Mathematical Equipments

Mathematical Equipments for Maths Labs

Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BML-1Palallel Ray Maker
(Parallel ruller).
BML-2 Protractor Trignometric

set of 3
BML-3Set square angle setting arm (adjustable set square ) S"360/-
BML-4Mathematical kit No-1
( for field equipment -Biotech )
A. Sextant
B- Theodolite Model
C. Optical square
D. Cross staff vertical
E. Vernier Calliper
F. Model standard Time indicator .
G. Metallic rod
H. Rain Gauge
I Ranging rod
J. Stop watch /stop clock.
Set of 10 items complete kit . 6000/-
BML-5Kit for 2 for office Equipment: Mathematical kit- Biotech
A. Drawing Instrument Box.
B. Set Square
C. Scale.
D. Pentograph.
E. French Curve Set
F. Rotometer
G. Beam Compass
H. Parallel Ruler
I. Scale plastic set of 8
J. Protractor set of 3
K. Compass rotating
L. Mini Drafter
M. Drawing Board.
N. Tee Square.
Complete kit set of 14 items 10200/-
BML-6Laboratory Models
A. Wooden models
set of 16 size 2 x 2"
B. Wooden models
set of 12 size 4 x6":

500/- each set 1800/- each set
BML-7Angerbraic identities by set of cubes. 2160/- each set
BML-8 Werifications of Scientific Universal constants. (Derivation value of pie) 1200/- each
BML-9Laptop portable. 54000/-
BML-10Over Head Projector-Double bulb :
high intensity projector with important
fresnel lens and coated reflecting mirror with high intensity control.

ii Same as above but imp. 21000/-
BML-11Projection Screen -
with tripod stand (folding)

size 52x72"
BML-12-do- same

but senior model
BML-13 L.C.D. projector imported
BVE-30LCD Projector (Multimedia projector) or Data Projector Panasonic/sony/sharp : Benque

Salient Features:

1) High Performance Compact Body

2) Bright 3200 lumens/3200 Lumens

3) heat through zoom lens

4) Work as Light Projector

5) Sophisticated Function

6) Notebook Size Compact Body

7) Ultra Light Weight

8) Quick Operation

9) Direct Powe off one touch auto setup with digital keystone correction

10) Sophisticated Function 11) Auto Power Off
Rs. 70000/-

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