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Product Name & Description

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BSGM-1Model showing Dip, Strike and Escarpment in Inclined Strata Size20x20x7.5cms approx 2350
BSGM-2Model showing True and Apparent Dip in Inclined Strata Size 20x20x7.5cms approx 2350
BSGM-3Model showing Strike & Dip in folded Strata (Anticline and Syncline) Size 20x15x11cms approx 2350
BSGM-4Model showing Strike, Dip and Pitch (Plunge) in Folded Strata Size 20x15x11cms approx 2350


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BSGM-5Symmetrical Anticline/Synclin e Size 15x15x11 cms approx 2100
BSGM-6Asymmetrical Anticline/syncline Size 15x15x11cms approx 2100
BSGM-7Pitching Anticline/Syncline Size 15x15x11cm approx 2100
BSGM-8Monoclinal fold Size 15x15x11cms approx 2100
BSGM-9Isoclinals Anticline and Syncline Size 22x11x11cms approx 2100
BSGM-10 Recumbent Fold, Size 22x15x11 cms approx 2100
BSGM-11Fan Fold, Size 22x15x11cms approx 2100
BSGM-12Dome Fold, Size 22x15x11cms approx 2100


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BSGM-13Strike Fault in Incline beds Size 15x15x11cms approx 2100
BSGM-14Dip fault in Inclined strata, Size 15x15x11cms approx 2100
BSGM-15Fault across a syncline or
anticline, Size 15x15x11cm approx
BSGM-16Fault across a pitching Anticline or syncline, Size 15x15x11 cms2100
BSGM-17 Rotation fault, Size 15x15x11cms approx 2100
BSGM-18Dip fault in folded strata across a syncline or anticline, Size 15x15x11cm approx 2100
BSGM-19Dip fault in folded strata across a pinching Syncline or Anticline Size 15x15x11cms approx 2100


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BSGM-20Tunnel in vertical beds at right angles to strike: Size 22x15x11 cms approx2350
BSGM-21Tunnel in Inclined beds at right
angles to strike, Size 22x15x11cms approx
BSGM-22Tunnel in Inclined beds along
the strike, Size 22x15x11cms approx
BSGM-23Tunnel across an anticline, Size 22x15x11cms approx 2350
BSGM-24Tunnel across a Syncline, Size 22x15x11cms approx 2350


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BSGM-25Large Size Fault Model Very Superior, Size (Cm): 45.5x20x178500
BSGM-26Model of fold structure and its geomorphic evolution. The land form features formed by folding tectonics and change of land form after the action of external force size (cm): 50x32x20 6000
BSGM-27 Model of Fault Diatrophism, fracture structure and horst-garben, Shows tectonic structure & diastrophism in Geology, Size (cm): 50x22x20 6000
BSGM-28Modl of Plate Tectonic and Landform Development Size (cm): 59.5x31x138500
BSGM-29Model of Folding Tectonics and Landform Evolution Size (cm): 50x23x15 6000
BSGM-30 Model of island Formation This model involves four types of island formation, continental island, coral island, volcanic island and alluvial island Size (cm): 50x35x12 8500
BSGM-31Model of plate structure and surface Morphology. Size(cm): 60x40x20 8500
BSGM-32Model of Contour Map Interpretation Various Land forms are represented in layered three dimention Size(cm): 60x50x408500
BSGM-33Model of Delta Size (cm): 60x49x20 8500
BSGM-34 Model of bottom configuration Size cm): 50x35x12 10000
BSGM-35Model of Landform Size (cm): 50x35x20 8500
BSGM-36 Model of Depositional Formation Size (cm): 40x10x12 6000
BSGM-37Model of Volcano Size (cm): 42x42x1710000
BSGM-38Model of Volcano. Showing a Volcano cut into half thus exposing its internal structure in great detail. Size (cm): 50x22x206000
BSGM-39The Earth's Layer Model 5000
BSGM-40 Model of changes on earth's crust Size (cm): 45x12x166000


Code number
Product Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSGM-41ROCK CYCLE MODEL Display Demonstration-Project Model relates coastal and Mountains terrains in natural color relief plus cross section diagram of the substance of a typical volcano colors with lesson plan. Size 60x45cms 10000
BSGM-42OCEAN FEATURE MODEL Relief map North Atlantic Ocean shows typical portion of ocean floor. It is easy to identify all the major Ocean Features, complete with Lessor Plan. Size 45x60 cms10000
BSGM-43HYDROLOGICAL CYCLE MODEL The hydrological cycle describes the constant movement of water above, on and below the Earth's surface 10000
BSGM-44EARTH HISTORY MODEL Model to assist learners at all leaves in visualizing the changes that have accurred in the life of the Earth and also used to illustrate several imprtant principles in geology Size 45x60 cms 11500
BSGM-45LAND FORM MODEL For investigation of Geographical and geological Features eight land form models join to form a continuous 3'x3' model and provide the mountains, lakes, arrivers, deserts, Glaciers, Coastlines, Canyons and Cultural Point with lesson Plan. Size 90x90cm 15000
BSGM-46Comparative Terrain Model Set of 2 full color land form models each includes an overlay representing ancient mountain aorms that can be removed and compared with the base model to show changes millions of year later. Cross section show basic mountain type, volcanic fault block, glaciated domes, and folded mountains includes lesson plan. Size 45x60 cms 11500
BSGM-47ALPINE GLACIER MODEL Consists of two parts heavy plastic overlay of mountains terrain in rock color with snow and ice mass in white, second model of the same terrain shows post glacial conditions11500


made of rigid PVC sheet with a markable & washable surface

Size of each model 100 x 75 cms supplied with hard backing aluminium frame & hanging hooks
Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BSGM-48THE VOLCANIC SYSTEM Shows different parameters how colcanoes take place & the hanging feature there after5000
BSGM-49FORMATION OF ROCKS Shows the Geological cycle and the process of ever changing contents of earth, which Result in formation of Rocks5000
BSGM-50GLACIAL LANDSCAPE Shows the landscape befor and after glacial action5000
BSGM-51WEATHERING MODEL Shows how climate precipitation and temp, along with mechanical & chemical process decomposes both Rocks & Soil shows how the weathering process works.5000
BSGM-52MODEL EARTH QUAKE Shows the origin, motion produced & the effects of earth quakes 5000
BSGM-53GEOGRAPHICAL TERMS Showing ideal features of landscape to rach the formation of particular geographical terms 5000
BSGM-54CONVENTIONAL SIGNS Showing about 60 signs in actual relief5000
BSGM-55STORY OF THE EARTH Shows the earth's Geological history from the very beginning till today 5000
BSGM-56INTERIOR OF EARTH Showing inner, outer material and formation of the earth5000
BSGM-57ORIGIN OF THE EARTH Shows various stages through which the earth was formed 5000
BSGM-58MODEL OF THE LAKES Shows different kinds of lakes and how lakes become firm ground 5000
BSGM-59MODE OF RESTLESS EARTH Showing sea floor spreading of crust, subduction zones, the continents Mid-Ocean Ridge.5000
BSGM-60RIVER IN ACTION (Water Cycle) Showinng the stages of river actions in different phases 5000
BSGM-61OXYGEN & CARBON CYCLE IN NATURE- Showing in details the oxygen & carbon dioxide in the air, photosynthesis and repirentration5000
BSGM-62AIR & WATER POLLUTION Showing the factors that cause Pollution both in the air as well as in the water, Printed in multicolors in actual relief5000
BSGM-63ROCKS & VOLCANOES Showing in details the (I) Sedimentary Rocks (II) Igneous Rocks (III) Metamorphic Rocks (IV) Volcanoes 5000


made of rigid PVC sheet with a markable & washable surface

Size of each Model 100 x 75 cms supplied with hard backing aluminium frame & hanging hooks
Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BSGM-64DESERT FEATURES & EOLIAN SYSTEM Shows why the day temperature in deserts are very high & night temperatures very low 5000
BSGM-65 CYCLE OF EROSION Shows the cycle of Erosion works, rivers move sediment down stream, widening the valley & debris is remode from drainage system 5000
BSGM-66DEFORMATION OF THE EARTH (FOLDS & FAULTS) Shows the process of the deformation of the earth & how folds are in size from microscopic structures to large domes and basins5000
BSGM-67DRAINAGE PATTERN Shows the topographical, morphological, nature of rocks and the slope pattern which etermine the drainage pattern in nature5000
BSGM-68FOLDS & FAULTS Ten different figures of folds & faultsin multicolors and actual relief. 5000
BSGM-69MASS MOVEMENT OF EARTH Shows how mass movement of erosion of land, under all Geological condition of the earth 5000
BSGM-70GLACIAL SYSTEM Shows how the Ice flows under the pull of gravity and the snow is transformed into ice5000
BSGM-72 FEATURES OF THE DRY DESERT Showa how be scouring winds work on the land 5000
BSGM-73STRUCTURE OF EARTH MODEL Showing about the earth Continents, Rocks & Ocean Floors5000
BSGM-76GROUND WATER Shows how the water moves in the pore spa surface of the deserts.5000
BSGM-77THE EARTH'S INTERIOR Showing mineral resources is a volume of the Earth's Crust.5000

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