cotton blue (25gm)930
C66Cotton blue solu (125ml)120
C67Cotton blue in lactophenol (125ml)240
C68Cotton blue in clove oil (125ml)285
C69Carnoys Fixative ( a rapid action preservative with chloroform)250 P/125ml
Carnoys fixative w/o chloroform130 P/125ml
C70Chrome acetic acid-for fixing chromation material 200 P/125ml
C71Clark's fluid for fixing chromosomes 200 P/124ml
C72Champ's fluid for fixing mitochondria 90 P/125ml
D1Dextrose anhydrous468
D2Dextrose anhydrous GR500
D3Diaste (anmylase ) 100gm830
D7Diethylene Glycol600
D8Dimethyl glyoxine (100gm)760
D9Dimethyl sulphoxide760
D112-4 Dinitrophenyl hydrazine (25gm)350
D121-4 Dioxane865
D14Diphenylamine (250gm)1250
D15Diphenyl ether800
D16DPX Mountant (250ml)510
D17Di Ethyle Ether560
E1EDTA (100gm)310
E2EDTA disodium salt (100gm)310
E3EDTA dipotassium salt (100gm)430
E4Eosin yellow stain powder (W/s) 25gm 375
E5Eosin stain solution (2% W/V) 125ml260
E6Eriochrome black T (solochrome black T indicator powder-25 gm500
E7EA (staining solution)500
E10Ethylene Glycol 570
E12Ethyl Acetate468
E13Ethyl methyl ketone1080
E14Eosin s/s 25gm590
E15Eosin w/s solu 125ml130
E16Eosin alcoholic solu 125ml150
E17Erythrosin B 25gm990
E18 Erythrosin Alcohalic-125ml135
F0Fast Green (05 gm)565
F1Fehling Solution A420
F2Fehling Solution B 660
F4Ferric Bromide390
F5Ferric Carbonate600
F6Ferric Chloride anhydrous390
F8Ferric Nitrate350
F9Ferric Oxide red565
F10Ferrous Sulphate380
F17Ferrous sulphide technical broken sticks 1 kgm850
F19Folin & Ciocalteu's phenol reagent (100ml)556
F20Folin & Wu's alkaline copper sol.460
F22Formaldehyde solu-37-41% w/v444
F23Formaldehyde sol 37-41% w/v- 5lit1530
F25Para formaldehyde1895
F26Formic acid 85%550
F27D-Fructose (100gm)300
F29Fuchsin Acid (05gm)700
F31Fuchsin (Basic) stain poder (25gm) 385
F32Fusion mixture 470
F33Folin Swu's Reagen (Phosphomolybdic Reagent) 270 P/125ml
F34Flemmings's Fluid Good cytology fixatives 200 P/125ml
F35Farmers Fluid for cytology200 P/125ml
F36Formolsaline a very good fixatibe110 P/125ml
G1Geltain 1475
G2Gentain violet aquesous stain-125ml275
G3Gibberellic acid (GA) (1gm)300
G4Giemsa's stain powder (25gm)770
G5Giemsa's stain solution-100ml400
G6Glucose standard stock solu. 1%(100ml)230
G7L-Glutamic acid-100gm575
G9Glycerol 2.5 lit2316
G10Glycine (amino acetic acid)1275
G11Gower's solution (RBC diluting fluid)450
G12Gram's lodine stain solution 125 ml220
G13Gum acacia (Gun Arabic)760
G14Gention Violet 25gm320
G15Grams Crystal solu-125ml200
G16Grams saframin solu-125ml350
G17Gilson fluid320 P/125ml
G18Greening soln. (To fix chlorophyll in plant) 150 P/125ml
G19Gate's fluid-plant Chromosomes in root tips 200 P/125ml
H1Haematoxylin stain powder (5gm)3500
H3Haematoxylin (Delafield's) stain solution 125ml1520
H4Hayem's solution (RBC diuluting fluid)400
H8Hydrazine hydrate 99-100%1840
H9Hydro chloric acid N/10 solution 350
H10Hydro chloric acid 35-38%380
H11Hydro fluoric acid1080
H12Hydrogen per oxide solution about 6% 1 lit420
H13Hydrogen peroxide solution about 30%505
H14Hydroxylammonium chloride- 100gm960
H15Holland's fluid (A protozoa Fixative)250 P/125
I 1 Indicator papers narrow range-10 bks640
I 2 Indicator papers narrow range-10 bks375
I 3 Indicator papers wide range (pH 2-0 to 10.5) 10 bks375
I 4Indole-3 acetic acid (IAA)- 5gm820
I 5Indole-3 butyric acid (IBA)- 5gm1060
I 6Iodine-resublimed-100gm2868
I 7Iron metal powder-1kg820
I 8 ISO butyl acetate850
I 10ISO propyl alcohol430
I 11Insect preservative solution200 P/125ml
K1Kolmeris Fluid- Nervous Fixative200 P/125ml
L1labolene neutral pH340
L2Labolene neutral pH- 5 lit1470
L3Lactic acid930
L4Lactose 675
L5Lead (Metal) Granules1050
L6Lead Acetate630
L6Lead Chromate1500
L7Lead Dioxide1450
L8Lead monoxide675
L9Lead oxide red (red lead)660
L10Lead oxide red (red lead)1105
L11Lead sulphate700
L12Lead sulphide1370
L13Lead sulphite1370
L14Leishman's stain powder-25gm660
L15Leishman' stain solution 250m0315
L16lithium carbonate-250gm2285
L17Lithium chloride-250gm5755
L18Litmus blue indicator papers-10bks385
L19Litmus red indicator papers-10bks385
L20 Light Green 25gm1380
L21Lectophenol200 P/125ml
M1Maltose monohydrate-250gm800
M2Manganese (Metal) flakes-100gm 875
M3Manganese acetate430
M4Manganese borate 820
M5Manganese bromide1180
M6Manganeses carbonate1340
M7Manganese chloride385
M8Manganese chromate1580
M9Manganese citrate 1550
M10Manganese sulphate580
M11Manganese iodide-250gm2350
M12Manganese dioxide352
M16Manganese Metal (100gm) powder2155
M17Magnesium acetate1070
M18Magnesium carbonate (250 gm)880
M19Magnesium Chloride360
M20Magnesium Citrate2915
M21Magnesium Nitrate445
M22Magnesium Oxide1045
M23Magesium sulphate355
M24Malachite green -25 gm240
M25Mannitol (250 gm)1735
M26Mercuric acetate-100gm6264
M27Mercuric Chloride -250gm12360
M28Mercuirc Iodide red-100gm6230
M28AMercuric Nitrate-100gm7660
M29Mercuric Oxide red-100gm6000
M31Mercuric sulphate-250gm13200
M32Mercuric (metal) 250gm6548
M34Mercurous Nitrate-100gm7660
M36Methanol 300
M37Methyl acetate915
M38Methyl orange indicator powder-25gm245
M39Methyl orange Indicator solution-125ml 170
M40Methyl red indicator powder-25gm350
M41Methyl red indicator solution-125ml 175
M42Methylene blue stain powder-25gm630
M43Methyl Thymol blue GR- 5gm750
M44Methylene blue (aqueous) stain solution(125ml)195
M47Millions reagent-125ml900
M48Molisch reagent 125ml250
M49Molybdic acid-100gm1990
M50Murexide-5gm (Amm. Purpurat)550
M51Manganous acetate 500gm660
M52Manganous chloride 500gm850
M53Manganous sulphate 500gm570
M55Molybdate Reagent320 P/125ml
M56Mayer's Albunin 450 P/125ml
M57 Mullers Fluid- For Nervous system200 P/125ml
M58Mann's Fluid for Golgi Bodies350 P/125ml

N1Napthalene Balls290
N21-naphthol-100 gm570
N32-naphthol-500 gm1220
N4 Nesslers's reagent (for ammonia and ammonium salt) 100 ml280
N5Nesslers reagent (king's) for serum urea nitrogen-100ml455
N6 Nickel Powder-100gm1800
N7Nickel Acetate-250gm1140
N8Nickel Carbonate6170
N9Nickel Chloride3200
N10Nickel Nitrate3240
N11Nickel Oxide (100gm)1440
N10ANickel sulphate2676
N12Ninhydrine-25gm 3265
N13Ninhydrine sol 125ml 200
N14Nitric acid390
N15Nitrobenzene 720
N16Nylender Reagent325 P/125ml
N17Narcotizing powder ( for marine minor animals)200
N18Navshin's Fluid220 P/125ml
O1Oil clove2550
O2Oleic acid700
O3Orange G stain powder-25m425
O4Orthophosphoric acid960
O5Oxalic acid 450
O6Osmic Acid Solution (25 ml)1350
P1Paraffin liquid685
P2Paraffin wax 58-60C830
P3Paraffin wax 60C-62C935
P4Peptone (Bacteriological mediaid) 2033
P5Perchloric acid 60%1660
P6Periodic Acid 70%1660
P7Petroleum spirit (petroleum ether) 40-60C780
P8Petroleum sprit (petroleum ether) 60-80C470
P9Phenol (Carbolic acid)740
P10Phenol reagent (folin & ciocalteu's) 100ml555
P11Phenol red indicator solution-125ml150
P12Phenol red indicator powder 25 gm620
P13Phenolphthalein indicator powder 100gm745
P14Phenolphthalein indicator solution 1%-125ml175
P16Phenyl (Cleaning detergent)250
P17Phenyl hydrazine hydrochloride-100gm1862
P18Phthalic anhydride600
P19Phthalic acid685
P20Phosphorous pentoxide (250gm)700
P21Picric acid1440
P22Picric acid (Saturated Solu.)500
P23Polythene glycol 200660
P24Potassium acetate720
P25Potassium bromate1250
P26Potassium bromide1200
P27Potassium carbonate505
P28Potassium chloride320
P29Potassium chromate1320
P30Potassium dichromate1215
P31Potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate820
P32Potassium disulphite575
P33Potassium ferricyanide-100gm520
P35Potassium ferrocyanide1000
P36Potassium hydrogen orthophosphate897
P37Potassium Hydrogen tartarate1400
P38Potassium Hydroxide pellets595
P39Potassium lodate-100gm1890
P40Potassium Iodide- 250gm4590
P42Potassium metabisulphite575
P43Potassium nitrate585
P44Potassium Oxalate 700
P46Potassium permanganate700
P47Potassium persulphate805
P48Potassium sodium (+) - tartarate1430
P49Potassium sulphate515
P50Potassium thiocyanate1200
P51n-propanol (propan-1-ol550
P52Propionic acid 590
P53 ISo-Propyl alcohol(Propan-2ol) 430
P54Pyridine 250ml585
P56Phospho tungestic reagent170 P/125ml
Q1Quinolinr 3720
R2Ringers Solution150 P/125ml
R3Renin Tablets (25)220 P/125ml
S1Safranine stain solution-125ml300
S2Safranine stain-25gm760
S3Salicylic acid880
S4Silica gel blue self-indicating (coarse)470
S5Silica gel for column chromatography7 (about 60-120 mesth) 745
S6Silica gel-G for TLC880
S7Silica gel GF 254 for thin layer chromatography4550
S8Silver Nitrate (25gm)6670
S9Silver Nitrate N/50 solution800
S10Silver Nitrate N/50 solution11200
S11Silver Sulphate (25gm)7900
S13Sodium acetate420
S14Sodium azide-100gm610
S15Sodium bi Carbonate330
S16Sodium Benzoate820
S17Sodium Carbonate anhydrous 372
S18Sodium chloride240
S19Sodium chromate 1046
S20Tri-sodium citrate470
S21sodium hydrogen orthophosphate Dihydrate570
S22Sodium dichromate dihydrate950
S23Sodium Disulphite315
S24Sodium fluoride740
S25Sodium Iodide-250gm5250
S26Sodium hydroxide flakes320
S27Sodium hydroxide pellets410
S28Sodium metabisulphite315
S29Sodium Molybdate-100gm1815
S32Sodium Nitroprusside-100gm720
S34Sodium Oxalate540
S34ASodium salicylate 965
S35Sodium sulphate anhydrous310
S36Sodium Sulphide (Fused) flakes475
S37Sodium sulphite anhydrous310
S38sodium tartarate1350
S39Sodium thiosulphate (hypo)250
S40Sodium tungstate hydrated-250gm3072
S41Stannous chloride-100gm1000
S42Starch lodide papers (100 leaves)246
S43Starch (Soluble)1475
S44Strontium carbonate-250gm990
S45Succinic acid 860
S46Sucrose 480
S47Sudan II stain powder (10gm)700
S48Sudan III stain powder-25gm325
S49Sudan IV-25 gm325
S50Sulphamic acid470
S51Sulphosalicylic acid1335
S53Sulphuric acid solution N/50220
S54Sulphuric acid 997-99)%435
S55Schiff's Reagent220 P/125 ml
S56Schaudinns fluid (protozoa Fixative) 200 P/125ml
S57Smith Reagent 220 P/125ml
T1Tannic acid (100gm)1100
T2Thiourea 1140
T3Tartaric acid (+)1450
T4Thymol blue indicator powder-25gm1244
T5Thymol blue indicator solution-125ml210
T6Tin (metal) granulated-100gm1770
T7Toluene (Rectified) 440
T9Tricholro acetic acid-100gm245
T10Triethylamine 630
T11Tris Buffer -100gm1405
T12Tollins Reagent495 P/125 ml
U1Universal Iducator pH 4.0-110(100ml)220
U2Urea 400
U3Uric Acid Reagent220 P/125ml
U4Urease Active Meal320 P/125ml
W1WBC diluing fluid280
W2Wanklyn's scap solution410
W3Wright's stain solution-250ml290
W4Wright's stain powder-25gm670
X1Xylene (Rectified)520
X2Xynthidril Reagentfor urea testing (modified)430 P/125ml
Y1Yeast extract1560
Z1Zinc dust1290
Z2Zinc metal granulated1560
Z3Zinc acetate675
Z4Zinc Carbonate basic1006
Z5Zinc Chloride720
Z6Zinc Nitrate600
Z7Zinc Phosphate850
Z8Zinc Sulphide2000
Z9Zinc Oxide840
Z10Zinc Sulphate495
Z11Zenkers fluid (General fixative) 200 P/25ml

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