Geology & Field Equipments


Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BCF-1Geological Specimen duly labelled in show case.
1. Mineral set of 30- duly labelled in showcase 1500
2. Rock set of 20- duly labelled in showcase 1500
3.Rock forming mineral set of - set of 10 1500
4. Metallic ores set of 20 1500
5. Alloys and metal set of 20 1250
BCF-2Geologist hammer all steel1800
BCF-3Goniometer for measuring solid angles 3000
BCF-4 3D Geomorphology Models - size 35X35 cm set of 8 models duly framed 3500
GM-I8 MODELS Consists of : water fall , George/canyon , river meanders, flood plain and natural leaves, rlver delta , artesian water, depositional karst landforms 3500/- per set
GM-II8 models consists of : sea waves, glaciers, rift valley, ground water, faults, fold valcanoes action of wind 3500/- per set

Geology Collection Tools

Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BSF-19Rock Chisel 132
BSF-20Geo-Hammer 1740
BSF-21Fossil Trowels 174
BSF-22Brush Soft 126
BSF-23Brush metallic 324

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