Human Medical Forensic


Code NumnberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1 Degree of Burn 5500/-
2 Murder By Stabbing5500/-
3Suicide by shooting with a gun (Exit wound)5500/-
4 Types of Occupational Marks  5500/-
5 Types of Hymens      5500/-
6 Homicide by Shooting with a gun  5500/-
7 Hanging (Showing Ligature Mark on Neck and Dribbling of Saliva)5500/-
8 Suicidal Hanging    5500/-
9 Scaled caused by Boiling water   5500/-
10Throttling (Finger Marks on the Neck and Face    5500/-
11Assessing depth of penetration of stab wound         5500/-
12Body of Female under going  decomposition            5500/-
13Body of Male under going  decomposition Specially blisters5500/-
14Gunshot wound from close quarter5500/-
15Strangulation showing ligature mark on Neck   5500/-
16Suicide by shooting with a gun (Entrance wound) 5500/-
17Burn on Face, Abdomen and due to explosion of hand bomb5500/-
18Homicide cut throat with multiple Injuries5500/-
19Burn caused by the explosion of a crackers placed in the mouth and chewed by mistake as a ladoo during intoxicaion     5500/-
20RAPE: Head & Neck of a girl with attempt Strangulation marks on neck5500/-

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