Plant Ecology (Synecology) equipment BPEE  1-4


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BPEE-1Biotech Square steel Quadrates : Made of thick steel with grooves on all four sided at equal distance for threading
25x25 cm
50x50 cm

BPEE-2Biotech Point Frame Apparatus : This consit of a scale like frame fupported by a pair of legs. The Frame has 10 equidistant holes having long pointers.    Rs. 3240/-
BPEE-3Biotech Point centre or quater apparatus : Brass needle fitted with rubber cork and compass.   Rs. 3600/-
BPEE-4Biotech Water sampling and Ecology kit : This kit includes one each or water sampling bottle with rope. Bottom sampling dredge. Sacchi disc with rope. Plankton net, sorting dishes. Hand net & Thermometer, portable agriculture pH meter for instant use Complete Kit in carring brief case   Rs. 7800/-

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