Haemometer Apparatus & Clinical pathology Labware

Haemometer Apparatus & Clinical pathology Labware

Code NumberProduct Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BPHA-1Haemometer(Haemoglobinometer)-(German make) two nonfading precision glass colour colourstandard tubeb with haemometric tube, pipette,glass stirring rod.Complete in cardboard box. 1050/-
BPHA-2Haemometer-same as above-All parts GDR but repacked.450/-
BPHA-3Haemometer-(Best Indian )All accessories as BPHA-1 235/-
BPHA-6Digital Haemoglobinometer (HB meter)-It is compact micro controlled based instruments.complete with accessories. 11000/-
BPHA-7Haemocytometer-German/imported neubaur improved double rulling counting chamber with a pair of cover glasses RBC & WBC diluting pipettes. Complete box.825/-
BPHA-7A Haemocytometer- with best Indian counting chamber & Indian RBC & WBC pipette in box. 800/-
BPHA-8Haemocytometer - With bright lined counting chamber GDR/imported and RBC/WBC pipette. 1500/-
BPHA-9StethoscopeStandard (Churug type) 200/-
BPHA-10Stethoscope -export quality. 440/-
BPHA-11Stethoscope- imported England/Japan. 2000/-
BPHA-12Blood Pressure Apparatus ISI Mark- A compact portable instrument for measuring blood pressure with mercury,bandage type cuff,compressure bulb with aire release complete in metal case. 2300/-
BPHA-13lood Pressure Apparaus-(Aneroid Dial type)- with Velcro cuff. 750/-
BPHA-14automatic Electronic Blood pressure with digital Pulse display. 2900/-
BPHA-14A-do- but deluxe model 3650/-
BPHA-15Blood pressure App. Diamond ISI Mark Mercury type.
(b) same but Aneroid type- Diomond

BPHA-16ESR Westergreen pipette German.

--do-- indian


BPHA-17ESR-Westergreen stand for 3 tubes.
--do-- for 6 tubes.


BPHA-18Wintrobe tube -pippet graduated
--do-- German

45/- 65/-
BPHA-19Wintrobe stand
for 3 tubes
for 6 tubes

BPHA-2020 Counting chamber- Double Neubaur imp.475/-
BPHA-21 Counting chamber:- Bright Line (Silver Coated) 1150/-
BPHA-22 Glucometer Digital -electronic for instant detectin of blood sugar complete with accessories.3300/-
BPHA-23Hand Tally counter- Imported
four digists upon 9999.
BPHA-24Colony Counter-with tube light counting plate and magnifier. 2500/-
BPHA-25Colony Counter -Electronic with digital display. 4200/-
BPHA-26Colony Counter:with four digits5100/-
BPHA-27VDRL-Rotator with imported timer electrically operated .Very useful for VDRL Blood grouping test 10250/-
BPHA-28Alcohol meter-for Testing 11500/-
BPHA-29Urine meter-Export deluxe quality. 250/-
BPHA-30Albunometer-(Glass ) 400/-
BPHA-31Albunometer-Export deluxe quality 550/-
BPHA-32Blood Capillary-Vial of 100 pcs per pkt- Borosilicate Glass 60/-
BPHA-33Micro Haemato Capillaries-pkt of 100 ´╗┐Borosilicate Glass 300/-
BPHA-34Blood lancet sterlized -pkt of 100 350/-
BPHA-35Blood Cell Counter-Laborator couner ) 6 units 5 keys & one totalizer. 1100/-
BPHA-36Blood cell counetr :with 9 units-8 keys and one totalizer. 1300/-
BPHA-36ADigital Blood cell counter : with timer and stop watch imported. 15000/-
BPHA-37Haemocytometer Cover glass-10 pair in a box Blue seal. 40/-
BPHA-38- do- Cover glass-English glass-10 pair in a box. Blue seal. 150/-
BPHA-39Blood grouping slides-
with12 cavity
with 6 cavity
200/- 125/-
BPHA-40VDRL Slides-
Concavities:12 10 8 6 4 2
110 80 70 60 50 45

BPHA-41Haemometer round tube - (Japan/German make ). 78/-
BPHA-42Haemometer round tube- (Indian best quality) 30/-
BPHA-43 Haemometer square tube-imp or top. 125/-
BPHA-44Haemocytometer pippete GDR. 80/-
BPHA-45RBC/WBC pippettes with latex tubing (German/Japan ). 75/-
BPHA-46RBC/WBC Pippete with latex tubing (Best Indian ) 40/-
BPHA-47Widal tube dozen65/-
BPHA-48Durhams tube-doz 30/-
BPHA-50Blood Sugar tube Boroglass 110/-
BPHA-51Blood Sugar follins 115/-
BPHA-52 Pasteur Pippet -with bulb per doz480/-
BPHA-53Pasteur pippete with teat-export quality per doz.140/-
BPHA-54 Nesselers Cylinder borosil/boroglass 140/-
BPHA-56Biotech Anaserobic culture jar :SS/2x20cm

(Supplied with pressure with Vaccum Gauge )
BPHA-57X Ray View box- Single tube 840/-
BPHA-58X-Ray View Box - Double Box 1100/-
BPHA-59Needle Destroyer Electric- 1800/-
BPHA-60Alcohol Breath Tester(Road Test) 12500/-


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BPHA-61Biotech digital Micro : in Micro pipette fixed volume with tip ejector.Range -1 u to 10000 u l with high degree of accuracy
A) Range of display volume
1,2,3,5,10,25,50,100,200,500 ul
(Any ) -Biotech

B) Range of display volume-

C) Range of display volume-
5000,10000 ul (Any )each



BPHA-62Biotech Digital Microlit Micro pipette-variable volumewith ejector volume adjustment can
be obtained easily on digital display.
A) Range volume display2 to 20 ul,
5 to 50 ul, 10 to 100,20 to 200,
100 to 1000,200 to 10000 .
(Any each )

B) Range display- 10000 to 5000,
2000 to 10000 ul each.


BPHA-63Biotech Digital microlit multi channel micro pippete :
with tip ejector (8" channel) Range
range volume display5-60ul, 40-300 ul, 20 to 100 ul (Any each )
BPHA-64Stand for digital micro pipette-Biotech550/-
BPHA-65Micro pipette tip
1 to 200 u l
200 to 1000 u l

450/- per 500
700/- per 500
BPHA-66Biotech Pipette pump easy to use Borosilicate Glass

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