Human Medical Pathology


Code NumberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1Microcardial infoarcation 5500
2Rheumatic Heart Disease 5500

Respiratory Disorders

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1Lungs Cancer 5500
2Pneumonia 5500
3Sarcoidosis 5500
4Tuberculosis 5500

Gastrointestinal disorders

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1Appendictis 5500
2Colorectal Cancer 5500
3Esophageal Cancer 5500
4Gastric Cancer 5500
5Liver Cancer 5500
6Pancreatic Cancer5500
7Uleers 5500

Musculosketal Disorders

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1Bone Tumors 5500
2Ostomyelitis 5500

Endosrine Disorders

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1Thyroid Cancer 5500

Reproductive Disorders

Code NumberProduct namePrice Rs.
1Benign Breast Conditions   5500
2Breast Cancer                     5500
3Ectopic Pregnancy               5500
4Endometrial Cancer             5500
5Erectile Dysfunction                5500
6Fibroid Disease of uterus      5500
7Ovarian Cancer                      5500
8Ovarian Cysts                         5500
9Prostste Cancer                          5500
10Secuality                       5500
11Testicular Cancer        5500
12Vaginitis                        5500
13Vulvar Cancer              5500
14Acute renal Failure          5500
15Bladder Cancer                5500
16Renal Calculi                    5500
17Renal Cancer                 5500

Skin Disorders

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1Atopic dermatitis 5500

Sensory Disorders

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Code
1Hearing Loss 5500
2Conjuctivitis 5500
3Glaucoma 5500
4Meniere Disease 5500

Cardiovascular Disorders- 3D Models

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Code
1Heart Disease (conjestive, Myocardial infarction)5500
2Artery 5500
3Artery (normal, Fatty, Streak, Atheroma & Fibrous Plaque and blockage) 5500

Respiratory Disorders

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1Lungs Pathology (Cancer)5500
2Lung COPD, (Normal) 5500
3Bronchus (Normal, Swelling, Hypersecretion & Muscle Spasm)5500

Gastrointestina Disorders

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1Liver with pathologies 5500
2Stomach (Gastricc, Duodental Ulcer) 5500
3Colon pthologies (4 stages) 5500
4Colon (common Pathology) 5500

Museculosketal Disorders

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1Lumber Vertebrae Degeneration (normal herniated Disc, Bone/Disc Degneration and advanced Osteoporosis) 5500
2Stages of Osteoarthiritis (degeneration joint disease) 3 stages 5500

Immunologic disorders

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1Thyroid Disease (Iymphocytis, graves disease & Papillary Crcinoma) 5500
2Reproductive disorders 5500

Breast (Common Pathology)

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1Uterus-ovary (common pathology) 5500
2Prostate (enlarge with hard irrugular surface & semi)5500
3Staging of testis tumours (3 stages)5500
4Diseased Kidney 5500
5Kidney Stone5500

Skin Disorders

Code NumberProduct NamePrice Rs.
1Skin Pathology 5500
2Common Skin Acne 5500
3Skin Burns5500
4Skin cancer5500


Code NumberProduct namePrice Rs.
(i)Hypertension       5500
(ii)Diabetes type II   5500
17Lung Abscess Complicated By Fungus Ball 5500
18Gastric Ulcer In Greater Curvature     5500
19Moist Gangrane of Intestine           5500
20Meckel's Diverticulum                 5500
21Metastic Tumor to Ovary From Stomach5500
22Lobar Pneumonia - Grey Hepatisation5500
23Lobar Pneumonia - Red Hepatisation5500
24Contracted Kidney               5500
25Condylomata Acuuminate Of Penis  5500
26Vegetation of Valve of Bacterial Endocarditis  5500
27Vegetation of Valve of Rheumatic Fever 5500
  28Sphilis Aneurysm    5500
29Mitral Stenosis (Fish Mouth)5500
30Amoebic Liver Abscess           5500
31Secondaries in Liver                 5500
32Carcinoma of Toungue              5500
33Basal Cell Carcinoma, Angle of to Ear5500
34Benign Breast Conditions     5500
35Ectopic Pregnancy                  5500
36Fibroid Diseases of Uterus      5500
37Ovarian Cycts                           5500
38 Prostate Cancer                        5500
39Sexually Transmitted Infections5500
40Testicular Cancer                         5500
41Vaginitis                                         5500
42Vulvar Cancer                      5500
43Bladder Cancer                      5500
44Renal Calculi                           5500
45Renal Cancer                            5500
46Atopic dermatitis                       5500
47Hearing Loss                               5500
48Meniere Disease                           5500
49Benign Essential Hypertension   5500
50Infection and Gangrene of Penis 5500
51Syphilis                                            5500
52Painful Engorgement and Puerperal mastitis5500
53Paget Disease of the Nipple          5500
54Dysgerminoma and Brenner Tumor  5500
55Endometriosis of Pelvis                       5500
56Development of Adnomalites              5500
57Cycts and Primary Benign And Malignant Tumors   5500
58Malignant Tumor             5500
59Syphilis and Gential (Venereal) Warts   5500
60Metaphis Liver                             5500

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