Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BLE-2Biotech School Compound Microscope- Single nose 'U shape base monocular stable body having coarse motion focussing rack and pinion. complete with objective eye piece 10x in cabinet total magnification 100x.1290/-
BLE-4Biotech Popular Student Microscope (Magnification 100x x 675x ) - Cast iron heavy horse shoe base vertical monocular body with triple revolving nose piece.
Coarse and fine adjustment- By rack and pinion having with plano concave reflecting mirror.
Optical combination :
Two huygenian eye pieces 10x & 15x
Two achromatic objective 10x & 45x.
A- Price with German lenses assembled in India.
B- Price with original German or japan optics.

BLE-5Student Advance Microscope Erma pattern - (Magnification 100x - 675x ) solid uniform stand inclinable at 90' with revolving triple nose piece.
Coarse and fine motion with slide movement equipped with a double lens abbs fixed condenser N.A. 1.2
Optical combination:- Two huygenian eye pieces 10x and 15x two achromatic objectives 10x and 45x.
Complete in cabinet with lock and key
A- Price with important German lenses assembled .
B- Price with imported german or japan

BLE-6Biotech Educational Microscope Olympus HSA pattern- This microscope is an example of excellency and accuracy. It is a prestigeous product which are being used in India and abroad .Same as olympus HSA model with a fixed condenser sealed unit fixed under the stage suitable for high power objective.The rack and pinion ensuring longer life and fine motion pieces locking arrangement complete with two (10x & 15x) huygenian eye piece and two (10x & 45x ) achromatic objectives with a magnification from 100x to 550x in plywood cabinet with lock and key. 6750/-
BLE-7Adnave Student Microscope Model- KF 1003 With all imported colour coded antifun gus 7850/-
BLE-7LABCRON Medical Microscope with built in Co-axial Mechanical Stage with abbe condensor 1.25 N.A (Optic set objective 10x,40x,&100x spring loaded.Model-KF 1004 13500/-
BLE-8Biotech advance & research microscope(Magnification 100x-1500x ) A
superior and most advanced microscope for the use in research and pathological laboratories and clinical centres, coarse motion through rack and pinion slow and fine motion through lever system fixed stage of 120x120 mm fitted with double lense able condensor 1.2 N.A movable through rack and pinion. detachable graduated mechanical stage and plano concave mirror.Complete with achromatic objectives 10x, 45x 100x spring loaded immersion lens and hygenian eye piece 10x and 15x.
A- Price with imp. German lenses assembled in India.
B- Price with originial German lenses.

6500/- 11500/-
BLE-9Biotech Inclined monocular research microscope swift type- Inclined monocualr, rotatable by 360 degrees coarse fpcussing rack and pinion fine focuss-Double lever type 20 mm graduated knobs. Stage 120x140 mm with detachable mechanical stage.
Sub stage- (Abbe type ) N.A.1.2 condensor.
Illumination- A built in base illumination on 220 volts to variable control light intensity.
Optics- Eye pieces 5x,10x and 15x (any two) objectives 10x, 45x and 100x ( oil immerison )
Magnification-5x to 1500x.
A- Price with German /Japan assembled optics.
B- Price with German /Japan optics.

BLE-11Biotech Binocular Research inclined microscope with prismatic binocular head - The high quality optical parts ensure the highest resolution and flatness of field , required in post graduate studies,medical colleges and research laboratories.Prismatic binocular head, Coarse and fine adjustment.Fine motion graduated 0.002 mm with graduated mechanical stage.Double lens condensor N.A 1.25 Built in light arrangement .

Optical combination : Paired eye pieces 10x, 15x or 5x (any two ) achromatic objectives : 10x,45 & 100x SL oil immersion .
A- Price with German lenses assembled (with prismatic Binocular head ).
B- Price with original imported /German lenses (bloomed and fungus free).

11000/- 15000/-
BLE-12 (Old 11D) Biotech swift type Binocular microscope- Labo pattern with halogen lamp. Finest quality microscopes built on latest technology for unlimited versatility in pathology, cytology, bacteriology and clinical -science with vision.Offered in variety of illumination systems for your choice. Quadruple revolving nose - piece substage conenser N.A. 1.2 movable with rack and pinion, precision graduated mechancial stgae,Illumination system built in basel lamp with heavy duty transformer fitted inside .flat field objectives :5x,10x, 45x 100x -spring loaded.
Eye pieces: huygenians 5x & 10x paired.
BLE-12Dsame as above but with co-axial focussing system in addition. 19000/-

BLE-13Labo/wolfe improved Binocular Research Microscpe with imp. Halogen lamp - with co-axial slow motion system with mechanical stage and german 100x (oil ) lens 6V20 watt imported halogen light source with paired eye piece HWF - 10x achromatic objectives 4x or 5x ,10x, 40x or 45x and imported 100x spring loaded .Neopta /Japan to special feature with variable light intensity control. 19000/-
BLE-13A Biotech Dark field cum bright field Binocular microsope mode DF 778 with imported dark field condenser Biovision built in 6V-22W halogen lamp and inclined prismatic Binocular head having imported prism and adjustable intra -occular distance.
Two paired eye pieces : H5x & w.f. 10x. Four objectives:5x,10x,45x & 100x oil
BLE-14Biotech Universal Phase Contrast Cum Dark Bright Field Binocular Research Microscope (Biovision)-with built in 6V-20 W halogen lamp and imported phase contrast equipment.
Two phase objectives : 10x & 40x /45x
Two paired eye pieces : H5 & w.f. 10x
complete with telescopic eye pieces
BLE-15Biotech Trinocular Research Microscope Biotech BIOPHOT 779 (Biovision) With built in 12V-50W halogen lamp and supplied with following optics.
Two paired eyepieces : H5x & W.F. 10x
Four Achromatic objectives : 5x, 10x, 45x, & 100x oil (imp.)
BLE-16Biotech Trinocular coaxial research microscope with digital eye piece camera 1.3 MP having following DIN Size.
Optical Combination-
Achromatic objectives : 4x,10x,40x SL &
100 x (SL) oil
Eye piece : wf 10x H 16x paired
Magnification : 40x to 1600x
Digital eye pieces camera1.3 MP -
A high quality colour USB 2.0 PC digital image system for microscope.
1280x 2024 clear images with high resolution.
0.5x reduction lens built in already capturing your microscope images and displaying them on your PC screen.
Editing saving and emailing microscope images on your computer, saving microscope images as BMP, TIFF, JPG, PICT, PTL or other files.
Adapters included for 23mm and 30.5 mm eye tubes.
Easy USB connection.
Complete as above.
BLE-17Digital eye piece camera imported easy to use even with your existing Binocular microscope avaliable in the dept .Just insert it in one of the eye piece and get picture of slide on P.C. 25000/-
BLE-18Biotech micro imaging system with Trinocular co-axial Research Trinocular Microscpe Vision plus -5000 vpm Four achromatic DIN-SP objectives : 4x,10x , 40x (SL) and 100x oil (SL)
Two paired extra w.f. eye piece : 10x & 15x.
Imported 24 bit colour high resolution CCD camera 1/3 " charged coupled chip with interline transfer 470 TV lines resolution,
C-mount ready composite-S video inputs
14" high resolution colour monitor /
BLE-18ABiotech Micro Imaging System with co-axial computerised research microscope with software - Same as BLE 18 94695/-
BLE-18BLabomed / Redical digital microscope with imaging software and trinocular microscope.Complete solution for imaging.
A- Prices with out computer LABTOP.
BLE-19 Biotech Compact Inverted Binocular Tissue Culture Microscope- (Model I.T.C.M ) with quadruple revolivng nose piece equiped with binocular head and best quality optical components, large specimen stage with extension plates and vetically movable illuminator with built in base transformer. having following .
Optical combinations:- Objectives : 5x,10x,20x,45x (SL) (four nos)
Eye piece : H5x H 10x (Paired )WF
BLE-20 Biotech Trinocular Tissue Research Microscope - Same as BLE-19 with Trinocular head. 38500/-
BLE-20AMetallurgical inclined Research microscope model Biotech MET with built in light .Complete with mechanical stage.
With two eye pieces : 10x & 15x. three anti reflection objectives : 5x ,10x,45x
BLE-21Metallurgical Inclined Research Microscope model Biotech 57 BMM Magnification - 50x to 1500x. Special incident lamp 12V 50W with iris diaphragm work on variable solid state transformer sensitive special graduated mechanical stage.

Two paired eyepieces : H5x, W.F. 10x, or W.F. 10x or W.F. 15x

Four antirelection optics : 5x, 10x, 45x & 100x oil (spring)
BLE-21A..do... with Trinocular head instead of Binocular. 27000/-
BLE-21BInverted Metallurgical Microscope same as above.42500/-
BLE-22Student Polarising microscope model Biotech -POL monocular incliable body having graduated circular rotrable stage with vernier .Abbe condenser with rotatable polariser.Analyser provided in sliding .Slide along with bertrand lens 1.2 wavelength retarding plate and Gymsum plate used with plano convave mirror.
Strain free objectives :P5x, P10x, P45x (Spring loaded )
Eye pieces : 5x,10x with cross and 10x
BLE-24 Polarising Binocular Research Microscope model Biotech-RPM equipped with a set of polariser analyser and bertrand lens alongwith 1/2 wave length and gypsum plate ,circular graduated stage and buyilt in 12V- 50W halogen lamp with variable transformer.
Strain free objectives: P5x,P10x,P45x,& P100x oil (spring )
Eye pieces : 5x ,10x with cross & 10x Micro
BLE-26 Binocular Ore Microscope model Biotech- BOM :- Monocular inclinable body having coarse & gradiated fine motion, knobs bright field vertical illuminator with 6V-18W with variable transformer, circular centering rotatble stage with calibration. Abbe condenser with polarising mount graduated to 360 analyser provide in a slide alongwith bertrand lens 1/2 wavelength & gypsum plate. Supplied with following optics.Three strain free antiflection objectives : 5x.10x & 45 (Spring) three huygenian eye pieces :5x (Cross) 10x (Micro) & 10x (Graph) 48500/-

LABOMED MICROSCOPE- An Ideal Tool for Vision

Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
CX-L00Labomed Getner Labcron Monocular Inclined Microscope - Intergrated wide field eye piece --10x with anti fungus coating din semi - plan achromatic objective 10x, 40, 100x oil (S.L.) co axial mechanical stage with sub stage condenser halogen lamp 6V- 20w support the bright light .Complete as above. 18500/-
VIS.001Labomed Getner Labcron ´╗┐´╗┐Binocular Educational Microscope : With 2 w.f. eye piece and 4 din objective 4x,40x (SL) & 100x (SL0 with halogen illumination. 27000/-
LX-003 ....do... Trinocular Microscope 37000/-
LX 008 Labomed/Getner Labcron Phase Contrast Compoud Microscope with sub stage turret phase contrast kit. with 2 wide field eye piece and 4 din phase plan objective 4x, 10x,40x (SL) and 100x oil (SL) 69500/-
LX 009...do.... Trinocular head instead of
LX012 Labomed/Getner Digital Binocular Microscope with 1.3 MP camera.110000/-
CZM-005Getner Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope with built in camera and with digi pro image andyses software. 79500/-
CZMLabomed/Getner Labcron Zoom Stereo Microscope Magnification - 10x, 40x wide field lenses.45200/-
CZM-006Labomed/Getner Labcron Binocular Fluroescence Compound Microscope- complete with EPI fluorescent attachment.215000/-


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BISI-1ISI Marked Dissecting Microscope ISI marked is : 4328-67 standard set complete with eye piece 10x, 20x. 1600/-
BISI-ISI marked student monocular microscope model ISI amrked IS: 3686-1966. Standard set complete with two objectives 10x, 45x (spring loaded) eye pieces 10x, 15x fitted with double lens condenser N.A. 1.2 mm with dia phragm and filtrer holder. 3500/-
BISI-5ISI deluxe monocular pathology research microscope model marked ISI : 4381-1967- standard set complete with two eye pieces 10x, 15x objectives 10x,45 (SL) 100s oil immersion.Nicely packed in box. 7550/-
BISI-6 ISI deluxe monocular inclined pathological reaserach microscope model ISI marked IS: 4381-1967.standard set complete with eye pieces 5x or 10x & 15x objectives 10x, 45x (SL) & 100x oil immersion 11500/-
BISI- 7 ISI Deluxe Binocular inclined pathological microscope model ISI marked IS : 4381-1967 & IS : 8271 Standard set complete with paired eye pieces 10x & 15x objectives 4x,10x 45x,100x oil immersion (spring loaded ) with solid state intensity control system.Halogen illumination 6 volts, 20 watts & co-axial mechanical stage 17500/-
BISI-9ISI Advance co-axial Binocular Mocroscope-ISI marked IS: 4381 & IS : 8275 equipped with latest co-axial coarse and fine focussing system with built in bright light flat field achromatyic objectives 4x 10x,,40x and 100x and wide field eye pieces. 25700/-
BISI-10ISI Advance co-axial trinocular research microscope : same as BISI-9, but with high grade trinocular head completed and facility for micro photography & CCTV camera attachment facility ISI marked IS: 4381 & IS : 8275 with semi plan din optics 28500/-


Product code
Product code
Price (Rs.)
BOM-1BTI Olympus Dissecting microscope model DM: standard set , complete with two eye pieces 10x & 20x. 2970/-
BOM-2BTI Olympus student monocular Microscope model HSA : Complete with
two eye pieces 10x,15x ,two achromatic objectives 10x and 40x sub stage with two condenser.
BOM-3 BTI Olympus advance monocular microscope model HC:- complete with two eye pieces and 15x and achromatic objectives 4x and 10x & 40x abbe condenser (NA 1.25 ) with an iris diaphragm focusable with rack and pinion22750/-
BOM-4 BTI Olympus laboratory monocular microscope model HB: with wide field eye pieces NWF-10x achromatic objectives 10x, 40x and 100x (spring loaded oil immersion )attachable graduated mechanical stage Abbe condenser (NA.125) with iris diaphragm focussable with rack and pinion. 23500/-
BOM-5BTI Olympus laboratory monocular microscope model GB- Standard set complete having graduated mechanical stage with wide field eye piece NWF 10x achromatic objectives 10x,40x & 100x (spring oil immersion ) Abbe condenser (N.A.1.25)with an iris diaphragm focussable with rack and pinion. 24500/-

BOM-6BTI Magnus inclined monocular MLX-M + with built in 6V, 20 W halogen light illuminator, quadruple ball bearing nose piece focussing by coaxial right hand low drive. mechanical coarse & fine focussing system, High resolution long barrel achromatic objectives 4x,10x and 100x (Spring oil immersion)one wide field eye piece WF 10x 34500/-
BOM-7BTI magnus inclined Binocular research microscope model MLX-B with built in 6V 20W halogen light illuminator quadruple ball bearing nose piece focussing by co-axial coarse &focussing controls,high resolution long barrel achromatic objectives 4x,10x,40x(SL) and 100x (spring oil 1mm) 39520/-
BOM-8 BTI Olympus Binocular Research
Microscope model CH- 201 : standard set compelete with in built 6V 20W halogen light illuminator observation tube with anti fungus paired eye wide field ICWHK 10x achromatic objectives INE 4x,10x,40x (Spring ) and 100x (Spring oil immersion ) Inter changeableability of objectives. Abbe condenser & light relay system fitted with high performance aspheric lenses for bright & crisp image window in arm & the engonomic design.
BOM-9 BTI Olympus Digital Camera : For microphotography and built in auto exposer along with cable release cord and fabrictaed microscope adapter.48500/-
BOM-10BTI olympus trinocular Microscope model CH201TR : Same as model MLX-B but with an inclined triconular observation head. 57850/-
BOM-11BTI magnus stereoscopic Binocular microscope model : standard set with paired wide field eye piece 10x (FN23) having pole type stand:

a) MS24 with turret mounted (2x & 4x) in built objectives
(b) MS 113 with turrent mounted (1x3x) in built objectives .
BOM-12 BTI Magnus stereoscopic Binocular Zooms microscope model 76050/-


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BDM-1Deluxe Dissecting Microsope Olympus DM patter:Sturdy round base ,with optical parts cosists of 10x and 20x EYe pieces.MAde of improved lenses .It is seasoned wooden case with handle. 1100/-
BDM-2 Biotech Deluxe Dissecting Microscope : Complete with optics ISI specification-deluxe model . 1800/-
BDM-3Biotech Senior Dissecting Microscope (Round base ).Heavy round base of solid construction large thick glass stage. detachable hand rest.The optical parts consists 10x and 20x eye pieces. made of imported lenses .Supplied in beautiful plywood cabinet. 750/-
BDM-5Biotech Entomological or spotting /dissecting Microscope USA type model DM-5,: wide field with built lens heavy round base quality designed for entomological dissection and for spotting test in practical glasses.2000/-


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BDM-6Biotech student Stereoscopic Binocular Microscope:wide field -model most suitable for the dissecton for minute specimen at degree & post graduate level.
Salient features:-
* fixed paired eye piece 15x or
10x and objective 2x
* Stereoscopic large image
with fixed 30x or 40x.
* Working distance from 55mm to75mm
BDM-7 Biotech Advance Wide Field Stereoscopic Binocular Microscoe: Higly imporved model with wide field eye pieces magnification 40x and 60x A objectives 4x with wide field eye pieces (Paired)10x or 15x.5700/-
BDM-8Biotech advance deluxe stereoscopic Binocular Micorscope wide field:- It is an imporved model with more clear vision and higher magnification.
Salient Particulars:-
* Inter changeable eye peice 10x or 15x (WF) .
* Achromatic objectives 2x/4x.
* Magnification 20x and 40x or 60x by inter changeable eye pieces.
complete as above.
BDM-9Imported Sterozoom Binocular Dissecting Microscope-LED,Illumination Objective Range-0.7 x to 4 x with W/field Eye piece,Binocular tube is rotable till 360 c*,The adjustment range of interpillary distance: 53-75 mm LED Illumination,All objective are antijugal treated-Complete47000/-
BDM-10Biotech Stereoscopic inclined binocular (wide field ) Deluxe model:with inclined binocular head and sliding system objectives.
Optical combination:
sliding objectives 2x & 4x WF eye pieces-WF 10x and 15x paired. Magnification-30x to 75x working distance .55mm to 80mm.
BDM-11Biotech advance stereoscopic inclined Binocular microscope (Wide field ) model with light:
Optical combination:-
Same as BDM-10, but in illumination base,having variable 6V 12 watt transformer with top light facility.
BDM-12Biotech Universal (Stereo Binocular Microscpe( X-99)extra wide field Magnification:12x to 80x Eye pieces for selection Wf 6x WF 15x and WR 20F ( Any two pair) Sliding type objective 2x and 4x parafocal large working distance - 80mm and 50mm.
Binocular Head:
Rotated 380 Degree on base pillar and adjustable in height coated optics for high resolution.
Illumination : 6V or 12V light source built in base with solid state variable regulator ,spot light illuminator complete.
BDM-13Biotech Trinocular Stereoscopic Microscope Most beautiful and easy to operate with trinocular head for photo micrography.
Optical combination : Rotatable objective 2x and 4x or 5x.
Interchangeable eye piece (wide field ) 10x or 15x (Paired )


Code NumberProduct Name & Description
Product code
BDM-14Stereoscopic Zoom Binocular model XTL-1 imp. A zoom stereo microscope with total magnification 7x-160x and twin zooming objectives 0.7x -4x (zooming ratio 1:5.7) and two pair wide field eye piece 10x and 20x and one Aux. Objective 2x.The working distance in 88mm. 50000/-
BDM-15Biotech Zoom Stereoscopic Trinocular Microscopes - Zoom trinocular microscope has been specially designed for research Institute & Industries where maximum working distance & field eye pieces and auxilary lens used the microscope provide conti-nuously variable magnification for this microscope provides maximum working distance of 307 mm mag range 6x to 30x 62500/-


BMA-1Biotech Double demonstration eye piece : Imported prismatic best Indian make enabiling the teachers to demonstrate.1250/-
BMA-3Double demonstration eye piece - erma make. Japan4200/-
BMA-4Biotech camera Lucida (prismtype)- Imp. complete in case.950/-
BMA-6Camera Lucida (Prism type ) Erma make(Imported)3000/-
BMA-7Biotech Camera Lucida (Mirror type): It has large mirror with adjustable inclination.1000/-
BMA-9Camera Lucida (Mirror type )- Erma make.(Imported).3500/-
BMA-10Biotech microscope lamp-(substage ) pin type -(special quality)- with blue filter.500/-
BMA-14Biotech research Microscope lamp- (low voltage high intensity witt transformer)-with condensor iris diaphragm and can be adjusted any desired direction,6 volts 19 watts bulbs fitted with direct variable transformer 6 and 3 AMPS.2500/-
BMA-20Optic set (German)consist of two huygenian eye piece 10x & 15x with two achromatic objective 10x, 45x.3500/-
BMA-21do- Biotech but with German lense assembled blue lined.2700/-
BMA-23Oil Immersion lens 100x spring loaded- imported.3000/-
BMA-24Oil Immersion lens Japan/olympus4000/-
BMA-25Biotech Oil Immersion lens Assembled in India.1250/-
BMA-27Oil for Oil immersion- Repacked 100ml300/-
BMA-28-do- Oil Immersion oil span-100ml S.M.650/-
BMA-29Eye piecex imp. 5x or 10x or 15x270/-
BMA-30Eye pieces Assembled with imp. lenses 10x ,15x170/-
BMA-31Eye piece (Wide field )10x WF coated.390/-
BMA-32Eye pieces for D/M 10x or 20x55/-
BMA-33-do- special quality brass mounting.100/-
BMA-34BMA-34 Spare objectives: 2x, 3xor 5x 10x 45x Imported 600/- 900/- 1200/-
Assembled (Indian) 220/- 370/- 470/-
BMA-35Reflector for Microscope with metal frame.80/-
BMA-36Reflector only60/-
BMA-37do- with steel frame for D/M110/-
BMA-38Microscope cleaning cloth (Flannel) 10x 835/-
BMA-39Rack & Pinion spare for microscope deluxe brass350/-
BMA-40Microscope stage clips-Brass CP.60/-
BMA-42Pointer Eye Piece imp.15x,10x5x(Any)390/-
BMA-43do- Eye piece Indian 10x,15x,5x (any)300/-
BMA-44Blue filter for Microscope.60/-
BMA-45Micrometer eye pieces imported with 10mm divided in 100 division disc.750/-
BMA-46Micrometer eye piece Indian.600/-
BMA-47Graph Eye piece imported600/-
BMA-48Graph Eye piece Indian.415/-
BMA-49Stage Micro meter Erma 1mm divided into 100 division (0.01mm)850/-
BMA-50Stage micrometer-slide (0.01mm) imp.550/-
BMA-51Stage Micrometer 10mm divided into 100 Division--Erma Japan imported.350
BMA-52Stage Micrometer- Indian 10mm divided into 100 div.300
BMA-53Occular Micrometer disc- Japan 0.1 mm erma 10mm divided into 100 div.450/-
BMA-54Occular 10mm divided into 100 divisions . (imported)220/-
BMA-55-do- Indian.170/-
BMA-56Occular graph disc imported.300/-
BMA-58Lens cleaning solution Pack.70/-
BMA-59Lens cleaning paper 100 sheet.110/-
BMA-60-do- imported 25 sheet whatman.300/-
BMA-61Biotech mechanical stage graduated brass.950/-
BMA-63Biotech mechanical stage deluxe heavy quality brass1370/-
BMA-64Biotech dust proof microsocpe cover Doom/square shaped with handle -made of imported clear transparent acrylic sheets.1100/-
BMA-65Biotech Instrumets covers- Made from best quality PVC Sheeting.
A- for Student Microscope.
B- For research microscope.
C- for Over Head Projector.

BMA-66C.C.D. Camera to fit to any microscope17000/-

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