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Micro Photographic Equipment & Accessories

Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BPEA-1 Micro photographic Equipment-Canon, Olympus , Kodak (German / Japan imported ) digital the micro -photography equipment consists digital camera. One Micro-photography adopte29100/-
A) with canon / Nicon /Minolta with zoom lens33400/-
BPEA-1ADIgital photomicrography Camera- high mega pixels for your existing microscope of any type monocular Binocular or stereo microscope19980/-
BPEA-2Micro Photo Graphic Camera- Complete with Trinocular Microscope with digital camera43860/-
BPEA-4Micro Photo Graphic Equipment- Plate type complete unit with viewer (Detail will be furnished on request ).11820/-
BPEA-5Field photographic Camera- Yashika with flash gun.5400/-
BPEA-8Digital camera senior with digital LCD 1.6" colour viewer. Features :
High resolution 5.0 megapixel.
5x digital optical zoom & 1.06 colour TFT LCD
Movie clip recording function & voice recording.
Fast interface with USB storage driver & 16 MB internal memory.
Support SD /MG C card complete with manual
BPEA-9 Digital field camera Japan model- same as senior model but resolution of 8.0 mega pixel and 8 x optical zoom .12600/-
BPEA-10 Handy Cam with Zoom- Panasonic /Soni or equavelent.33000/-
BPEA-13 Camera Hot Short type - 35mm 2100/-
BPEA-15FLash Gun- Power full- 4 celled with tilting arangement2000/-
BPEA-16Photographic Enlarger:-
1. Enlarger-KB model for -35 mm size flim with double condensor enlarging lenses and bulb.
2. Enlarger- Professional model KB enlarger with enlarging lens 35mm negative carrier and bulb.


BPEA-19Biotech Enlarging Easels 840/-
BPEA-24Photographic Glazing Machine - superior 11x15" with pilot lamp.1500/-
BPEA-25Photographic Rollers- 6" with handle 390/-
BPEA-28Wide angle lens- imported for 35 mm camera8160/-
BPEA-29Telephone lens- 70mm to 2009588/-
BPEA-30 Zoom lens- imported 35 to 70mm.6960/-
BPEA-31Zoom lens imp. 80 to 200mm 9840/-
BPEA-32Tele zoom lens imported.10200/-
BPEA-33Filters for camera red,yellow.green, blue UV each.354/-
BPEA-35Close up lens & micro lens- full set in box.594/-
BPEA-37Camera stand- heavy tilting head 1980/-
BPEA-40 Microscope adopter with lens convertor.3000/-
BPEA-41Release cord- superior650/ -
BPEA-43Photographic dishes fibre sheet with snout.

BPEA-44Video cassete recorder(VCR) with remote control.11970/-
BPEA-45 Video CD player- complete with land and adopter with remote control.
Single CD player.
3CS player


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