Physics Price List PH 343


Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BM- 1AScrew Gauge Biotech. send blasted Circular brass body with steel Screw & Pivot Ratchet Stop
Range Box - 0 to 10 mm
Stell Thread IME - 210/-
Type in velvet -320/-
BM- 1ARange Box -0 to 15 mmStell Thread IME -250/-
Type in velvet -340/-
BM- 1ARange Box -0 to 20 mmStell Thread IME -264/-
Type in velvet -380/-
BM- 1ARange Box -0 to 25 mmStell Thread IME -380/-
Type in velvet - 550/-
BM- 1BScrew gauge Engineering Type1700/-
BM- 1CScrew Gauge Imported dial type 3250/-
BM- 1DMicrometer (screw gauge) demonstration 20 cm. 1450/-
BM- 1EMicrometer (screw gauge) demonstration 20 cm imported with digital display 6600/-
BM- 2Apherometer Brass Body with steel scerw & legs
1/100 mm
BM- 2A1/200 mm250/-
BM- 2ASpherometer, college Pattern Double disc370/-
BM- 2ADouble Disk 1/100mm310/-
BM- 2ADouble Disk 1/200mm330/-
BM-2BSpherometer Demonstration, Biotech disc dia about 15 cms Aluminium.1450/-
BM- 3Vernier Callipers, Biotech with depth gauge
BM- 3A15 cms. vernier reading to 0.001 cms. chromium plated100/-
BM- 3B-do- but with wheel drive 470/-
BM- 3C-do- IME type in box with thump350/-
BM- 3D-do- with dial type Guaranted Accuracy Imported1860/-
BM- 3E -do- Imported with digital display2640/-
BM- 4Model of Vernier, Demonstration type. 60 cms long channel type wooden Polshied1450/-
BM- 5Young's Modulus Apparatus Searles Pattern Biotech
BM- 5ABody made of steel1275/-
BM- 5ABody made of Brass1550/-
BM- 5AWooden case for above extra490/-
BM- 5ASet of 9 slotted weights 1/2 Kgm. each and one hanger1400/-
BM- 5BYoung's Modules of Rods, Searles, Biotech (interference frings method) complete in all respects13100/-
BM- 5CYoung's Modules Apparatus Vernier Type Biotech Complete with wall bracket and one stretching weight1250/-
BM -6Bar Pendulam Biotech. with wall bracked
BM -6ARectangular steel strip type on metre long with holes at every 5 cms. Nickel Plated 900/-
BM -6BStainless steel circular bar with marks at ever 5 cms2250/-
BM -6CBrass Circular bar nickel Plated 2800/-
BM -6DTripod stand for above extra2700/-
BM- 7Kater's Pendulam Biotech with wall bracket.
BM- 7ASteel rod 100 cms long Nickel Plated2250/-
BM- 7BStainless steel Rod brass with brass weights6000/-
BM- 7CStand for K.P4800/-
BM- 7DWeight for Keter's Pendulam2350/-
BM- 8Barton's App)Torsion Apparatus, Horizental Searies Pattern Biotech
BM- 8A50 cms. with two scales w/o weight3000/-
BM- 8B100 cms. with 3 scales w/o weights 4500/-
BM - 9Torsion, Vertical Biotech, Price without weights 7150/-
BM - 9ATorison Pendulum - 25 cm dia complete with wall bracket 3040/-
BM -9BSearie's Rigidity Apparatus for finding Y & N Biotech
BM -9B-aSteel N.P.2350/-
BM -9B-bBrass N.P. / S.S.2700/-
BM -9B-cStand for above extra1800/-
BM -10Rigidity Modulus Dynamical method. Biotech 16" long x 13000/-
BM -11Flat spiral spring, Spherometer Type with stand2910/-
BM -12Maxwell Vibration Needle Biotech Graduated
BM -12ABrass tube with wall bracket4150/-
BM -12BStand for above extra1520/-
BM -13Fly wheel Biotech 8" with pointer w/o revolution counter & weight3300/-
BM -13ADitto fitted with revolution counter4160/-
BM -13BSpare counter for fly wheel975/-
BM -14ABoyle's Law Apparatus, Biotech Metal basae with levelling screws price without mercry1500/-
BM -14BBoyle's Law Apparatus, improved with graduated pippets with stop cock3900/-
BM -15 Hares Apparatus1450/-
BM -16AFortins Barometer in wooden case without mercury8400/-
BM -16BMercury for above 500 gm7020/-
BM -16CCase for barometer 3 side transparent 3510/-
BM-17AAneroid Barometer Indian - Biotech460/-
BM-17BAneroid barometer Demonstration type780/-
BM-17CAneroid barometer imported Japan /England1950/-
BM -18ASlow Motion stand Biotech for Surface Tension 1700/-
BM -18BSurface Tension Capillaries method2730/-
BM -18C -----do -------by drop method3120/-
BM -19Bending of Beam Apparatus Biotech Price without weight2210/-
BM -20Koing Apparatus for bending of beam. Biotech price without weights3000/-
BM -21Bifilar Pendulum Biotech with bracket2620/-
BM -22AInertia Bar Biotech 15 cms d/a with wall bracket2950/-
BM -22BMade of S.S. rod3000/-
BM -23At wood's Machine Biotech with wall bracket large6800/-
BM -24AStop clock Biotech with fly back action, Deluxe 760/-
BM -24BStop clock EASAL1450/-
BM -24CStop clock England Smith1950/-
BM -25AStop watch Racer/Imprted3250/-
BM -25B1/10th Second dimond 3200/-
BM -25CDigital700/-
BM -26AViscosity Apparatus Biotech Manometer type with constant level tank of brass N.P.2500/-
BM -26BApparatus for measuring viscosity of liquids Oscilllating disc. Method (Mayer's Method) Biotech1950/-
BM -26CRankine's apparatus for determination of Viscosity of Gases BIOTECH1500/-
BM -26DVicosity by Stokes Method2200/-
BM -27Viscometer, Searies pattern, Biotech price without weight 4500/-
BM -28Vicosity Apparatus Rotating Cylinder type. Biotech with electric motor and countre44400/-
BM -29Jaegers Apparatus for determination of surface tension Biotech w/o travelling microscope2500/-
BM -30Surface Tension Balance, Searle's Biotech2350/-
BM -31Surface Tension by Ripples Apparatus Biotech19000/-
BM -32AQuickness Apparatus for the determination of surface Tension of Mercury Biotech price w/o mercury but withTravelling Microscope9000/-
BM -32B Mercury pure extra-Per Kg10800/-
BM -32CTravelling Microscope for above extra (deluxe) 8280/-
BM -33AParallelogram Law of Force Apparatus Biotech with brass weight 3300/-
BM -33B-do- weights of Iron N.P. (for above)1950/-
BM -34AHot Air Blower Philips / Imported3125/-
BM -34B - Do -- Indian975/-
BM -35 Meter Rods, Biotech1450/-
BM -36Half meter rods, Biotech 715/-
BM -37lotted weights set of 4 and Hanger Biotech most Accurate Iron C.P.
BM -37A20 gms. Brass N.P. x 5 = 100 gmRs. 390/set
BM -37B50 gms. Brass N.P. x 5 = 250 gmRs. 650/set
BM -37C100 gms. Brass N.P. x 5 = 500 gmRs. 1200/set
BM -37D250 gms. Iron x 5 = 1.25 kg385/-
BM -37E 500 gms. Iron x 5 = 2.50 kg700/-
BM -37F1000 gms. Iron x 5 = 5 kg1370/-
BM -38Manometer -open and 18" with stand320/-
BM -39Constant Level Tank 1630/-
BM -40Rising Table with slow motion2340/-
BM -41Specific Gravity Bottles, (R.D. bottle) Borosilicate glass
Cap ml. = 10cc 90/- Each
Cap ml. =25 cc130/- Each
Cap ml. =50 cc.170/-Each
Cap ml. =100 cc315/-Each
BM -42ANicholson's Hydrometer. Biotech 500/-
BM -42BJar for above extra750/-
BM -43AInclined Plane Friction Apparatus with protactor Glass top, Brass Arc and Brass N.P. Roller1950/-
BM -43BDouble inclined plane-Export quality2300/-
BM - 44Wooden block
BM - 44A3" x 2" x 1/2"100/-
BM - 44B4" x 2.5" x1" 150/-
BM -45Friction Board1950/-
BM -46Vacuum Cum pressure pump. Biotech8700/-
BM -47Rotary High Vacuum Pump. Biotech Diaphram type
BM -47ADouble stage-Displacement
Cap in Lit = 2524000/- Each
Cap in Lit =5029400/- Each
Cap in Lit =7531800/- Each
BM -48Poisson's Ratio of Rubber Apparatus Biotech prise without weight 2250/-
BM -49Meter Scale 100 cm. Wooden80/-
Stainless Steel420/-
BM -50Measuring Tape
Size = 2 M
Size =3 M80/-
Size =15 M 410/-
Size =30 M530/-
BM -51Ticker Tape Time Biotech 220V AC operate with about 50 strokes per seconds with carbon Disc & Coll of tape roll1500/-
BM -52Spare Spool of tape roll250/-
BM -53Calculators - Imported/Cassio/Citizen
BM -53ALCD 8 digit memory pocket calculator (working on penlight cell) with carrying case 600/-
BM -53B8 digit advance scientific penlight cell with carrying case, Imported/Cassio /Citizen1320/-
BM -53CLCD 10 Digit double memory desktop calculator (working on penlight cell)1176/-
BM -53DCalculator with printer LCD 10 digit green display desktop calculator with double memory & printer2280/-
BM -53EImported/Cassio/Citizen -12 digit mini printer cum display desk calculator charger and rechageable Nickle cadmium cell6240/-
BM -53FMaxi-digit heavy duty printer 14 digit green display heavy duty printer cum display desk calculator working on direct 220 V AC.5400/-
BM -54Thermometers Laboratory C & F 10 to 11070/-
Range - 0 to 250 x 1°C or 0-360 x 1°C70/-
Range - 10-110 x 1/2°C or 250 x 1/2°C or 360 x 1/2°C 100/-
BM -55AThermometer Max & Mini Indian Deluxe 250/-
BM -55BJapan/England/Imported960/-
BM -56AThermometer Wet & Dry Indian Deluxe250/-
BM -56B-do- Japan/England/Imported900/-
BM -57AThermometer wall indian best quality120/-
BM -57B-do- Japan/England/Imported 400/-
BM -58Thermometer Dial Type600/-
BM -59 Thermometer Digital with one meter probe1500/-
BM -60Lactometer Best Quality with glass tube90/-
BM -61 Bucket and cylinder brass superior290/-
BM -62et of cylinder -Metalic Biotech set of 6 Metals
Length x dia 1/2" x 1"Rs. 365/Set
Length x dia 1/2" x 1.5" Rs. 500/Set
BM -63Cubes-set of 6 Metals
With hole 1 x 1/2"
Rs. 455/set
With hole 1.5" x 1/2"Rs. 585/set
W/O hole 2 x 1/2" Rs. 900/set
BM -64Rectangular Blocks set of 6 different Metals with hole in centre for thermometer-set 1100/-
BM -65Spheres -set of 6 different Metals
Dia= 1/2"
Dia= 3/4"470/set
Dia= 1"780/set
BM -66Pressure of liquids in all directions260/-
BM -67Pendulam Bob - with hook
Dia = 1/2"
Brass Each - 50/-
Set of 6 -290/-
Dia =3/4"Brass Each - 80/-
Set of 6 - 460/-
Dia =1"Brass Each - 100/-
Set of 6 - 663/-
BM -67 A(i)Simple Pendulum850/-
(ii) Centilever Pendulum600/-
BM -68Innertia Table biotech - 15 cm. Dia table, with set of ring sections and Geometrical weights superior Quality5000/-
BM -69Charle's Law app. with weights1500/-
BM -70Hook's Law app. with weights1080/-
BM -71Hook's Law app. Superior quality Biotech1950/-
BM -72Helicle spring one stand with pointer and hook with mirror 2470/-
BM -73Law of moments wooden with slotted weight superior345/-
BM -74Lead shots (per 100)650/-
BM -75Plumb Bobs Big size Metalic350/-
BM -76Pulley Z for parallelogram App120/-
BM -77Pulley long of parllel with hook
80/- Each
Double115/- Each
Tripple165/- Each
BM -78'G' Clamp
Size - 2"
200/- Each
Size - 3"240/- Each
Size - 4"290/- Each
Size - 5"480/- Each
BM -79Dial Balance Top pan Japan type fibre glass with zero adjustment device
Cap. = 500 gm700/- Each
Cap. = 1 Kg 850/- Each
Cap. = 2 Kg950/- Each
Cap. = 5 Kg1300/- Each
BM -80pring balance superior Quality Plastic /Metal body with Zero adjustment device.
Cap in gm. = 5050/- Each
Cap in gm. =10060/- Each
Cap in gm. =250 80/- Each
Cap in gm. =50095/- Each
Cap in gm. =1000120/- Each

Biotech Models

Code NumberProduct descriptionPrice (Rs)
BMO-1Model working Dynamo on base.660
BMO-2Model working Motor AC/DC 660
BMO-3 model working Solar cooker. 900
BMO-4 model working bio gas plant900
BMO-5model working wind Mill. 900
BMO-6model working steam engine3000
BMO-7 Model working steam Dissected. 1800
BMO-8Model working Petrol Gas plant.1800
BMO-9 Model working Diesel or Gas Engine. 1800
BMO-10 Model working Internal Combustion. 1800


Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BH -101ALinear Expansion Apparatus. (Pullinger's Apparatus) Biotech 50 cms. Brass w/o hol plate3000/-
BH -102Coefficent of Linear Expansion Apparatus, Pullingers vertical all metal with optical lever Biotech.
BH -102A50 cms. long steel/Brass4550/-
BH -102B100 cms. Long Brass6500/-
BH -103Constant volume or (Pressure) air thermometer Biotech3480/-
BH -104Jolly's Constant volume Air thermometer Biotech 3480/-
BH -105Joules Caloriemeter - Biotech - Deluxe
BH -105A3" x 2"780/-
BH -105B4" x 3" 900/-
BH -106ARegnaults Caloremeter- Biotech5500/-
BH -106BRegnaults hygrometer brass 1950/-
BH -107Newtons Law of Cooling Apparatus. Biotech
BH -107AUniversity Pattern. Brass Nickel Plated 2500/-
BH -107BSimple Type. Made of Brass Sheet 2050/-
BH -108ACalendar and Barnes Apparatus biotech2500/-
BH -108BAransformer for use with above 24 volts 2 amps1500/-
BH -108C Thermometer - 5 to 50°C 1/5th - 2 Nos) 210/-
BH -108DA.C. voltmeter 0-30 volts spare965/-
BH -108EA.C. voltmeter 0-3 AMP spare 965/-
BH -109Searies Apparatus for finding 'J' Biotech complete with revolution counter13200/-
BH -110ALee's and Chariton conductivity apparatus Biotech5550/-
BH -110BSpare steam Generator 2 liter capacity jointless1200/-
BH -110CSpare Thermometer 0 to 110 x 1/2 degree C70/-
BH -111Thermal Conductivity searles apparatus. Biotech
BH -111AWith copper rod 12" x 1 6300/-
BH -111B-do- but with copper rod of 12"x1.5"11600/-
BH -111CThermometer 110 x 1/2 degree each70/-
BH -111DSpare steam boiler Jointless1200/-
BH - 112AThermal Conductivity of Glass Apparatus Biotech4560/-
BH - 112BThermometer - 5 to 50 x 1/10th degree c for above90/-
BH - 113Thermal conductivity of rubber tubing apparatus Biotech Deluxe Quality2650/-
BH -114 Victor Mayer's Apparatus Biotech
BH -114A -do- Made of Borosil Glass2900/-
BH -114B-do- Outer Jacket made of coper, rest of borosil glass3600/-
BH -115Clement & Desormes Apparatus 10 lts. Capacity Biotech Deluxe Quality10250/-
BH -116Thermo Couple on w/o stand, Biotech
Iron /Copper Thermo Couple
Copper/Eureka 1700/-
BH -117AThermoplie, Biotech 12 Paires3550/-
BH -117B-do- 24 Paires3900/-
BH -117C-do- 48 Paires7800/-
BH -118Latent heat of steam Apparatus. Barthelots, Biotech3550/-
BH -119Forbes Apparatus for determination of conductivity of metal bar, Biotech 1680/-
BH -120Steam Boilers Copper, Jointless Biotech
Cap =1 Lit750/- Each
Cap = 2 Lit1100/- Each
Cap =3 Lit2700/-Each
Cap =4 Lit3500/-Each
BH -121Steam Heater Generator Copper Jointless
Cap = 1 Lit
BH -122Hypsometer or steam heater Biotech1500/-
BH -123Copper Clorimeter Biotech Deluxe
BH -123A7 x 5 cms. with outer cover and stirrer in wooden box450/-
BH -123B10 x 7.5 cms. ----do ---- 4x3"850/-
BH -123C15 x 10 cms. ----do ------ 6x4"1560/-
BH -123DCopper caloriemeter Jointless copper vessel (only)
Size = 2" x 1"
Size = 3" x 2"170/-
Size = 4" x 3"315/-
BH -125tefan's constant Apparatus. Biotech deluxe complete7200/-
BH -125AA. Stefan's Law Electrical7200/-
BH -126Hot plate round 17.5 cms. dia with regulator1500/-
BH -127Hot plate Round with rotary contrast switch 1500 watts with energy Regulator contoralRs. 3000/-
BH -128Bar and Gauge App. Heavy pattern430/-
BH -129Ring and Ball Apparatus Brass360/-
BH -130Ring and Ball Apparatus with stand570/-
BH -131Backman's Freezing Point. Thermometer6600/-
BH -132Back mann's thermometer digital with probe most accurate9000/-
BH -133Bunsen Burner Brass Pipe120/-
BH -134Bunsen for LPG Pipe - with stop cock210/-
BH -135Petrol gas Plant Burners with 20 Burners18000/-


Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BL-201Spectrometer Biotech Stainless Steel Scale, in wooden case deluxe quality.
BL-201AScales 6" vernier reading to 1 minute or 30 seconds9150/-
BL-201BScales 7" vernier reading to 1 minute or 30 seconds9950/-
BL-201CScales 9" vernier reading to 1 minute or 30 seconds19950/-
BL-201DScales 5" vernier reading to 10 to 20 seconds22100/-
BL-201EGraticule (instead of cross-wire) can be fitted at extra cost 550/-
BL-201FDeffaraction Grating 15000 LPI2520/-
BL-201GPolarizer and Analyser to fit on objective of telescope and collimator of spectrometer, each graduated in degrees and fitted with venier to read angle of rotation7500/-
BL-201HGauss Eyepiece - Per pair700/-
BL-201IMicrometer Sacle fitted spectrometer eye piece (extra)700/-
BL- 202Travelling Microscope Vertical and Horizental Movement Type. Biotech stainless steel scale in wooden case8250/-
BL- 202ABut instead of vernier,a rotating graduated drum with 100 divisions11520/-
BL- 202BExtension arm for above extra1440/-
BL- 202CInstead of cross wire, graticute can be fitted at extra550/-
BL - 203Travelling Microscpe with three motions (Horizontal, Vertical and Right angled Transverse motion)10500/-
BL - 204Six position travelling microscope Biotech8880/-
BL- 204ATravelling Microscope Bridge form for newton rings stainless steel scale6625/-
BL- 204BNewton rings microscope compact form. Biotech 8988/-
BL - 205Vertical reading Microscope Biotech deluxe quality 12480/-
BL - 206Micrometer slides comparator for direct measurment 50 mm in step of 0.01 mm on large micrometer head 15600/-
BL - 207Cathetometer - Universal, Biotech
Brass =50 cm
Brass =100 cm20700/-
BL - 208Bobinet's Compenstaor Biotech with quarter wave plate rounded on brass disc16560/-
BL- 209 Reading Telescope with stand Biotech -College grade.2220/-
BL- 209AWith stand and scale University Grade Biotech2520/-
BL- 209BDeluxe type tilting motion very heavy base4500/-
BL - 210Sextant Standard Pattern Biotech all brass in woodcase9500/-
BL - 210AStand for sextant-adjustable4200/-
BL - 211Lummer Brodhm Photometer (head only) Biotech.8850/-
BL - 211AWith assembly mounted on double bar optical bench Biotech 1.5 Meter long with accessories14050/-
BL - 212Optical Bench-Wooden one meter long with 4 Nos. riders 2 nos lens holder and 2 Nos.Optic pins complete with sunmica base2200/-
BL - 213Optical Bench single Bar type Metallic Biotech
BL - 213AWorking Length 1 Meter 2900/-
BL - 213BWorking Length 1 1/2 Meter3400/-
BL - 214Accessories for optical Bench wooden
BL - 214ALens holder-Semicircular150/-
BL - 214BLens Holder-Universal Adjustable235/-
BL - 214COptical Pin-Heavy 65/-
BL - 214DOptical Pin - Brass CP100/-
BL - 214EStand for lens holder or optical pin100/-
BL - 214FGround Glass Screen120/-
BL - 214GLamp Housing with holder975/-
BL - 214HCandle Holder150/-
BL - 220Optical Bench Metalic two type. University grade Biotech with 4 riders with 2 transverse motion and lens holders and 2 needles
Working Lengh = 100 cms.
Both rods of steel - 5000/-
Brass rods -5750/-
Stainless steel rods - 6750/-
Working Lengh = 100 cms.Both rods of steel - 5375/-
Brass rods -6490/-
Stainless steel rods - 7550/-
BL - 221Research Optical Bench Biotech 170 cms long with 4 riders. Two with transverse motion one slit, one biprism holder and one micrometer Eye piece.
BL - 221AFitted with stainless steel scale/brass123000/-
BL - 222Biprism Assembly Biotech. complete on bench 150 cms longs with 4 riders tow with transverse motion one slit one biprism holder and one micrometer eye piece.11900/-
BL - 222A-do- with brass rods of S.S. rod13800/-
BL - 222B-do- without optical bench3750/-
BL - 223Film strip cum slide projector Biotech blower cooled with set of japan lences5400/-
BL - 223A Automatic slide projector with remote control Japan or German or exhibitor15600/-
BL - 224Epidiascope complete with 1000 watts bulb Biotech with slide and film strip projector attachment 17500/-
BL - 225Projection screen Biotech 52" x 70 " complete with tripod stand deluxe quality3150/-
BL - 226Over head projector, Biotech complete with double halogen lamp Deluxe quality6840/-
BL - 227Nodal side Assembly Biotech complete on 150 cms long double bar bench with ms roads.14900/-
BL - 227A-do- same but bench is of stainless steel16800/-
BL - 228Refractive Index of Liquid Apparatus. Biotech350/-
BL - 229Sodium Vapour Lamp. Imported 35 watt4200/-
BL - 229ALeak transformer for above extra. Biotech 35 watt 1950/-
BL - 230Slit Box for sodium or mercury lamp1100/-
BL - 231Polarimeter with one glass tube
BL - 231ALaurents hald shade device with 1 glass tube5500/-
BL - 231BPolarimeter with Bi-quartz half shade device with 1 glass tube7500/-
BL - 231CSpare glass tubes 100 or 200 mms long with bubble in the centre.750/-
BL - 232Slit for Magnifying power of a telescope. Biotech 900/-
BL - 233Slit for Resolving power of a telescope Biotech1120/-
BL - 234Newton rings Apparatus. Biotech complete with micrometer bild reflector. condensor w/o sodium lamp8400/-
BL - 234ARing lens set. Newton's Ring App without Microscope.500/-
BL - 234BNewton's Lens set plano-convex & plane glass-50 cms550/-
BL - 235Mercury Vapour Lamp Direct AC1700/-
BL - 235ASlit box for Mercury bulb870/-
BL -236Glass Slabs. Biotech
BL -236A3'x2'x1/2' (75x50x12mm)Indian - 50/-
English - 70/-
BL -236B3'x2'x3/4' (75x50x18mm)Indian -100/-
English -180/-
BL -236C4'x2.5'x1' (100x50x18 mm) Indian -130/-
English -200/-
BL -236D4'x2'x3/4' (100x60x18mm)Indian -150/-
English -280/-
BL -236E4'x2.5'x3/4' (100x60x25mm)Indian -200/-
BL - 237 Prism for Pin Experiments Biotech made of Indian Glass - 2" (25 mm)90/-
BL - 237A-do- Extra white150/-
BL - 238Spectrometer Prisms Biotech
Borosilicate Grown Glass -300/-
Fint Glass- 450/-
Dence Flint glass - 500/-
Double Extra Flint Glass -750/-
32mmBorosilicate Grown Glass -450/-
Fint Glass- 625/-
Dence Flint glass -750/-
Double Extra Flint Glass -1300/-
38mmBorosilicate Grown Glass - 650/-
Fint Glass- 960/-
Dence Flint glass -1300/-
Double Extra Flint Glass -2280/-
BL - 239Prism Hollow Biotech
38x38x38 mm
50x50x50 mm1000/-
BL-240Diffraction Grating Biotech (1500 LPI)470/-
BL-240A-do- Hilger & Watts type (1500 LPI)1950/-
BL-240BDiffraction Grating Imported (15 LPI)2550/-
BL-240C3 in 1 Diffraction Grating (1500, 7500, 2500 LPI in one)2900/-
BL - 241Lenses Concave or convex.

Made from plate glass. optically ture highly polished & wall edged
BL - 241AFocal Length Lens Dia - 50 mm
10 or 12 cms
C.cave -80/-
C.vex -70/-
Focal Length Lens Dia -50 mm
12,15,25 cms
C.cave -75/-
C.vex -60/-
Focal Length Lens Dia -50 mm
30,40,50,100 cms
C.cave -75/-
C.vex -60/-
BL - 241BFocal Length Lens Dia - 75mm
10 or 12 cms
C.cave -150/-
C.vex -115/-
Focal Length Lens Dia -75 mm
12,15,25 cms
C.cave -80/-
C.vex - 65/-
Focal Length Lens Dia -75 mm
30,40,50,100 cms
C.cave - 50/-
C.vex -40/-
BL - 241CFocal Length Lens Dia - 100mm
10 or 12 cms
C.cave -
C.vex -480/-
Focal Length Lens Dia -100 mm
12,15,25 cms
C.cave -300/-
C.vex -150/-
Focal Length Lens Dia -100 mm
30,40,50,100 cms
C.cave -150/-
C.vex -105/-
BL - 242Mirrors Biotech. Optically Ture- Highly Slivered and varnished cancave or convex F 10 to 25 cm.
Dia Size - 50mm 70/-
Dia Size - 60mm120/-
Dia Size - 75mm140/-
Dia Size - 100mm280/-
Dia Size - 150mm760/-
BL - 243Mirror Strip-Highly sliver coated
Size -3'x1'
156/- per doz
Size -3'x2'192/- per doz
Size -4'x1'216/- per doz
Size -4'x2'348/- per doz
BL - 244 Mirror strip-Holder15/- each
BL - 245Biprism Fresnels only Biotech optically ture 40x32 mm780/-
BL - 245A-do - size 50 x 40 mm1000/-
BL - 246Astronomical Telescope Biotech Magnification 60x
BL - 246AArchromatic objective 50 cm focal length portable with wooden tripod stand7000/-
BL - 246BAstronomical telescope with terrestrial eye piece to observe errect image of objectives8500/-
BL - 246C-do- Deluxe Quality for stars33000/-
BL - 247Magnifier Biotech in metal frame N.P. Magnification
Dia - 50 mm115/- Each
Dia - 75 mm220/- Each
Dia - 100 mm390/- Each
BL - 248Direct Vision Spectroscope Biotech to study solar spectrum with adjustable slit in velvet case.2550/-
BL - 249Binocular Prismatic Imported High Power3700/-
BL - 249ABinocularPrismatic Zenith9500/-
BL -250Pin or stand. All metal Height adjustable Biotech200/-
BL - 252 Harties Optical Disc. Biotech complete with optical set of accessories and a source of light4000/-
BL -253Newtons colour disc. Motorised working on 220 volts AC/DC Biotech700/-
BL -255Polaroids. Biotech a pair of polaroids. English but Mounted in india in metal frame2400/- per pair
BL - 256Loyds Mirror. Biotech with slow motion1180/-
BL - 257Fresnels Double Mirror. Biotech with arrangement1100/-
BL - 258Calcite Crystals. Biotech to show double refrection
Size -12 mm
1260/- Each
Size -18 mm1800/- Each
Size -25 mm2760/- Each
BL - 259Nicol Prisms. Biotech to produce plane polarised light
Size of end face -6 mm
Size of end face -10 mm3200/-
Size of end face - 12 mm4200/-
BL - 260Calcite/Quartz Prisms. Biotech with optic axis parallel to refracting edge
Size (mm) -12.5x12.5
1500/- Each
Size (mm) -18x182400/- Each
Size (mm) - 25x254800/- Each
BL - 261Calcite/quartz Prism with optic aixs parrllel to base single image observed along minimum deviation position.
Size (mm) -12.5x12.5
2000/- Each
Size (mm) -18x183000/- Each
Size (mm) -25x255300/- Each
BL -262Drawing Board - Superior Quality made of soft wood
Size (mm) -12"x18"
160/- Each
Size (mm) -16"x23"370/- Each
Size (mm) -23"x32"900/- Each
BL - 263Drawing Pins Deluxe (per PKT)28/-
BL - 264Drawing pin super deluxe circular head (Per PKT)40/-


Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BMT-1Electro magnet 8" coil college type4150/-
BMT-1BPower supply for above2200/-
BMT-2Electro magnet EM20 Biotech field strength about 20,000 gauss in one cm gap. University pattern96000/-
BMT-2BPower supply for electro magnet
100 volts /10 amps
BMT-3Electro magnet Biotech EM-10 field strength about 10000 gauss in one cm gap .university pattern52800/-
BMT-3BPower supply for electro magnet model EM-10,75 volts /5 amps.15000/-
BMT-4Electro magnet model EM-5 university grade 'Biotech' field strengt about 5K gauss in one cm gap. 40800/-
BMT-4BPower supply for electro magnet model field EM-5 volts/ 3 amps11000/-
BMT-5 Electro magnet for school strong superior quality.
Size -3"
Size -4"320/-
Size -5"415/-
Size -6"700/-
BMT-6Deflection magnetometer college grade.1200/-
BMT-7Deflection magnetometer university pattern2700/- export quality Biotech 3000/-
BMT-8Compass Box.Biotech270/-
BMT-9vibration agnetometer,Biotech for 15 cms magnet.2400/-
BMT-10Magnetometer-Biotech all in one with 4 adjustable slider compass box. Coil carries for magnet,solenoid or vibration magnetometer.2520/-
BMT-11Dip circule standard rolling needle type .Biotech 9600/-
BMT-12Dip circle standard pivoted needle type. Biotech 5550/-
BMT-13Compass needle Biotech one side glass.20/-
BMT-13BCompass needle both sides glass26/-
BMT-13CMeriner's Compass900/-
Special Size: 2"195/-
BMT-14Compass needle (Wrist Watch type) with strap.325/-
BMT-15Earth Inductor ,all metal automatic return,Biotech.
500 turns
1000 turns10080/-
2000 turns10900/-
5000 turns13500/-
BMT-16Solenold inductor Biotech 100 cms long.3750/-
BMT-17Megnetic needle on stand routine type35/-
BMT-17Bdo- -do- superior quality65/-
BMT-18Bar Magnets Biotech powerful Alnico alloy in card board cases with keepers.
Size - 1.5"
100/- per pair
Size - 2"150/- per pair
Size - 3"250/- per pair
Size - 4"300/- per pair
Size - 6"470/- per pair
BMT-19 Horse Shoe Magnet U shpae powerful Alnico alloy.
size -2"
size -3"250/-
size -4"300/-
size -6"450/-
BMT-20Self Inductance coil Biotech 3000 turns.900/-
BMT-21Self and Mutual Inductance coil
BMT-22Self and Mutual Inductance coil
Biotech 25 cms dia.
BMT-22B--do-- but one coil 500 turns and other coil with tappings at 100 250 and 500 turns 25 cms dia2400/-
BMT-24Induced Current apparatus Botech700/-
BMT-25Search coil Biotech
BMT-25AResisrtance 25 ohms ,turns 100 means dia 10 mm.270/-
BMT-25BResistance 25 ohms,turns 10 dia 10mm.270/-
BMT-25CResistance 25 ohms,turns 10 dia
5 mm.
BMT-26Hystersis Curve apparatus Biotech.19200/-
BMT-27Anchor Ring Bioech1000/-
BMT-28FLuximeter( Gause meter) Biotech complete with
BMT-28Adigital model 0-20 K-gauss.14700/-
BMT-28BHapp probe germaniu, crystal with spring type contacts2700/-
BMT-29Hibberts magnetic standard Biotech.20760/-
BMT-30Tangent Galvanometer Bioteh bekalite ring with 3 windling 2,5,50 with extra superior quality (Osaw type)1050/-
BMT-31Stewart and Gee's apparatus made of seasoned wood toshow variation of magnetic field along with the axisof a coil ,one meter long bed with compass and two defferent tumnnings. 3750/-
BMT-31ADo- All metal4500/-


Product ModelProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BS- 401Tunning fork Pye/ Ragg's set of 8 velvet case Biotech800/- set
BS- 401B -do- Range english blue steel set of 82580/-set
BS-402Tunning forks set-Welch type set of 81150/-set
BS-402 BTunning fork Raggs type set of 8 1700/-set
BS-403Tunning fork-electrically maintained BIOTECH3840/-
BS-404Tunning fork-for meldies experiment.1380/-
BS-405Wooden Hammer, For T.F.204/-
BS-405AMeldes experiment app. electrical Biotech.4050/-
BS-406Resonance apparatus- all metal Biotech brass pipe 1" dia2150/-
BS-407Resonance Box wooden nicely Polished fitted with knobs
for holding tunning fork.
BS-408solenold with soft iron750/-
BS-409Sonometer Biotech box type complete with wire.1600/-
BS-409Bslotted weights, 5kgm set 1/2 kg set of 9 + 11400/- set
BS-409CHand electro magnet Biotech1250/-
BS-409Dwire for sonometer320 p/roll
BS-409ESonometer routine type1044/-
BS-410 Goniometer- searl's type Biotech to measurement of focal length of an optical system by
means of properties of nodal points.
BS-411Ticker timer Biotech with power supply.1500/-
BS-412Kundts tubs.Biotech borosil glass tube with luminium stop
BS 413Vibrating bar Biotech 3600/-
BS-414Electrical vibration(viberation megnatometer)
Biotech for determining frequency of A.C. mains.
BS-415Falling plate apparatus all metal complete with two
tuning fork Biotech.
BS-416Stroboscope Biotech for determine frequency of a
vibration body fitted with revolution counter.
BS-417Ripple rank size 12x12" complete with wave generator reflector with bulb holder glass plate, wooden discs obstale of defferent shapes in card board box superior quality.4600/-
BS-418Rubber pad special for tunning fork.40/-
BS-419Hammer for tunning fork115/-
BS -420 Rubber tubing:
p/coil of 10 mts -160/-
special quality -315/-
8mmp/coil of 10 mts- 270/-
special quality - 500/-
10mmp/coil of 10 mts - 310/-
special quality - 700/-
BS- 420ASpiral Spring (Slinky) for Wave Motion App600/-
BS - 421Wave Motion Apparatus3200/-


Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice(Rs.)
BE-501ALeclanche Cell Biotech Complete with porous pot. zinc rod & sel440/-
BE-501BSpare porous pot for above180/-
BE-501CCell Pot Spare (heavy)280/-
BE-502Daniell Cell, Biotech complete with jointless copper vessel Zinc rod & porous pot.650/-
BE-502Bspare porous pot for bove.45/-
BE-502CCopper pot spare heavy.450/-
BE- 503 Zinc rod Biotechsuperior
BE-504Zinc plate with terminal110/-
BE-504ACarbon rod with terminal Superior.110/-
BE- 505Copper turning pure 250gm350/-
BE- 505ACopper Plate with terminal Superior110/-
BE- 506 Battery boxes for holding cells of 1.5 volts.
Box for holding :
2 cells 60/-
4 cells80/-
6 cells110/-
BE- 507Dry Cell No. 6 G. Large Size with brass Terminal1100/-
BE- 509Acid Accumulator Battery 2 volts uncharged
Capacity :
2V 20 AH on slow discharge850/-
2V 45 AH on slow discharge 1100/-
BE- 512Battery automatic Charging non maintenance ready for use.
Capacity 6V
BE- 513Storage Batteries 6 V Uncharged Dry. (N.M.)4250/-
BE- 514 Storage Batteries 12 V Non Maintenance "Exide" or any standard make.

Capacity (A.H.)
75 12360/-
BE- 515Step Down transformer output 2, 4, 6, 8,10, & 12 volts. Input220 volts.1110/-
BE- 516Battery Charger, heavy duty. Fitted withammeter charger can two battery of 12 volts at different amperes.
2 Amp3000/-
4 Amp3200/-
5 Amp3300/-
6 Amp3740/-
BE- 517 Battery Eliminator. DC Biotech. For - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12 volts DC at different amperes.
500 mA700/-
1 Amp.1100/-
2 Amp. 1250/-
3 Amp.1400/-


Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BE - 600Ohm's Low App. with Am meter. voltmeter, Rheostate of unknown Resistance2700/-
BE - 601Meter Bridge - Wheatstone Bridge. Biotech brass fittings. Brass Spring type Jockey wooden base with sunmica sheet.
BE - 601A2 Gpas Type1350/-
BE - 601B4 Gaps Type1500/-
BE - 601CCarrey foster Type1100/-
BE - 601DJockey65/-
BE -602Potentiometer 4 wires Biotech. Sunmica sheet fitted underneath the wires1400/-
BE -603Potentiometer 10 wires Biotech with 10 point with brass composite jockey1750/-
BE -604Students Potentiometer Dial pattern cromption type 10 coils Biotech.4650/-
BE -605Students Potentiometer Dial Pattern crompton type 22 coils. Instead of 10 coils Biotech 5500/-
BE -606Potentiometer Crompton type Biotech direct reading range 0.001V to 1.75 V9300/-

Biotechs Post Office Boxes Resistance Boxes

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice(Rs.)
BE - 607Post Office Box. Plug Type Precision quality Biotech 3 ratio coils manganin coils 0.05% and 1 to 5000 ohms. 5050/-
BE - 607A-do- but 4 ratio 1 : 10 : 100 and 1000 manganin coils. 5550/-
BE -608Post Office Box. Biotech students quality constant coil ratio coils 10 : 100 : 1000 accuracy 0.14650/-
BE -609-do- but with 4 ratio coils 1 : 10 : 100 : 10005100/-
BE -610Post Office Box standard quality constant coil Biotech constant coils. Accuracy of ratio coils 0.1 and resistance arms .2% 4500/-
BE -611Post office Box deluxe quality Manganin Biotech manganin coils. Accuracy of ratio 0.05% and of resistance arms 0.15350/-
BE -612Platinum Resistance thermometer. Biotech in case 7000/-
BE -613Resistance Boxes Plug Type Biotech -
Range in Ohms(Coils) -0.01 - 0.5 Student (Constant Coils) -
Standard (Manganin Coils -3400/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -0.1 - 0.5 Student (Constant Coils) -
Standard (Manganin Coils -1700/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -0.1 - 1 Student (Constant Coils) -1550/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -1700/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -0.1 - 5 Student (Constant Coils) -1860/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -2500/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -0.1 - 50 Student (Constant Coils) -2250/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -2550/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -0.1 - 500 Student (Constant Coils) -2960/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -3350/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -1 - 10 Student (Constant Coils) -1550/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -1650/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -1 - 20 Student (Constant Coils) -1710/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -1800/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -1 - 50 Student (Constant Coils) -1860/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -2010/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -1 - 100 Student (Constant Coils) -1980/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -2100/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -1 - 200 Student (Constant Coils) -2040/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -2210/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -1 - 500 Student (Constant Coils) -2240/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -2480/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -1 - 1000 Student (Constant Coils) -2450/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -2700/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) -1 - 5000 Student (Constant Coils) -2960/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -3340/-
Range in Ohms(Coils) - 1 - 10000 Student (Constant Coils) -3200/-
Standard (Manganin Coils -3550/-

Biotech Resistance Coils

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice(Rs.)
BE - 614Resistance coils. Biotech Routine Type50/-
BE -615Resistance Coils. with short circulating plug-Biotech
Resistance(ohms)- 0.1160/-
Resistance(ohms)- 0.2160/-
Resistance(ohms)- 0.5160/-
Resistance(ohms)- 1.50160/-
BE -616Resistance Coils Manganin Wire Biotech in rectangular or range 0.1 to 200 ohms 210/-
BE -616A -do- in circular Transparent Box170/-
BE -617Resista 0-0125 200 ohms - nce Coils. Manganin wire. Biotech enclosed in perforated case Range 1100 each1375/-

Biotech Resistance Box Dial Type

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice(Rs.)
BE -618Resistance Box Having-Tenths, Units, Hundreds, Thousands, According to dial Numbers
Dial -Single750/- Each
Dial -two1270/- Each
Dial -three1270/-1720/- Each
Dial -four2280/- Each
Dial -five3120/- Each

Biotech Condensers

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BE -619Condensers. Biotech. Comparising high quality condensers fitted in wooden/bakelite boxes. fitted with ebonite top. working voltage varies 0.5 mfd to 10 specify range375/-

Biotech Decade Condensers

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BE -620Biotech decade condensers these are manufactured in one or more dials. Each consisting of 10 sections.
Single Dial930/-
Two Dial1340/-
Three Dial1940/-
Four Dial2760/-
BE -621Variable self inductor Biotech2580/-
BE -622-do- seld and Mutual inductor 3140/-
BE -623Fixed Mutual Inductor1100/-
BE -624Decade Inductors
1 Dial
2 Dial2563/-
3 Dial 3875/-
4 Dial5250/-
5 Dial 8000/-

Biotech Megohms Bridges

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BE -625Megohm Box Biotech with Indendent terminals Menganin Coils3300/-
BE -625A-do- but constant coils college grade2900/-
BE -626Megohm Plug Type Biotech manganin coils3300/-
BE -626A-do- but constant coil college grade2950/-
BE -627Megohm Dial Type. Biotech Manganin coils3250/-
BE -628Megohm dial Type Biotech Constant Coils 2870/-
BE -629Induction coil for use with K.C. bridge Biotech875/-
BE -630Head Phone for use with K.C. bridge Biotech 800/-
BE -631Hamburger Cell for use with K.C. Bridge Biotech1850/-

Galvanometers Lamp Scale Apparatus

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BE -632Tangent Galvnometer, Biotech, complete with compass box1180/-
BE -633Helmholtz's Galvnometer, Biotech complete with compass box 4450/-
BE -634Three push Button type Galvnometer Biotech1500/-
BE -635De' Arsonal Galvnometer. Biotech4000/-
BE -636Ballistic Galvnometer, Biotech. Resistance 10 ohms4700/-
BE -636A-do- Resistance 500 ohms.4700/-
BE -636B-do- Resistance 500 ohms. Osawa type 5000/-
BE -637Mirror Galvnometer, Biotech dead beat type
BE -637A10 ohms Resistance5000/-
BE -637B50 ohms Resistance5000/-
BE -637C500 ohms Resistance5000/-
BE -638Lamp and scale Arrangement Biotech
BE -638AFor use with 220 volts A.C. with transfermer4500/-
BE -639Spot Reflecting Galvnometer Biotech6080/-
BE -640Tangent Galvnometer. Biotech. For studying variation of magnetic field at centre of coils when radium remains constant and turns vary. The number of turns are 20,40,60, 80,150 and 200.3300/-

Biotech D.C. Moving Coil Type Electrical Meters

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice(Rs.)
BE -643Digital Panelmeter -3.5 Digit LED display Mains operated any meter AC or DC1100/-
BE -644Galvnometer 30-0-30 Sensitivity - 2 micro Amperes per divisionCollege Grade - 320/-
Deluxe Quality - 480/-
BE -645Galvnometer - Taut Suspension Biotech 3750/-
BE -646Voltmeter D.C. Ranges 0-1, 3,5,10,15, 25,50,100,150,250 or 300 volts College Grade 420/-
Deluxe Quality - 415/-
BE -647D.C. Mill voltmeter, ranges : 0-25, 50, 100, 200, 250, or 500 millivolts College Grade420/-
Deluxe Quality - 415/-
BE -648D.C. Milli Ammeter ranges 0-1, 5,10,15, 20,50,100,250, or 500 mA College Grade 420/-
Deluxe Quality - 415/-
BE -649D.C. Ammeter rages 0-1, 1-5, 2,3,5, or 10 amperes. College Grade420/-
Deluxe Quality - 415/-
BE -650D.C. Micro Ammeter with stand
BE -650A 0-25 Micro Amperes College Grade -520/- Deluxe Quality -500/-
BE -650B 0-50 Micro Amperes College Grade -520/- Deluxe Quality -500/-
BE -650C0-100, 0-250 or 0-500 Micro AmperesCollege Grade -520/- Deluxe Quality -500/-
BE -651.C. Voltmeter Range: 0-3,5,10,15,20, 50,100,150 or 250 volts (any)College Grade -520/- Deluxe Quality -500/-
BE -652 A.C. Ammeter and Milli Ammeters any common rangeCollege Grade -520/- Deluxe Quality -500/-
BE -653Meter stand Bakelite with Insulated terminalsCollege Grade -60/- Deluxe Quality -80/-
BE -653AA Portable Meter
Moving Iron Type any range 1750/-
Moving coil type any range2050/-
BE -654Universal Shunt, Dial pattern, Biotech Improved1500/-
BE -655Volt ratio Box, dia pattern shunt power 1 to 750 V, Biotech Total resistance 37500 ohms2700/-
BE -657Potenial Divides dial pattern
BE -657A10 coil of 20 ohms total resistance 200 ohms1100/-
BE -657B15 coil of 20 ohms total resistance 300 ohms1350/-
BE -657C15 coil of 20 ohms total resistance 2000 ohms 1750/-

Low Resistance Measuring Bridges

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BE -658Kelvins double bridge. Biotech15120/-
BE -659Maxwell bridge. Biotech8050/-
BE -661Callender and griffith bridge Biotech6200/-
BE -662Anderson bridge Biotech8050/-
BE -663Carrey foster bridge Biotech9150/-
BE -664 De sauty's bridge Biotech 8100/-
BE -665Rayleigh Bridge Biotech8400/-
BE -666Weins bridge Biotech8050/-
BE -667Schering bridge Biotech8100/-
BE -668Kohiroush conductivity bridge Biotech6400/-
BE -669Owens bridge Biotech8050/-

Biotech Voltage Changers

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BE -668Laboratory transformer biotech
BE -668AInput 220 volts AC output 6/12 volts AC 2 amperes600/-
BE -668BInput 220 volts AC output 24 volts AC 2 amperes600/-
BE -669Demonstration Transformer Biotech1140/-
BE -670Induction Coils. Biotech working on 6/12 volts battery
Lenth(mms) - 5100/- Each
Lenth(mms) - 101350/- Each
Lenth(mms) -251800/- Each
Lenth(mms) -503000/- Each
Lenth(mms) -755200/- Each
Lenth(mms) -1005800/- Each

Voltage Changers Variacs

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BE -671Variacs(dimmerstate) output 0-270 volts for an input voltage of 240 volt AC
Cap - 2 Amp3100/-
Cap -4 Amp3500/-
Cap -8 Amp4800/-
Cap -10 Amp5500/-
Cap -15 Amp8500/-
BE -672Constant Volts Transformer (CVT) input 180 V to 260 V output 220 V
Cap -1505625/-
Cap -2507250/-
Cap -500 10000/-
Cap -100020500/-
Cap -2000 37500/-
Cap -300052000/-
BE -672AServo stabalizers Biotech
Cap -1KVA16250/-
Cap -2 KVA20000/-
Cap -3KVA24375/-
Cap -4KVA28750/-
Cap -5KVA35625/-
BE-673Voltage stabalizer Biotech
Cap -1KVA3125/-
Cap -2 KVA5188/-
Cap -3KVA7200/-
Cap -4KVA7500/-
Cap -5KVA8500/-

Spectrum Tubes

Product Code Product Name & DescriptionPrice(Rs.)
BE -674Spectrum tubes.(gas discharge tubes) Biotech with high intensity. Helium, Neon, Argon, Mercury, Chlorine, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbondioxide, Nitrogen, Sulpher, Water vapour or iodine any one.600/-
BE -675High voltage transformer. Biotech 4 KVA with wire & plug5200/-

Biotech Rheostats

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BE -676Rheostats : Biotech 4.3 cms. dia tube wound with heavily oxidised eureka wire and mounted
Tube length - 15cms.770/-
Tube length - 20cms.870/-
Tube length - 25cms.1165/-
Tube length - 30cms.1450/-
Tube length - 35cms.1700/-
Tube length -40 cms.1950/-
Tube length - 45 cms.2160/-
Tube length - 50 cms.2380/-
BE -677Rheostats : 5-6 cms. dia tube wound with heavily oxidised eureka wire and mounted.
Tube length - 15cms. 920/-
Tube length - 20cms.1200/-
Tube length - 25cms.1500/-
Tube length - 30cms.1830/-
Tube length - 35cms.2130/-
Tube length -40 cms.2360/-
Tube length - 45 cms.2760/-
Tube length - 50 cms.3060/-
BE -678Plug keys. Biotech bakelite base
1 way
Regular Qua -130/-
Regular Qua -170/-
2 wayRegular Qua -220/-
Regular Qua -240/-
3 wayRegular Qua -280/-
Regular Qua -315/-
4 wayRegular Qua -350/-
Regular Qua -400/-
BE -679 Reversing keys BiotechRocking type-260/-
Four plug type -340/-
Four plug type -340/-
BE -680Charge & discharge key biotech 620/-
BE -681Tapping key or single contact key Biotech110/-
BE -682Tapping key Biotech (Two Contact Key) 160/-
BE -683Rayleligh's key Biotech2160/-
BE -684Carrey foster key Biotech 2280/-
BE -690Morse key and sounder combined on board Biotech720/-
BE -691Commutator plug key 4 way round brass superior350/-
BE -692Terminals
Size -3/8"25/-
Size -1/2"30/-
Size -3/4"35/-
BE - 692A (i) DCC (insulated) wire for connections copper650/- per 250 gm
(ii) DCC (insulated) wire for connections copper1100/- per 500 gm
BE -693Copper wire-enemelled420/- p/100g
BE -694Eureka or constant/wire905/- p/100g
BE -695Nichome wire (nickel crome)400/- Per 100 gm
(ii) Manganin wire600/- Per 100 gm
BE -696(i) Soldering Gun superior quality480/-
(ii)-do- routine type240/-
BE -697Wire - (i) Brass wire400/- p/100 gm
(ii) Steel wire150/- p/100 gm
BE -698Soldering iron, Pencil bit, for soldering wires300/- p/kit
BE -699Battery clips, crocodile -
BE -700Copper voltameter Biotech ebonite top. 3 plate type660/-
BE -701Water voltameter Hoffman's type Biotech450/-

Analog Digital Multimeters

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BML -1Multimeter, sanwa model 360 YTR1550/-
BML -2Multimeter, Sanwa, Model P- 3 or Sony1350/-
BML -3Digital multimeter Junior1730/-
BML -4Digital multimeter - Technical 3 1/2 digit LCD display over range in jundicati, continuity test3530/-
BML -4B-do- same as but with capacitance measurement form 2 mfd to 20 ufd4320/-

Biotech Electronic Instruments EM Apparatus

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
EEL -101 'E/M' apparatus bar magnet method. Biotech complete with power supply cathode ray tube and magentometer12850/-
EEl -102'E/M' apparatus magnetic focussing method. Biotech complete with CRT, power supply focussing coil etc. 25200/-
EEL -103'E/M' apparatus magnetron valve method, Biotech consisting of HT & LT power supply for magnetron valve fitted with voltmeter and milli ammeter to read anode voltage and current. A sulenoid with its power supply and magnetron valve 9000/-
EEL -104'E/M' apparatus. Helical method . Biotech with power supply cathode ray tube and solenoid20800/-
EEL -105 Diode valve characteristics apparatus Biotech Complete with power supply with 2 analog meter4200/-
EEL-106 Triode valve charactistics apparatus Biotech. complete with power supply with 3 analog meter4950/-
EEL-106 (i)Pentode valve characteristics apparatus Biotech : complete with power supply with 4 analog meter7200/-
EEL -107Transformer characteristics apparatus Biotech complete with 3 meters4350/-
(ii) -do- with 4 meters 4850/-
EEL -108Aa) P-N Junction diode characteristics apparatus Biotech complete with 2 meters 2970/-
(ii) -do- with 4 meters4680/-
EEL -108B(b) Zener diode characteristics apparatus. Biotech complete with 2 meters2800/-
(ii) -do- with 4 meters.4490/-
EEL -108CP-N Junction diode & zener diode characteristics apparatus. Biotech combined on one board complete with power supply & 2 meters.3400/-
EEL -109Diode as half/full wave rectifier. valve type. Biotech complete with power supply. with 2 meters.3950/-
EEL -110 Photo Electric relay Biotech2350/-
EEL -110BLight source for photo electric relay700/-
EEL -111Tesla coil. Biotech operating on 220 V AC mains with separete H.T & L.T switches, detecton3000/-
EEL -112Millikans oil drop apparatus for finding charge of an electron. Biotech complete with condensor box, lamp house, tube microscope, automiser, oil and working instructions. but without power supply 16800/-
EEL -112B-do- with 0-500 volts regulated power supply 7500/-
EEL -112CAutomiser spare 300/-
EEL -112DOil bottle 150 CC (spare)150/-

Biotech's Working Models

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BW -1Automatic light in evening2220/-
BW -2Recycling of impure water1530/-
BW -3Automatically flood controal 2160/-
BW -4Solar cell840/-
BW -5Automatic car parking alarm 3840/-
BW -6 Make a thief catcher3540/-
BW -7Van de graff electricity generator1800/-
BW -8Electric railway signal2160/-
BW -9Wind mill working model900/-
BW -10Water hydro turbine 1140/-
BW -11Petrol engine 2 stoke2650/-
BW -12Bio gas plant780/-
BW -13Automatic rain alarm model1440/-
BW -14Automatic fire alarm 720/-
BW -15Rader working model1080/-

Physics Balance Weights

Product Code Product Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BBW -1Personal weighing machine to read directly in kilograms capacity 120 kg/ 150 kg.1050/-
BBW -2Berranger balance (table balance) one side pan & other side flat (price without weights).
Cap - 2 kg1250/-
Cap - 5 kg1450/-
Weight set 1g to 1kg390/- p/set
BBW -3Single pan balance electrical capacity 200gms. accuracy 0.01 gms20400/-
BBW -4Physical Balance, 'Varanasi' capacity 200 gms. sensitivity 1 mgm.4700/-
BBW -5Chemical Balance, 'Varanasi' capacity 200 gms. sensitivity 1/5 mgm. 5100/-
BBW -6 Analytical Balance, 'Varanasi' capacity 200 gms. sensitivity 1/10 mgm5400/-
BBW -7Biotech single pan Balance -- 200g 11000/-
BBW -8AElectronic Balance (digital balance)
(a) Capacity 300 gms. accuracy 0.01 gms (201 mgm). LED display.
BBW -8BCapacity 500 gms. accuracy 0.02 gms. (20 mgm). LED display23125/-
BBW -8CCapacity 150 gms. accuracy 0.05 gms. (0.5 mgm). LED display100000/-
BBW -9Weight box, symtronic/Biotech weight are brass chromium plated.
1 mgs to 50 gm
Physical -510/-
Analytical -650/-
1 mgm to 100 gmPhysical -720/-
Analytical -850/-
1 mgm to 200 gmPhysical -1180/-
Analytical -1380/-
BBW -10Loose Gram Weights. "Symtronics/ Biotech " Brass C.P.
Weights - 1 gmPhysical -11/-
Weights -2 gmPhysical -14/-
Weights -5 gmPhysical -26/-
Weights -10 gmPhysical -30/-
Weights -20 gmPhysical - 38/-
Weights -50 gmPhysical -88/-
Weights -100 gmPhysical -150/-
Weights -200 gmPhysical -300/-
BBW -11Fractional weights, symtronics/ Biotech analytical 1 mgm to 500 mgm with rider50/- Set
BBW -12Spring Balance
Weights -100 gm60/-
Weights -250 g70/-
Weights -500 g80/-
Weights -1 Kg100/-
Weights -2 Kg150/-
Weights -5 Kg250/-
Weights -10 Kg 300/-
Weights -25 Kg350/-
Weights -50 Kg400/-
BBW -13Despencing Balance - Brass beam1400/-
BWW -14Triple beam balance
111 gram2700/-
310 gram3100/-


Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BBW -15Water tap swan neck, Sytronics / Biotech gunmetal 3/8" bore, wtih swan neck bend, Chromium plated.
No. of Taps -1 ways1080/-
No. of Taps -2 ways2160/-
No. of Taps -3 ways2400/-
BBW -16Water tap "Symtronics / Biotech" Gunmetal
No. of taps - 1 ways1400/-
Gas Tap -600/-
No. of taps - 2 ways2160/-
Gas Tap -750/-
No. of taps - 3 ways2400/-
Gas Tap -880/-
No. of taps - 4 ways2800/-
Gas Tap -1050/-
BBW -17Bunsen burner. "Symtronics / Biotech" superior quality with brass pipe and with air regulator without stop cock320/-
BBW -18Bunsen burner. "Symtronics/ Biotech" superior quality with brass pipe and with air regulator with stop cock350/-
BBW -19Mecker high temprature burner "Symtronics/Biotech" Brass C.P. pipe850/-
BBW -20Retrod stand "Symtronics /Biotech" cost iron base.
Size of rod base - 18x4x6"180/-
Size of rod base - 24x5x7"240/-
Size of rod base - 24x8x5"315/-
BBW -21(i) Universal clamp,"Symtronics / Biotech" moulded type. with boss head. small size. Opening 2.5 approxmately125/-
(ii) Big size opening 3.5" approxmately170/-
BBW -22Tool chest, "Symtronics/ Biotech" in tool box with mini handsaw, hammer, chisel, gimlet pliers, plane oil stone pincer rasp. two files baby 50mm rule driver universal wrench 2 screw drivers.3500/-
BBW -22B-do- same as above but with spanner set (no. 6 to 22) & screw drivers.5000/-
BBW -23Tool kit imported - 100 pices kit all type of general work.4850/-
BBW -24Tool kit special quality with electrical operated drill. Machine & other instrumets9360/-
BBW -25Sprit level. "Symtronics / Biotech" round type, brass body.
Size - 2"
BBW -26Drilling machine, chinese, electric4500/-
BBW -26B-do - Superior quality (engineering)8500/-
BBW -27Pench Clip. "Symtronics /Biotech"24/-
BBW -28Screw clip. "Symtronics/ Biotech" Brass C.P. 1 size60/-
BBW -29Cork borer set of 6-brass C.P.140/-

Physics Optical Research Instruments

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BR -1Michelson intererometer. "Symtronics / Biotech" with two matched plane parallel plates & optically true mirrors.36000/-
BR -1BTelescope (with achromatic lens) for observation of fringers3320/-
BR -1CAttachment to convert michelson Interferometer into febry perot interferometer (optical accessory)24000/-
BR -2 Michelson Intererometer - laser based 57000/-
BR -3Febry perot interferometer. "Symtronics / Biotech"36000/-
Telescope (with achromatic lens) for observation of fringes3320/-
Attachments to convert febry perot interferometer into micheison interferometer (optional Accessory).17500/-
BR -3A Jamins Interferometer. "Symtronics/ Biotech" for measurment of refractive index of gasses & liquids.88350/-
BR -3BTelescope (with achronatic lens) for observation of fringes.3320/-
BR -3CPlane parallel optical glass cell with mechanical mount for measurement of RI of liquids. 18500/-
BR -3DPair of gas cells with plane parallel windows with mechanical mount for measurement of RI25200/-
BR -3EManometer with high cacuum stop cock4500/-
BR -3FMini vaccum pump.13800/-
BR -4Rayleigh interferometer. "Symtronics/ Biotech"88350/-
BR -4BPlane parallel optical glass cell with mechanical mount for measurement of RI of liquids.18500/-
BR -4CPair of gas cells with plane parallel window with mechanical mount for measurement of RI gasses. 13800/-
BR -4DManometer with high vacuum stop- cock.4500/-
BR -4EMini vacuum pump 13800/-
BR -5Febry perot atalon. "Symtrinics /Biotech" the mirros are about 30 mm in diameter, clear aperture 25 mm.11050/-
BR -6Edser butker plate. "Symtrinics /Biotech" the mirros are about 30 mm in diameter, clear aperture 25 mm.11050/-
BR -7Constant deviation spectrograph. (CDS) "Symtronics/Biotech" without prism.31800/-
BR -7BConstant deviation spectrograph prism. refreactive indes 1.71 ( size 35 x 35 x 65 mm) 12500/-
BR -8ccessories for constant deviation spectrograph. "Symtronics/biotech"
BR -8AQuarter size plate camera of photographing the spectral lines.18750/-
BR -8BAn attachment for converting the CDS into a monochromator.9850/-
BR -8CMicrometer eye-piece for visual measurement10600/-
BR -8DCondensing sphero-cylindrical lens with mount and stand2200/-
BR -9Zeeman effect Experiment. "symtronics/ Biotech" Complete set (all the below mentioned parts are required to perform the experiment)244350/-set
BR -9AConstant deviation spectrograph (long arm) without prism.36550/-
BR -9BConstant deviation spectrograph prism20000/-
BR -9CFebry perot etation, imported, The mirrors are about 40 mm in diameter. clear aperture 35 mm50000/-
BR -9DMicrometer eye-piece8000/-
BR -9ECondensing lens with stand.6000/-
BR -9FLight source (high voltage transformer & 1 neon discharge tube).26350/-
BR -9GElectromagnet EM-20 (20Kgauss) with power supply.100000/-

Physics Laser Fibre Optical

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice(Rs.)
BR -10HE-NE laser. "symtronics/ Biotech" with builtin power supply. wavelength 632.8 mm. Randomly polarised. mode Temoo
BR -10APower 1 mW24700/-
BR -10BPower 2 mW26250/-
BR -10CPower 5 mW45000/-
BR -10DStand for laser3125/-
BR -14Diode laser. "symtronics /Biotech" wavelenth 650 to 670 nm. power less than 5 mW with AC adaptor. mount & stand.8125/-
BR -15Optical bread board."symtronics/ Biotech" size 3 feet x 1feet. with M6 type holes drilled at every 25 mm(centred).25000/-
BR -16Setup for determination of wavelenth of laser using a ruler/caliper. "symtronics/ Biotech"18500/-
BR -17Setup for determination of wavelenth of laser using a diffraction grating. "symtronics / Biotech"18500/-
BR -18etup to study diffraction at straight EDGE using a diode laser. "symtronics/ Biotech" 18500/-
BR -19Setup to study gaussian beam profile of a helium neon laser."symtronics/ Biotech" 54000/-
BR -20Setup to measure diameter of laser beam. "symtronics/Biotech"31500/-
BR -21Setup to measure diameter a thin wire using a diode laser. "symtronics /Biotech"18500/-
BR -22Setup to measure the divergence of a laser beam. "symtronics/Biotech"31875/-
BR -23Setup to study law of malus using laser."symtronics/ Biotech"27500/-
BR -24Determination of width of slit by fraunhofer diffraction using a laser. "symtronics/ Biotech"19500/-
BR -25Setup to study single slit/ double interference using laser. "symtronics/Biotech" 19500/-
BR -26Setup for bending & coupling losses & numerical aperture of a optical fibre. "symtronics /Biotech"82200/-

Physics Power Supplies

Product ModelProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BR -30Power Supply for valve experiments, "Symtronics/Biotech" with 2 analog meters.
BR -30AModel PS 250. Output 0-300V DC @30mA & 6.3V A.C. @ 2.5 A. 3000/-
BR -30BModel ERP 1. output 0-300V D.C. @ 50mA 6.3V A.C. @ 4A & grid bias 0-30V D.C. 3500/-
BR -30CModel ERP 300. output 0-300V D.C. @ 100mA & 6.3V A.C. @ 4A & grid bias 0-100V D.C. 25500/-
BR -31 High voltage power supply with digital meter "Symtronics/Biotech" Transistorized.
BR -31AOutput 0-300V D.C. @ 100mA 6470/-
BR -31BOutput 0-300V @ 1A18125/-
BR -31COutput 0-500V D.C. @ 100mA.11440/-
BR -32Digital research electrophorosis power supply DL-stablized constant voltage. 500 voltage at 100 mA model BPS 4007500/-
BR -33DC regulated power supply. with digial meters. "symtronics /Biotech" short circuit & overload protected line regulation ± 0.01% load regulation ± 0.05% , ripple less than 1mV. provided with 2 digital meters.
BR -33A Output 0-15 V D.C. @2A.4500/-
BR -33BOutput 0-30 V D.C. @2A. 5500/-
BR -34Dual DC regulated power supply "Symtronics/Biotech" short circuit & overload protected provided with 4 digital meters. with independent & tracking mode operation. line ± 0.05%. ripple less than 1 mV.
BR -34AOutput voltage 0 - ± 30V @ 1A.9940/-
BR -34BOutput voltage 0 - ± 30V @ 2A.10750/-
BR -35Multi output power supply "Symtronics / Biotech" output available are 0-30V @ 2A, ± 15V @ 1A & 0-5V @ 5A.12000/-
BR -36Solid state regulated fixed voltage power supply. "symtronics/Biotech" Output Voltage
BR -36A Current 1A. 5V or 6V- 1820/-
12V or 15V -3000/-
BR -36B Current 2A5V or 6V- 2375/-
12V or 15V -4500/-
BR -37 Power supply for pentode/tetrode valve experiment. "symtronics /Biotech" with 3 meters. HT output 0-300V @ 100mA & 40-300V @ 30mA. bias output ± 25V @ 5mA. Filament output : 2.5, 5,6,3,12.5 V A.C. 6500/-
BR -38ARC & Spark power supply. "symtonics/ Biotech" output 0-100V @ 6V.12500/-

Physics Oscillators WAVE FORM Generators

Product ModelProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BR -39Fixed frequency audio oscillator. "Symtronics/Biotech" (sine wave). frequency output 200 Hz, 400 Hz, 1 KHz, 2 KHz, 5 KHz, output 0-10 V continously variable.3150/-
BR -40Audio Oscillator "Symtronics /Biotech" (sine & square), frequency range 20 Hz to 200 KHz in 4 decades. Output : 0-10 V (sine) & 0-15V p/p (sqaure) variable.8400/-
BR -41Wide range oscillator."Symtronics / Biotech" ( sine & square). frequency ranges 1 Hz to 1 MHz in 6 decades. output : 0-10 V (sine) & 0-15 V p/p (sqaure) variable. 9150/-
BR -42Wide range oscillator."Symtronics / Biotech" (sine & square) frequency range 10 Hz to 500 KHz in 5 decades. output : 0-10 V (sine) & 0-15 V p/p (square) variable.6500/-
BR -43Low Distortion Oscillator. "Symtronics / Biotech" (sine & square) frequency range 10 Hz to 110 KHz in ranges. Output : 0-10 V (sine) & 0-15V p/p (square) variable.5875/-
BR -44R.F. oscillator. "Symtronics / Biotech" Frequency ranges 3 MHz to 8 MHz suitable for ultrasonic experiment 8900/-
BR -44B-do- same as above but with slow motion mechanism for fine adjustments. 7000/-
BR -45V.H.F. Oscillator "Symtronics /Biotech" for teacher wire experiment with leacher wire fitted on 1.6 m long bench. 7500/-
BR -46AF-RF signal generator. Markonee/ Symtronics/Biotech " frequency range 100 Kc/s to 30 Mc/s divided in 7 bands.9600/-
BR -47Function Generator."Symtronics/ Biotech" (sine. square & triangle) frequency range 0.1 Hz to 1MHz in 6 decades. Output voltage 0-20V p/p continuosly variable. 9250/-
BR -48 Hartley Oscillator. "Symtronics/ Biotech" (valve type.) variable frequency. 3050/-
BR -49Colpit's Oscillator. "Symtronics /Biotech" valve type). variable frequency.3050/-
BR -49APhase Shift Oscillator to study board3050/-

Physics Test Measuring Instruments

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BR -50Digital LCR meter. imported. Hand held. 3 1/2 digit LCD display, battery operated.Inductance : 200 µH, 2mH, 20mH, 200mH, 2H, 200H, Capacitance : 200pf, 2,20,200, nf,µf, & mf Resistance : 2Ω, 20Ω, 200Ω, 2KΩ, 200KΩ, 2MΩ, 20MΩ,11250/-
BR -51V.T.V.M. Electronic volt OHM meter, (VTVM) "symtronics /Biotech" for measuring AC/DC voltage & resistance VTVM voltage range 1.5 V to 1500V FSD in 7 ranges, resistance range 0.2Ω to 1000MΩ in 7 ranges.8300/-
BR -52Wave meter, absorption type, 6 band "symtronics/Biotech" having 6 frequency coils. range 100 KHz to 100MHz. 11050/-
BR -53Digital Frequency Counter. "symtronics/ Biotech" 6 digit LED range 1Hz to 50 MHz.8625/-
BR -54Lux meter. imported. Hand held, range 0-50 Klux. LCD display.3700/-
BR -55A.C. Millivoltmeter. Digital. "Symtronics/ Biotech" range 199.9mV, 1.999V & 750 V. 4750/-
BR -56 Digital capacitance meter. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 3.5 digit display range : 1.99.9 pfd to 19.99 µfd. 5750/-
BR -570MHz single trace portable oscilloscope "Symtronics/ Biotech" CRT diameter 3" (75mm)16600/-
BR -57AGeneral purpose oscilloscope, 10 Hz to 2 MHz, "Symtronics/ Biotech" single beam. 130 mm CRT. vertical sensitivity 20mV/p/p in 3 steps. Time base/sweep 10 Hz - 100 KHz in 5 steps. synchronized time base.14650/-
BR -57B20 MHz dual trace oscilloscope. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 33600/-
BR -57COscillscope 5 MHz XY. "Symtronics/ Biotech" single beam, bandwidth 10 Hz to 5 MHz. CRT 130 mm. vertical sensitvity 10 mV /div to 20V/div in 11 steps. horizental attenuator 50m V/div to 20 V/div in 9 steps. Time base/sweep frequency 10 Hz to 300 KHz in 8 steps with vernier, synchronized time base. 16950/-
BR - 68G.M. counter (geiger counting system) "Symtronics/ Biotech". complete69600/-
BR - 68A6 digit G.M. counter with built in power supply 43750/-
BR - 68BEnd window G.M. detector. (halogen Quenched) 13700/-
BR - 68CStand for above7500/-
BR - 68DBeta reference source16000/-
BR - 68EGamma Reference source16000/-
BR - 68FAluminium absorber disc set.6200/-
BR -69 "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete in all respect except a CRO.37500/-
BR -70Four probe apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" for resistivity of semiconductors at different temprature. complete22200/-
BR -71Hall effect experiment. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete79000/-
BR -71AElectromagnet EMS (6.5 K gauss) with power supply. 44625/-
BR -71BGauss meter. analog (0-25 Kgauss) 17950/-
BR -71CHall probe (n-type) with spring type contacts3275/-
BR -71DHall effect setup with built-in digital milli-voltmeter & constant current source13050/-
BR -71EHall probe stand. Wooden1650/-
BR -72 Frank hertz emperiment. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete in all respect. 80500/-
BR -73Magnetic Hystersis Loop Tracer. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete in all respect except an ordinary CRO.67000/-
BR -74Susceptibilty of paramagnetic solution by quinck's tubes method. "Symtronics/ Biotech"65000/-
BR -74AQuinck's tube with stand1500/-
BR -74BSample Fecl3450/-
BR -74CElectromagnet EM10 (10Kgauss) with power supply.53500/-
BR -74DDigital gauss meter (0-20Kgauss) 14375/-
BR -74ETravelling Microscope V&H motion6500/-
BR -75 Planck's constant apparatus. "Symtronics/Biotech" complete with power supply with 2 analog meters. photocell with mount light source & fitter set. 12750/-
BR -75B-do- but intead of analog meters Two digital meters are provided. 13600/-
BR -75CPlanck's constant apparatus using LED's 17500/-
BR -76Ultraonic diffraction apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech"
BR -76AQuartz crystal with tank & holder1100/-
BR -76BR.F. oscillator to oscillate the crystal8350/-
BR -76CSpecial type high resolving spectrometer with micrometer scal fitted to eye- piece.16500/-

Physics Boards

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BR -77AStudy of single stage RC coupled amplifier. "Symtronics /Biotech" without VTVM & oscillator2500/-
BR -77BStudy of 2-stage RC coupled amplifier. "Symtronics/Biotech" without VTVM & oscillator.3150/-
BR -77CStudy of F.E.T.amplifier. "Symtronics/Biotech" without VTVM & scillator2700/-
BR -77DStudy of transformer coupled amplifier. "Symtronics/Biotech" without VTVM & oscillator 3350/-
BR -77ER-C transmission line study board. "Symtronics/Biotech" without VTVM7700/-
BR -77FL-C Transmission line study board. "Symtronics/Biotech" without VTVM, oscillator & resistance box.8500/-
BR -77GStefan's law apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply with 2 analog meters.4500/-
BR -77HZener diode as voltage regulator. "Symtronics/Biotech" complete with power supply with 2 analog meters.3750/-
BR -77IClipping & claiming circuit. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete with power supply. 3950/-
BR -77JConversion of galvanometer into voltmeter. "Symtronics/Biotech" with power supply & 2 analog meters.3640/-
BR -77KConversion of galvnometers into ammeter. "Symtronics/Biotech" with power supply & 2 analog meters.3770/-
BR -77LR.C. circuit as low pass/high pass filter. "Symtronics/Biotech" without oscillator & VTVM/CRO. 3460/-
BR -77MKirchoff's law apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply & 2 analog meters. 3950/-
BR -77NStudy of various filter circuits using L.C. & R. "Symtronics/ Biotech" withput oscillator VTVM/CRO3250/-
BR -77O LCR configuration apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" to study LC & R in series /parallel & to study effect LC & R in various configuration in filter circuit. 4800/-
BR -77PLCR impedence apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4350/-
BR -77QVoltage doubler & tripler circuit. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 3900/-
BR -77R Flashing & Quenching of neon bulb. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply but without stop watch.3150/-
BR -77STo verify millman theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.4100/-
BR -77TTo verify thevnin theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.3950/-
BR -77UTo verify Norton theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.3950/-
BR -77VTo verify maximum power transfer theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.3950/-
BR -77WTo verify Reciprocity theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.4080/-
BR -77XTo verify Super Position theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.4080/-
BR -77YVerification of networks theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" thevnin, nortion super position & M. power transfer.7600/-
BR -77ZVerification of tellagans theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4080/-

Physics Transistor Characterstics Apparatus

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BR -78AField effect transistor (FET) characterstics apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply & 3 meters.4500/-
BR -78BMosfet characterstics apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply & 3 analog meters. 4200/-
BR -78CUJT characterstics apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply & 3 analog meters.4200/-
BR -78DS.C.R. characterstics of diac. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply & 3 analog meters.4200/-
BR -78EChracterstics of a diac. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply & 3 analog meters.3150/-
BR -78FCharacterstics of triac. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply & 3 analog meters.4150/-
BR -78GThyratron characterstics apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" wtih power supply & 3 analog meters5500/-
BR -78HThermistor characterstics apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply & 2 analog meters. 3950/-
BR -78IPhoto transistor characterstics apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" wtih power supply & analog meters.4050/-
BR -78JPhoto diode characterstics apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply & 2 analog meters.3750/-
BR -78KPhoto cell characterstics apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply & 2 a analog meters.12000/
BR -78LPhoto volatege cell characterstics apparatis. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with 2 analog meters & with light sourse4450/-
BR -78MSolar cell characterstics apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with 2 analog meters & with light sourse4450/-
BR -78NTo study photo voltaic cell & to verify inverse square law. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 4430/-
BR -78O L.D.R. Characterstics Apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with light source.3870/-
BR -78P L.E.D. characterstics apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with powe supply & 2 analog meters.3350/-
BR -78QStudy of OPTO-coupler. "Symtronics/ Biotech"6200/-
BR -78RB.H. curve apparatus. "Symtronics / Biotech" without CRO. 7560/-
BR -78SSeries/parallel, resonance circuit. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with two A.C. meters but without oscillator. 3720/-
BR -78TStudy of regulated D.C. power supply. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete with 2 analog meters7200/-
BR -78UCharging & discharging of a condensor. "Symtronics/ Biotech" (C-R circuit study) w/o stop watch3750/-
BR -78VStudy of multibrators. "Symtronics / Biotech" complete in all respect an ordinary CRO.4200/-
BR -78WStudy of basic operational amplifier. type 741. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with digital voltmeters.7950/-
BR -78XStudy of OP-AMP applications. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 8500/-
BR -78YStudy of IC regulator type. 723. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete. 8700/-
BR -78ZStudy of IC timer. type 555. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.8460/-
BR - 79AStudy of Hybrid parameters of a tramsostor in C-E mode. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with 4 meters.5150/-
BR - 79BDetermination of energy/band-gap in semi-conductor diode apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech"3950/-
BR - 79CIonisation potential of mercury vapour using thyratron valve. "Symtronics/ Biotech" Complete5190/-
BR - 79DWork function of a diode valve & verification of richardosn equation. "Symtronics/ Biotech" Complete5600/-
BR - 79EStudy of characterstics of semiconductor diodes PN JUNC ZENER & LED. "Symtronics/ Biotech"6500/-
BR - 79FStudy of modulation & demodulation. "Symtronics/ Biotech" without oscillator & oscilloscope.4200/-


Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BR -80Diode valve/triode valve. "Symtronics/ Biotech" (any one) with bread board. 700/-
BR -81Pentode valve/tetrode valve. "Symtronics/ Biotech" (any one) with bread board.1000/-
BR -82Thyratron valve. "Symtronics / Biotech" valve no. 884/2050/ 2051/2D21 or equivaient with bread board. 2700/-
BR -83Photo multiplier tube. imported.14250/-
BR -84Transistor or zener diode or semiconductor. "Symtronics / Biotech" mounted. (any one) 450/-
BR -85Thermistor. "Symtronics/ Biotech" mounted200/-
BR -86U.J.T. "Symtronics/ Biotech" Mounted250/-
BR -87S.C.R. "Symtronics/ Biotech" mounted350/-
BR -88Photo cell. valve type. with bread board.7200/-
BR -89Photo voltaic cell. selenium type. "Symtronics/ Biotech" mounted780/-
BR -90Colour glass filters."Symtronics/ Biotech" yellow or green or orange or blue or red or UV range (any one)400/-
BR -91Quater wave plate. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 25mm diameter mounted on a graduated circular scale of 360°7500/-
BR -92Half wave plate. "Symtronics / Biotech" 25 mm diameter, mounted on a graduated circular scale of 360°7500/-
BR -94Solderless bread board. with 2 distribution strips of 100 tie points & 1 terminal strip of 640 tie points.750/-
BR -95Connecting leads. stackable. FOR multiple connections. chord length 1 feet78/-
(b) Non-Stackable. for single connection. chord length 1 feet.50/-
BR -95AA Circuit Designer Board model. "Symtronics /Biotech". for designing circuits of OR ,and & NOT gates using diodes & transistors.3500/-


Product ModelProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BR -96Circuit Designer board model. "Symtronics/ Biotech" for desining circuits of OR, And & NOT gates using diodes & Transistors.3500/-
BR -97 Logic gate trainer. model LG-399, "Symtronics/ Biotech" for studying and or Nand, NOR & NOT gates. 2500/-
BR -98Logic gate trainer. model LG-321 "Symtronics/ Biotech" for stuyding gate. De-morgan;s theoram & boolean expressions half adder circuit & combinational logic circuit.8650/-
BR -99Logic gate trainer. LG-341. "Symtronics/ Biotech" for stuyding sequential & F cominational logic circuits.9750/-
BR -100Digital IC trainer. "Symtronics/ Biotech" for verfication of laws/theoram of boolean algebra. study of gates. verification of imp. TTL circuit parameters building of flips -flops using gates & their timings. study of shift register operations. series to parallel conversion & implementing registers using flip-flops, verification of operation of decades & up/down counter, implementing adders using gates. study of comparator & understanding 7 segment displays & decoders/drivers & study of monoshot truth table & timings.19800/-
BR -101Linear IC trainer. "Symtronics/ Biotech". For study op-amp characterstics like open loop gain. output resistance. differential input resistance unity gain bandwidth rated output. full power responce. slewing rate input offset voltage. input bias current. input noise current, CMRR, common mode input resistance. Study of op-amp application like inverting amplifier, voltage follower, differentiator, integrator, log ampligier, limiter, ac/dc converter etc. Study of operation of monolithic voltage regulator & verification of regulator characterstics. Study of characterstics & operation of high speed voltage comparator & study of comparator application: Schmitt trigger. pulse width modulation etc. Study of PLL & measurment of imp. PLL characterstics like lock range, capture range VCO sensitivity & VCO lineraity etc.19800/-
BR -102Ti study TS, D & JK flip-flop, "Symtronics/ Biotech"3950/-
BR -103To study RS, D,T, JK & JK master slave flip-flop "Symtronics/ Biotech" 4450/-
BR -104To study operation & characterstics of a programmable shift register. "Symtronics/ Biotech"3300/-
BR -105To study left, Right, & programmeable shift register. "Symtronics/ Biotech"3500/-
BR -106To study half adder using various gates. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 2250/-
BR -106ATo verify half/full adder & subtractor. "Symtronics/ Biotech"2500/-
BR -107To study half subtractor using various gates. "Symtronics/ Biotech"2500/-
BR -107ADigital to analog convertor( D to A) "Symtronics/ Biotech" 3500/-
BR -108o study full adder using various gates. "Symtronics/ Biotech"2950/-
BR -109To study full subtractor using various gates. "Symtronics/ Biotech"3040/-
BR -110Analog to digital convertor (A to D) . "Symtronics/ Biotech"3350/-
BR -111To study encoder & decoder circuit. "Symtronics/ Biotech"3350/-
BR -112To construct & study 4-bit ripple counter. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4000/-
BR -113Study of 4-1 line multiplexer using IC . "Symtronics/ Biotech"4150/-
BR -114Study of 16-1 line multiplexer using IC. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 4600/-
BR -115Study of 1-4 line demultiplexer using IC. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4150/-
BR -116Study of 1-16 line demultiplexer using IC. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 4600/-
BR -117Study of BCD to 7 segment decoder. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4000/-
BR -118Study of BCD to decimal decoder. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4000/-
BR -119Study of parity circuits. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4200/-
BR -120Verification of arithmatic logic unit (alu) using IC 74181. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4200/-
BR -121To study 4 bit adder & subtractor using IC. 7483. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 4200/-
BR -122To study 4 bit parallel adder/ subtractor using IC. 7483 & IC 7486 . "Symtronics/ Biotech"3300/-
BR -123To study random access memory (RAM) . "Symtronics/ Biotech"6500/-
BR -124Study of read only memor (ROM). "Symtronics/ Biotech"7300/-

Physics Equipment Services Seco

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
RI -1Digital DC microvoltmeter model DMV - 0019360/-
RI -2Digital nanometer model Biotech- DNM - 1219360/-
RI -3Digital picoameter, model DPM - 111. Biotech14220/-
RI -4High voltage power supply model EHT - 11. Biotech 8760/-
RI -5True RMS A.C. Millivoltmeter, model ACM -102 (range 20mV, 200mV, 2 V & 20 V ) Biotech6720/-
RI -5BTrue RMS AC millivoltmeter, model ACM - 102 ( same as above with built in 1 KHz oscillator ). Biotech 6960/-
RI -6Electromagnet, model EMU -75 (pole pieces 75 mm flat, 11 kg at 10 mm. air gap) Biotech35625/-
RI -7Constant current power supply. model DPS - 175. Biotech12375/-
RI -8Electromagnet, model EMU- 50 V ( pole pieces 50 mm flat Biotech.18125/-
RI -8B Elcetromagnet, magnet EMU - 50T ( tapped pole pieces) Biotech18375/-
RI -9Constant current power supply model DPS - 50. Biotech9000/-
RI -10Digital gaussmeter, model DGM - 102. (range 2kg & KG ) Biotech10080/-
RI -11Digital gaussmeter. model DGM - 202 (range 2kg & 20 KG. Interchangeable hall probe)11160/-
RI -12Digital gaussmeter. model DGM - 103. (range 2 kg & 20kg & 40 kg. with defferential mode facility. Biotech13800/-
RI -13Digital Gaussmeter. model DGM - 204 (range 0.2 Kg. & 20 Kg. & 40 Kg. interchangeable hall probe ) Biotech12600/-
RI -14Function Generator model FG -01. (10Hz-2MHz. square/sine/triangular. amplitude 0-3 V (P.P.) Biotech8820/-
RI -15Regulated power supply model PS-12 (±12 V & ± 5V.) Biotech. 1500/-
RI -16Determination of plank's constant by mean's LED's complete in all respects. Biotech18125/-
RI -17Frank hertz Experiment complete in all respect. F.H. 3001 Biotech35625/-
RI -18Resistivity semicondutors by four probe methods at different temprature and determination of the band gap DFP-02 (basic model) complete in all respect. biotech14750/-
RI -19Resistivity semiconductors by four probe methods at different temperature and determination of the band gap. DFP-03 (advance model) complete in all respect. Biotech18500/-
RI -20Four probe set-up for measuring the resistivity of very low to highly resistive sample at temperature upto 200°C with PID controlled oven (research model) the set-up consists of the following. Biotech.41875/-
RI -20AFour probe arrangement with built in RTD sensor & PID controlled oven.
RI -20BD.C. Microvoltmeter. model DMV-001
RI -20CConstant current source model CCS-01 (range 0-20mA & 0-200 mA) for low resistivity samples like thin films of metals and alloys.
RI -20DLow current source. model LCS-02 (range 0-2 µA. 0-200 µA & 0-2 mA) for for highly resistive samples complete in all respects
RI -21Four probe set-up for mapping the resistivity of large samples the set up consists of the following. Biotech
(a) Four probe arrangement with 2 way movement and vernier scales.

(b) D.C. microvoltmeter. model DMV-001.

(c) Constant current source model CCS-01 (range 0-20mA & 0-200 mA) for low resistivity samples like thin films of metals and alloys.

(d) Low current source. model LCS-02 (range 0-2 µA. 0-200 µA & 0-2 mA) for for highly resistive samples complete in all respects.
RI -22Measuement of magnetoresistance of Semicondustors. The set-up consists of following units. Biotech64450/-
RI -22AFour probe arrangement. Biotech2580/-
RI -22BSamples : Ge crystal (n-type). Biotech1560/-
RI -22CMagnetoresistance set-up model DMR - 01. Biotech5700/-
RI -22DElectromagnet, Model EMU -75. Biotech35625/-
RI -22EConstant current power supply. DPS - 175. Biotech12375/-
RI -22FDigital gaussmeter, model DGM-102. complete in all respects. Biotech.10080/-
RI -23Study of thermoluminescence of F-centres in alkali halide crystals. Biotech41685/-
RI -23AExperimental set-up for creating the thermoluminescence7190/-
RI -23BTL -02 (with digital thermometer and oven power supply. ) Biotech.7190/-
RI -23CFor measuring of luminescence intencity. Biotech
(1) Photomulitmeter tube - 931 A Biotech13195/-
(2) PMT housing with basing circuit Biotech3750/-
(3) EHT power supply, model EHT-11 Biotech 8760/-
(4) Digital nanoammeter, model DNM - 121 complete in all respect Biotech. 8820/-
RI -24Apparatus for the measurement of susceptibility of paramagnetic solution by quinck's tube method. The apparatus consists of Biotech 61320/-
RI -24AQuinck's tube with stand Biotech660/-
RI -24B(b) Sample : eCl3 Biotech255/-
RI -24C(c) Travelling microscope. TVM --02 Biotech5640/-
RI -24D(d) Electromagnet model EMU - 75 T Biotech35625/-
RI -24E(e) Constant current power supplly. DPS - 175.. Biotech12375/-
RI -24F(f) Digital gaussmeter Model DGM-102. complete in all respect. Biotech.10080/-
RI -25Hall Effect experiment. Biotech49200/-
(a) Hall probe ( ge-crystal-p type) Biotech1200/-
(b) Hall probe stand (wooden)120/-
(c) Hall effect set up. Model DHE -21. Biotech5400/-
(d) Elcetro-magnet with power supply. specially designed for above experiment Bioech35625/-
(e) Digital Gaussmeter. Model DGM - 102, complete in all respect Biotech12375/-
RI -26Dependence of hall coefficient on temprature the set-up consists of following units. Biotech.67080/-
(a) Hall effect set-up. Model DHE - 22 Biotech9375/-
(b) Hall probe (Ge : P-type) with a small oven and a thermocouple Biotech3000/-
(c) Electromegnet. Model EMU -75V Biotech35625/-
(d) Constant current power supply. DPS - 175 Biotech12375/-
(e) Digital gaussmeter. Model DGM - 102. complete in all respect Biotech 10080/-
RI -27 Magnetic Hysteresis loop tracer. complete in all respect. CRO. Biotech21600/-
RI -28Study of the energy band gap and diffusion of P-N junctions. complete in all respect. except a CRO Biotech.17750/-
RI -29Study of diode characterstic. SDC -01 Study of SI. Ge LED & Zener Diodes. Direct measurement of voltage & current ( 100 nA to 20 mA) and provision for direct display of diode characterstics on CRO. complete in all respect except a CRO Biotech.5160/-
RI -30Study of transistor amplifier (RC coupled). cum feed back amplifier Biotech1680/-
Accessories required biotech15420/-
(a) Function generator model FG-01 biotech8820/-
(b) True RMS A.C. Milivoltmeter model ACM-102, biotech6720/-
RI -31Study of multivibrators complete in all respect. except a CRO Biotech.1980/-
RI -32Study of characterstics of semiconductors diodes. Si, Ge, Zener & LED complete in all respects. Biotech3180/-
RI -33Study of hybrid parameters of a transistors. Biotech accessories required.1680/-
(a) True RMS A.C. millivoltmeter and 1 KHz oscillator Biotech6960/-
RI -34Study of power supply (solid state). Biotech ( accessories required. Multimeter and CRO)1680/-
RI -35Study of modulation & demodulation with built in carrier frequency (solid state ) Biotech [Accessories : required : (i) function generator and CRO ] 1980/-
RI -36Study of a basic operational amplifier type - 741. Biotech [Accessories : required : (i) function generator ] 3420/-
RI -37Study of OP amp. 741, applications complete. including signal generator. regulated power supplies multiranges digital voltmeter and patch chords Biotech [ Accessories required in some experiments : CRO]4920/-
RI -38Study of astable & monostable multivibrators using timer IC. Type-555 complete in all respect. including power supply and a trigger Biotech. [Accessories required : a CRO ]2910/-
RI -39Study of an integrated circuit regulator type 723 complete in all respect. including unregulated power supply a voltmeter. an ammeter variable load resistance and patch cords. Biotech3120/-
RI -40A.C. milli/micro voltmeter type -401 8320/-
RI -42Digital multimeter (3 & 1/2 Digits) type - 435 9505/-
RI -43True RMS digital multimeter (3 & 1.2 digits) type - 437 T 10056/-
RI -44Transistored power supply (0-30 V. 0-2 Amp. variable) type - 6137525/-
RI -45Digital dual channel power supply (0-30 V, 0-2 Amp. variable) type 615 D11685/-
RI -46Digital LCR meter type - 92512276/-
RI -47Function generator 1 MHz type - 10129150/-
RI -48Function generator 1 MHz (digital readout) type - 10139800/-
RI -50 Function generator 20 MHz (digital readout) with 100 Khz Aux. Gen. type - 101637755/-
RI -51Function generator (10 MHz) with frequency counter (100 MHz digital readout ) type - 102337755/-
RI -52Single pulse generator (10 MHz) with dual ( +ve & -ve) O/p type - 113012145/-
RI -53Function generator (3 MHz) with frequency counter ( 10 MHz-digital readout) type 300115840/-
RI -54Function generator (3MHz digital readout) type - 300311616/-
RI -61CRO 30 MHz dual trace with component teaster type - 403023760/-
RI -62CRO 15 MHz power scope. dual trace type - 52231416/-
RI -63CRO 60 MHz dual trance type -56154516/-
RI -64CRO different module type - 5p229768/-

Physics Charts Biovision

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
P1Inter converstion of Energy forms405/-
P2Sound spectra489/-
P3Meter Principles Part - 1489/-
P4Meter Principles Part - 2489/-
P5Semi-conductor fundamentals Part-1489/-
P6Semi-conductor fundamentals Part-2489/-
P7Transistor Characterstics489/-
P8Electronic Symbols Part - 1405/-
P9Electronic Symbols Part - 2489/-
P10Nuclear radiation detectors Part-1405/-
P11Nuclear radiation detectors Part-2489/-
P12Line spectra of some elements489/-
P13Crystal structure - types489/-
P14Particle accelerators- Cyclotron405/-
P15Triode chracterstics- static405/-
P16Velocity of light (Focault's rotating mirror method)489/-
P17Atomic reactor489/-
P18Cathode ray oscilloscope 489/-
P198085 - Instruction Set489/-
P20Light - Refraction 489/-
P21Light - Reflection489/-
P22Light - Dispersion489/-
P23Light - Diffraction489/-
P24Light - Interference489/-
P25Light - Polarisation489/-
P26Lenses - Images489/-
P29Magnets & Magnetics Properties489/-
P32Kirchoff's Laws-wheatstone & Metre Bridges405/-
P33Dimensional Formulae405/-
P34N.Type P. Type crystals489/-
P35Surface tension & capillarity489/-
P36Levers & Pulleys 489/-
P37Images of lenses & mirrors489/-
P38Electromagnetic Induction489/-
P42Logic gates489/-
P46Photographic Camera489/-
P478085-Functional Block Diagram489/-
P49Electro Magnetic489/-
P50Ohm's Law-Electric Circults405/-
P52Common Pumps : force cycle vacuum & siphon489/-
P53Newton's Laws of motion489/-
P55Amplifiers : single stage405/-
P56Amplifiers : Multi stages405/-
P57Amplifiers : Feef back489/-
P58Verniers,screw gauge &spherometer-489/-
P59Satellite Communication489/-
P60Boyle's Law489/-
P61Determination of focal lengths in Lenses & Mirros405/-
P62Velocity of Sound489/-
P64Fax and Xerox489/-
P658086 : Functional block diagram489/-
P66Thermo :Baro, Hydro&Manometers489/-
P67Development stages of satellite489/-
P68Nuclear power plant 489/-
P69Charles law489/-
E11Refrigerator & Operation489/-
E12Refrigerator principles489/-
E21Communication systems-I405/-
E22Communication systems-II489/-
E23 Communication systems-III 405/-
E24Industrial Electronics - I489/-
E25Industrial Electronics - II405/-
E26Industrial Electronics - III489/-
E27Interfacing Peripherals - I489/-
E28Interfacing Peripherals - II489/-
E29Interfacing Peripherals - III 405/-

Portraits of Great Personalities

GS21PGalileo Galilee
GS22PSir lsaac Newton
GS23PSir C.V. Raman
GS24PDr. H.J. Bhabha
GS26PAlbert Einstein
GS27PThomas Alva Edison
GS28PRobert Boyle
GS29PMarie Curie
GS30PMichael Faraday
GS31PJohn Dalton
GS32PDr. P.C. Ray
GS33PDr. H.G. Khorana
GS34PDr. S.S. Bhatnagar
GS35PS. Ramanujan
GS36PAntoine Laurent Lavoisier
GS37PWilliam Ramsay
GS38PHumphy Davy
GS39PAugust Weismann
GS40PJoseph Priestley
GS42PDmitri I. Mendeleef
GS43PBurbank Luther
GS44PS.N. Bose
GS45PM.N. Saha
GS46PK.S. Krishnan
GS47PK.N. Bahi
GS48PJ.J. Thomson
GS49PNeils Bohar
GS50PGilbert NewtonLewis
GS51PA.P.J. Abdul Kalam
GS52PDr. Vikram Sarabhai
GS54PDr. s.s. joshi
GS55Psir alexander flaming
GS56Pdr. mata prashad
GS57Pbenjamin franklin
GS58Pernest rutherford
GS59Pdr. raj ramanna
GS60Pnicholas copernicus
GS61PAlessandro volta
GS62Palfred nobel
GS63Panton henry bekuerel
GS64P-atovan gerok
GS65Pbenjemin thomsPon
GS68Pedward victor aplaton
GS69Pjames clark maxweLl
GS70Pjessek luious gelusale
GS71Pjonhs kepeler
GS72Pkalpana chawla
GS73Pmax plank
GS74Ppanchanan maheshwari
GS75Pvarah mihir

Weather Instruments

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
WC 1Robinson cup Anemometer complete Biotech 4800/-
WC -2 Anemometer hand held made in germany/taiwan/china7200/-
WC -3Meteorological outfit portable complete Biotech2500/-
WC -4Rain gauge - Automatic bucket type tilting type3200/-
WC-5Rain Gauge - Automatic dial type with brass receive1800/-
WC -6Rain gauge recording type - complete with revolving drum & graphs etc. as per IMD specificaton8200/-
WC -7Wind wane - all metallic 40" height complete1500/-
WC -8Stevenson meteorological screen 54x 43x 20 cm7500/-
WC -9 Stand for above MAE of iron2000/-
WC -10 Portable weather/meeorological station imported digital display with built in anemometer to show wind velocity. rain gauge to measure rain fall. snow gauge to measure snowfall instructional manual11500/-
WC -11 Altimeter Japan 5000M4000/-


Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
GM -4Laminated
30 cms diameter
20 cms diameter220/-
12 cms diameter (English or Hindi Only)110/-
G-5Deluxe-Imported with light 2 IN 1, Political & Physical
30 cms diameter 3600/-
20 cms diameter 2400/-

Rollup Black Boards

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
RB -1Plain roll up black boards
Size 50 x 67 cms75/-
Size 67 x 100 cms 110/-
Size 100 x 135 cms 170/-
RB -2 Graph Roll Up Black Boards
1 cm Square 67x 100 cms120/-
100 x 135 cms 180/-
2 cm Square 67 x 100 cms120/-
100 x 135 cms180/-


BAT-1Astronomical Telescope 345x Telescope : Objectives lens dia 50 mm, focal length 600 mm, Eyepiece 4 mm, 12mm, 20mm, barlow lens 2.3x finderscope 6x25mm, Diagonal viewer ,89cm, (35") aluminium tripod, space map & Instruction Manual.11820/-
BAT-2Astronomical Telescope 345x Telescope :Objective lens dia 70mm, focal length 700mm, 31.7mm Eyepiece 4mm, 9mm, 12.5mm, 20mm, barlow lens 3x, Erecting Eyepiece 1.5x, finderscope 6 x 25mm, Diagonal viewer, precision control system 1) platform looking lever (release telescope bofy for hand carrying. 2) pan-handle (control thvertical movement of telescope body with locking system). 3) Planning Lock nut (control rotation movement of telescope body with locking system). 4) Arm guide lock, Accessory tray, Space map & Instruction manual 122cm aluminium tripod.15950/-
BAT-3Terrestrial/Astronomical Telescope : panaview sky series (T70060) right angled viewing for astronomical observation, 60 mm objective, 2.5x, 15x, 17x, 45x, 75x, star finder scope, 225x50 mm interchangeable eyepiece. Terrestrial Eyepiece for ground observation and robust full height retractable tripod.9650/-

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BAT -4Ertex Euro "H"
Way Points/Icons : 500
Tracks : 10 saved tracks
Route : 20/125 way points
Display : 4 lavel gray LCD
Battery Life : 22 hours
Waterproof : IPx7 submersible
Temp. Range : -15 oc to 70 oc
BAT -5GPS "72" H
Way Points/Icons : 500
Tracks : 10 saved tracks
Route : 50 way points
Display : 4 lavel gray FSTN
Battery Life : 16 hours
Waterproof : IPx7 submersible
Temp. Range : -15 oc to 70 oc

Drawing Models

Product Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
Multicoloured Drawing Model Wooden - Set of 12 size - 15x30 cm3600/-
-do- Size - 10x15 cm1800/-
-do- Mode of fibre glass - set of 126000/-

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