Silicaware and Platinumware


Code NumberProduct descriptioncapacitypricepriceprice
BSCW-1Silica Crucible translucent-Thiasil/BTI Made from france Tubing15mlwith Lid 440w.o lid 220vitrosil eng 350
25mlwith Lid 580w.o lid 290vitrosil eng 435
50mlwith Lid 980w.o lid 490vitrosil eng 650
BSCW-2Silica Basin-:Cap. in mP 20570
Cap. in mP 45 732
Cap. in mP 1001104
BSCW-3Platinum Crucible-Available capcity 10,15,25,50 mP 2520/- Per gram
BSCW-4Platinum wire-Any size
0.2 mm to 1.00 available
2520/- Per gram´╗┐

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