Field Equipments – Net & Binocular

FIeld Equipments

Code NumberProduct description
Price (Rs.)
BFE-1Biotech Vasculum- made of heavy gauge rust proof white G.I.sheet wiith inside foam lining.Complete with carryinghandle for group collection.
15x10x5 850
BFE-2Biotech Feather weight vasculum -Deluxe quality- light weight rust proof made of heavy aluminium sheet with thick foam lining. Approx.
12x8x5 950
BFE-3Biotech Plankton Net- It has a conical bag of silk bolting cloth sus- pended by means of reinforcement of metal ring.One glass vial is supplied which can be tied at the end of bag. Fitted with non rusting metal chain 13"long aluminium handle. 650
BFE-4 Biotech Plankton net with SS plankton bucket- very useful for plankton collection - complete with bolting cloth heavy handle ring dia 12 plankton bucket stainless steel.1080
BFE-5Biotech Insect collecting net portable-(Deluxe quality) folding type made of all aluminium tubing stand- ard size fine nylon net handle 2.5 feet650
BFE-6biotech Insect collecting net
college grade with detachable handle & ring.
BFE-7 Biotech pond life dip net - Deluxe net for aquatic collection with ring 9.5" diameter bag is of fine mesh 19" deep attached with the ring by means of three electroplated chains (non rusting) 630
BFE-8 Biotech Dredgenet 'D' type - for sampling bottom fauna comprising of long D shaped silk bolting cloth is used. 1500
BFE-9 Biotech Bolting cloth - fine englsih quality. 220/- per meter
BFE-10Biotech fish dredgenet - Made of nylon thread size (50x10) feet wide fitted with sinkers and pockets with floats. 9500
BFE-10A-do- size 20x10 feet.- Same as above5500
BFE-11 Biotech fish cast net-Conical complete with heavy sinker pocket and floats mesh size 1x1x " 10 1/2".5900
BFE-12 Biotech FIsh surface Gill net- made of synthetic nylon fibre with float, sinkers size 20'x10' feet.7950
BFE-13Biotech fish Bagnet- made of strong synthetic nylon fibres with sinkers and float: mesh size & length 5 meter s 1/2" 6500
Mesh ----do---- 5 meter 1'' 5900


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BFE-14Biotech plastic fish pools- made of H/gauge nontoxic highly tensibe rubberized PVC liner.Running aluminium with non- corrosive aluminium alloy. These pools can be folded & stored when not required.
a3'dia x 2'high fiber sheet- 5370
b4'dia x 2; high fiber 10200
c"dia x 4' high fiber 35000
d8"dia x 2' high fiber 38000
e8' dia x 4' high fiber42500
BFE-15iotech portable Chinese

type Hatchery system-
ABiotech portable jar hatchery with stand eggs.30800
BBiotech hatchery pool 3'dia x2' high chinese type. 33800
CBiotech breeding pool 6' diax4'high chinese type48000


Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BFE-16 Biotech Thermos jug-
made of unbreakable material finished in attractive colour wide mouth top opening with tap & carrying handle.
3liter 550
5liter 750
10liter 1000
15liter 1500
20liter 2250
BFE-17Biotech Thermos flask -
light weight and rust proof.
0.5lit 300
1liter 550
1.5liter 780
BFE-18ABiotech water purified :
Pearl pure with imported parts converts hard saline borewell to pure tasty drinking water and revive the natural taste .
a. Water recieved in micro biologically
and chemically potable.
b. High purifying water with double
capacity for output water
BFE-169Water filter Ultra pure water- it produces pure drinking water all
bacteria risticted due to ultra violet rays.complete unit.


Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BFE-20Prismatic Binocular- very powerful in carrying case imported.
magnification: Superior
BFE-21Prismatic Binocular - imp. or Zenith (super deluxe double coated optics with extreme brightness The angular field is 6.5 complete with carrying case and strap.12600
BFE-22Telescope - powerful most advance with stand .5760
BFE-23Telescope - powerful most advance all brass. 9600
BFE-24Air gun- best Indian with accessories. 6500
BFE-25Astronomical Telescope with stand .15000
BFE-26Biotech field Collection Sack- super Deluxe quality made of heavy canvas with shoulder strap and pockets to holds 16 bottles1100
BFE-27Biotech spare bottles - for collection. p/doz 300
BFE-28Biotech collection belt - light, weight , made of fine rexine with 25 loops.It is supplied with 24 nos. vials.850
BFE-29 Biotech Miniature collection sack- A good size fine for field trips. made of heavy water proof raxine / canvas with fine quality webbing strap 660
BFE-31 Biotech sleeping bag of Nylon cloth -2820

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