Ecology/ Weather Instruments


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BEWI-1Aneroid barometer OD-4" Barigo German (3 scales) Japan .5525
BEWI-2Aneroid Barometer OD-4" Indian (Deluxe quality ).380
BEWI-3-do- Demonstration model. 490
BEWI-4Fortin's Barometer- Best Indian w/o mercury. 3350
BEWI-5-do - with wooden box with
3 sides. glass.
BEWI-6Altimeter /imp digital electronic.11700
BEWI-6AAltimeter range 5000 meter analog meter.4000
BEWI-7hermo Hygrometer Digital - Imported with humidity temp.clock with alram facility.1500
BEWI-8Thermo hygrometer digital - Imported with humidity meter temp. with max /mini & memory. 1800
BEWI-9Thermo Hygrometer - Imported 750
BEWI-10Weather station 3 in 1 including dial thermometer hygrometer and alaram clock. 1100
BEWI-11Hair Hygrometer - German/Japan to measure & relative humidity with hanging device. 600
BEWI-12 Hygrometer - 0 -100% relative humidity dia 85 mm imp. 600
BEWI-14Pedometer- To measure distance covered by walk 50 Kilometer German. 2100
BEWI-15-do- Electronic Digital pocket imported. 2700
BEWI-17Hand sugar refractometer (Japan make)-To 32% 3300
BEWI-18Biotech Hand Sugar refactrometer- 0 to 32% Indian Deluxe 2300
BEWI-19Abbe refractometer model AR- 204 measuring range 1.3000 to 1.7000.Measurement of
sugar 0% to 95%. Complete in polished wooden box.
BEWI-20Rain Gauge Heavy (Brass ) Size 30x10cm.1100
BEWI-21-do- Routine quality heavy. 550
BEWI-22Rain gauge-automatic bucket type.Titlling type. 3320
BEWI-23Rain gauge - Automatic dial type self recording. 2450
BEWI-24Rain gauge - Recording type with revolving Drumand 100 graphs as per IMD specidication. 15000
BEWI-25Rain Gauge - Electronic digital cable free (Wireless transmission) 11500
BEWI-26WInd Vane- All metal 24" height with stand. 1700
BEWI-27Wind vane- do- Deluxe model 40 " image and heavy. 1950
BEWI-28Anemometers- Robinson cup complete with flash unit. 3650
BEWI-29Anemometers- Wind mill type imported digital display of air velcocity and temp.8500
BEWI-30 Anemometers-Digital (Electronic ) in carrying case. 7100
BEWI-31Rotometer-Map measure german.2100
BEWI-32 Thermo hydrograph- with 52 charts 7500
BEWI-33Thermo hydrograph- Combined temperature range 15 to 40 RH.0 to 100%. 65500
BEWI-34Sunshine Recarder as per ISI-7243 37000
BEWI-35Stevenson- Meterological Screen 7500
BEWI-36 Stand for the above metalic .1400
BEWI-37Global positioning system (GPS) German.23000
BEWI-38Portable meterological out fit kit- This include Aneroid Barometer wall thermometer wet dry. Thermometer max/Min thermometer, rain gauge brass complete. 5000
BEWI-39Oil and Sugar Refrectometer (Butyro Refrectometer)- For fat sugar and oil range
o to 100 , accuracy 0.1 suagr scale 50-80% accuracy -1%
BEWI-40Biotech Polarimeter half shade. 6200
BEWI-41-do- Bi Quartz 6500
BEWI-42Spare tube for polarimeter -200mm 700
BEWI-43Research Polarimeter- with 200 mm glass tube without sodium lamp. 29820
BEWI-44Sodium lamp with lamp. housing and transformer for polarimeter. 14500

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