Plant Herbarium Press


Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BWPP-1Biotech Herbarium Press-  ( Best quality) Heavy weight made out of laminated planks of approximately size 21" x11"1020/-
BWPP- 2Biotech Herbarium Press - (A light weight press )- Handy for field work , size 12"x18".     570/-
BWPP- 3Biotech Herbarium Press-  Deluxe quality Acco pattern - pattern -light weight. It is made of seasoned wood , nicely polished and having straps to tighten, size 12" x18"    630/-
BWPP- 4Biotech Plant Press- College grade  quality- Commonly used  in laboratory made of seasoned  wood having  uniform pressure  by two pairs of screws. Size 12"x18"570/-
BWPP- 5 Biotech Plant Press - Deluxe Prohit & Prohit pattern.870/-
BWPP- 6Biotech Metal Herbarium Press -Deluxe model ,made of heavy iron steel having 5/16" metal frame with comfortable handle and tighting device . 1290/-
BWPP- 7Biotech Water Purifier Pearl pure with imported parts convert hard saline borewell water to pure ,tasty drinking water and revive the naturalest.
A- water received is Microbiologically & chemically portable.
B- High purifying water with double cap. for output water.
BWPP- 8Herbarium Plant Paper Sheet  372/- P/100

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