Soil & Water testing Kit

Biotech Soil Testing And Under Water Study Equipments

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BSW-1Biotech Soil Testing Kit with colour comparitor chart : - Each kit is a complete soil laboratory and ready for use. It can test for acidity or alkalinety ,phosphorus and potassium.The test results will indicate whether the soil should be sweetened or soured. What type how much fertilizer to be used .It is provided with hand book for performaning the tests sufficiently quantities of reagents are supplied for 50 test. The kit is light for easy carrying.
Biotech Soil Kit No-1- Research model for estimation pH avaliable potash phosphate,Nitrogen and organic carbon present in soil.
BSW-2Refill for soil testing kit BSW-1 1800/-
BSW-3Chloroscope (Chlorine Test Kit) - Required in public health depts, water Testing labs ,swimming pools, Industrial labs, Supplied with Chloro-scope ,One square unbreakable test tubes, dropper 125ml reaction reagent .Packed in thermocol box.
b- spare standard solution tube


BSW-4Biotech Water Testing Kit for Aquaculture - A complete with equipments and reagents for estimation of temp. hardness, alkalinity,chloride,carbon dioxide, sulphated and disolved solids,housed in a nice box with working manual 30500/-
BSW-5Biotech Refil for the above kit. 20500/-
BSW-6Biotech Water Testing Kit Model 'B' -Complete with equipment and reagents for estimation of hardness,alkalinity,chloride & sodium sulphite, housed in a nice hard wood box with working manual.
---do---- Refil for above.

BSW-7Biotech Water Testing Kit Portable (Research model) - For estimation of alkalinity, carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen phosphate and nitrite complete with equipments & reagents housed in nice box with working manual. 6200/-
BSW-8Refil For Portable Water Testing Kit. 3500/
BSW-9Biotech equipment for determination of dissolved oxygen in water (for fisheries) - Complete with equipment reagent and special type water sampler are housed in a nice box with working manual for fishereis. 18500/-
BSW-10Biotech Portable kit for making Bacteria free water"Horrock's Apparatus.
BSW-11BIotech Plant Testing kit - for estimation of Nitrogen, Phosphorous & potassium.Complete with equipments and reagents in a nice box with working manual, 6700/-
BSW-12Biotech Ekman's Dredge :- (Grebing type)- Soil sample form any depth. Required for collecting samples of soil,slit sand etc. from any pond or river lake etc. made of heavy of gauge brass sheet and fitted with special type spring .Complete with messenger heavy with wire rope size 6x6x6". 13500/-
BSW-13Biotech Bacteriological Water Testing Kit- with simple incubator,thermometer ,20 sterilized water bottle with dry media.

BSW-14Biotech Dredge Net- For sampling bottom fauna having 600 mm long cloth bolting net bag
with 350 mm dia D shaped frame on steel runner.

BSW-15Biotech Water Test kit- Deluxe quality with colour comparator & 4 pH comparator disc with reagent for 100 tests for following each parameter, floride , nitrate, iron , chloride total hardness with working manual.

BSW-16Biotech Water sampling bottle from any depth- The device is meant for collecting water samples from any desired depth of ponds, lake river etc. the equipemnt is made of brass plate, with heavy brass casting base. Complete with 25 feet nylon rope and bottle of 1000ml cap. 4850/-
BSW-17Biotech water sampling bottle heavy for ponds and streams :- Brass heavy export quality with stand the pressure of water complete with 1 litre bottle and rope 3200/-
BSW-18Biotech Plankton Sampler for differentiate & counting of plankton collection with graphed round plate fixed with magnetic & sub stage light attachment for fine viewing .Supplied with self counter of plankton collection. Complete with electrically 5200/-
BSW-20Biotech Chloride Test Kit - For determination of residual chloride in water. Range 0.901 to 5.0 PPM 4300/-
BSW-21Biotech Water Pollution Test Kit - Contains apparatus for investing the depth, turbidity, colour collection & indentification of indicator of organism. It includes sacchi disc. sorting dishes sample bottlehand nets water measuring cylinder and a bottle of methylene blue soltion and brass water sampler stand and bottle in box.

BSW-22Biotech Plankton counting cell- Sadgwick Rafter chamber division 1000mm square graduation space 50x20mm cap- 1ml 600/
BSW-23Biotech induced breeding kit for fish culture- Consisting of 26 articles in breif case. 9500/-
BSW-24Biotech Jackson Flame Turbidity Meter- Made as per Americal method of estimation of turbidity of water.Height -75 cm. VOlume -100 to 400 ml turbidity scale 25-5000 ppm. 6200/-

BSW-25Jackson Flame Turbidity Meter- Made in U.S.A. / Imported13750/-
BSW-26Biotech Lovibond pH comparator box- 2-test tube. 3700/-
BSW-27Lovibond comparator imp. prismatic. 6040/-
BSW-28Biotech Nessleriser - With two tubes-Lovibond model 5500/-
BSW-29Biotech pH Comparator Disc. - Universal soil indicator,thymol blue , M-Cresol purple cresol red, Phenol red bromo thymol blue. CHlorophenol red , methyl red, Bromophenol blue(acid range) Phosphate & chlorine silica ,Amonia ,iron etc each disc.
BSW-30Biotech pH comparorator disc- English / imported 8250/-
BSW-31Biotech Hazen Scale - Disc for determination of colour of water3500/-
BSW-32Biotech Sacchi DIsc- For indicating turbidity of water in ponds, metal disc 200mm dia ,marked in alternate black & white quadrants.Supplied with long plastic cord. 890/-
BSW-33Bolting Cloth For Plankton net etc - 115permeter (imp) 150/-
BSW-34Biotech Plankton Bucket- Stainless sheet with blotting cloth. 250/-
BSW-35Biotech Water Storage Sample Bottle - High grade. non rusting material-fine quality

BSW-35ABiotech Wrinkler's bottle- Cap.125ml
BSW-36Biotech Plankton Net - A conical bloting cloth bag suspected by means of reinforcements to a metal ring. Fitted with non rusting chain & aluminium handle. 570/-
BSW-37Biotech Hill Guard apparatus (Keen's box )- made of brass. 1150/-
BSW-38Biotech Water Current Meter- For small channels & shallow water.Complete with rating chart in case 9990/-
BSW-39Test Sieves - Mesh no-6 to 90 specific mesh
Mesh no 100
Mesh no. 120
Mesh no.150
M2sh no.170
Mesh no.200
Mesh no 240
Mesh no 300
Mesh no.350
Mesh no.400
Mesh no.500
BSW-40Bottom & Lid - For sieves 700/-
BSW-40ASieves Set of 8- Brass- Mixed mess 6900/- per set
BSW-4141Sieve Shaker- Thermo-statically controlled motorised electrical. 19500/-
BSW-42Sieve Shaker Rotop Type with motor. 27000/-
BSW-43Biotech SIeve Shaker- Hand operated 9900/-


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BSW-44Apparatus for Soil Determination - Consisting of a core cutter 100mm dia dolly and hammer with steel rod. 4500/-
BSW-45Cone Pentrometer- For determination the liquid.3700/-
BSW-46Field Density Test Apparatus 500/-
BSW-47Sampling Augar out fit - Post hole type complete with one meter rod .piece etc.
Stainless steel

BSW-48Soil Moisture Sample Box- (aluminium ) pkt of 10 boxes. 750/-
BSW-49Soil Core Sample Kit with Hammer. 4200/-
BSW-50Soil Water Sampler 12" length with Bottle 7800/-
BSW-51Soil Keen's box for Soil analysis . 3500/-
BSW-52Tensiometer 11000/-

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