Plant life history sets BLH 535-564

The Important stages in life history of the following plants are shown by actual specimens with coloured diagrams on plastic plate.

Plasto Mount Rs. 270/- Each


Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BLH-535 LH of Fern270/- Each

BLH-536 LH of Peziza270/- Each

BLH-537 LH of Marchantia270/- Each
BLH-538 LH of Riccia270/- Each
BLH-539 LH of Pinus 270/- Each
BLH-540 LH of Cycas270/- Each
BLH-541 LH of Angiosperm270/- Each
BLH-542 LH of Selaginella270/- Each
BLH-543 LH of Equisetum270/- Each
BLH-544 LH of Marsilea,270/- Each
BLH-545 LH of Morchella270/- Each
BLH-546 LH of Oedogonium270/- Each
BLH-547 LH of Dictyota270/- Each
BLH-548 LH of Phytophthora270/- Each
BLH-549 LH of Penicillum270/- Each
BLH-550 LH of Puccinia270/- Each
BLH-553 LH of Ophioglossum270/- Each
BLH-554 LH of Gnetum270/- Each
BLH-555 LH of Mucor270/- Each
BLH-556 LH of Albugo270/- Each
BLH-557 LH of agricus Ustilagos270/- Each
BLH-558 LH of Sargassum 270/- Each
BLH-559 LH of Chara270/- Each
BLH-560 LH of Spirogyra 270/- Each
BLH-561 LH of Isoetes270/- Each
BLH-562 LH of Lycopodium270/- Each
BLH-563 LH of Fucus270/- Each
BLH-564 LH of Ustilago270/- Each

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