Interactive White Boards

Interactive White Boards

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A Latest Improved and eazy to understood mode of digital teaching. This can be widely applied in the school tesaching, business presentation, project- discussing, decision- making, stuff- training, lecture- delivering, seminar as well as on-line conference and education. With IPBOARD, users can present their ideas in a more effective, interactive and collaborative way.

* Quick and accurate response. * Durable, glass free surface. * Anti abrasion * anti chemical erosion for a longer life. * Shock proof & vibration resistant. * Customized hot keys. * USB * Works in conjunction with interactive panel, Interactive pad & Visual Presenter

Salient Features:

Electronic pen can replace the mouse and chalk, and provides the double click & Right click function.

Adopt 6 points orientation technology to guarantee accurate writing and operation.

Practical functions: In addition to writing and drawing, our software provides other practical function for classroom- teaching and business presentation.

Abundant teaching resources: abundant and colorful teaching resource, covering arts, Geography, History, Mathematics, Science & Technology etc.

Free update periodically: the software will be update periodically, and be provided for our users for free:
(A) Board Size - 4' x 5'
(B) Board Size - 7' x 4'

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