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Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM-1simtronics Intelligent  Micro-processor   Based  pH meter :   LCD display showing mV, temp  having up to temp. Compensation & auto  buffer recongmition along with accessories . Data  storage  facility up to 90  samples & External  printer attachment  facility avaliable.   14960/-
BSM-2Simtronics Deluxe pH meter with auto temp.  compensation :-  Gel filled epoxy body combination  pH electrodes & RTD  probe 3.5 digit LCD  display.  Range 0-14 pH resolution  pH 0.01, Accuracy Ph + 0.01 stop control 80 to 120% .6200/-
BSM-3Simtronics Digital  pH :for  pH   and mV  measurement  with manual  temp. compensation & combination  pH electrodes.                                          4800/-
BSM-4Simtronics Digital pH,Conductivity  & Temp.  meter:for measurement   of pH ,  Conductivity &mp.3.5 digit LED display for  pH combination electrode, conductivity  cell and temperature probe (Table model).                                               8400/-
BSM-5Digital with LED Display 100 % transmitance with optical density.  7700/-
BSM-5AAccessories :
a. pH combination electrode.
b. Glass reference electrode.



Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM-6Digital Potentiometer  with 3.5 digit LD dispay  along with glass,silver, platinum & reference  electrodes.5800/-
BSM-7 Simtronics Microprocessor water
& Soil Analysis kit :for mesaurement of pH , conductivity , ORP, TDS,Salinity DO & temp., 16x2 bold alphanumeric LCD display, battery cum mains operated with all accessproes fitted sdf in a briefcase.
BSM-8Simtronics Water & Soil Analysis kit Deluxe: 3.5 DIgit LCD display this kit includes 6 parameters )pH , conductivity, or p.temp,TDS (Total Dissolve solids ) D.O. (Dissolve oxygen) complete with all probes.15000/-
BSM-9Simtronics Deluxe water & Soil Analysis kit : 3.5 digit LCD display includes 7/8 parameter pH , mV, conductivity, TDS, turbidity,oxgyen ,temperature and salinity with includes 7/8 parameters rechargeable battery complete with accessories fitted in brief case. 19500/-
BSM-10Symtronics Digital water / soil analysis kit - college student grade.
(a) 3 parameters - pH, conductivity and O.R.P.7500/-
(b) 4 parameters - pH, conductivity, ORP and temp.9000/-
(c) 5 parameters - pH, conductivity, ORP, temp and D.O.11500/-
(d) 6 parameter - pH, conductivity, ORP,temp D.O. & TDS.14000/-
(e) 7 parameter - pH, conductivity, ORP, temp D.O. TDS and salinity.15250/-
BSM-10Sysmtronics water  quality Analyzer:  Water and quality Analyzer complete kit 15500/-


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM-11Simtronics Digital UV-VIS
Spectrophotometer : -Range 190 to 1000
nm with facility for automatic Concentration, % transmission & D.O. Measurement motorised micro controller based wave length selection, digit LED display for wave length 3.5 digit LED dispaly with 4 position sample holder.
BSM-11ASimtronics Micro processed based Spectrophotometer 340-963 nm with digital wave length. 33500/-
BSM-12Simtronics Digital spectrophotometer:- range 340-960 nm with facility for automatic  concentraction, % Transmission  & D.O.  measurement  wave length  resolution 5nm  3.5 digit LED  display with round  tubes 28890/-
BSM-13Simtronics Digital Spectrophotometer:-
Range 340-960 nm with facility for automatic
concentration, % transmission and O.D measurement 3.5 digits LED display Provision for 2- position sample holder with a set of 2 optical 10 mm path length glass cuvbette.
BSM-14Simtronics Digital Auto Blood Analyzer : with glass filters and  automatic display of  concentration, Range 400-700 nm . FInal  results flash on the  digital screen    17000/-


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM-15Digital Photo Colorimeter- 8 filter mains operated.
It includes -standard filter-8 Mini volume -1ml , Digital display 2.5 LED .Range400 to 700 nm,output -OD ( o to .99),Resolution OD 0.01 ,Accuracy + 0.02 OD detector- selenium photocell/ Diode,
light sorce (Tungusten bulb-6.2V-0.3 Amp power-230 V +/- 10% 50 Hz
BSM-15ADo same as above but microprocessors18000/-


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM-16Simtronics Microprocessor Flame  Photometer: with sodium ( Na & potassium ( K )  filters, 3 point calibration, direct readout in  ppm  and meq/1, auto  filter section 5 digit LCD display with compressor and  other accessories for medical use.   35800/-
BSM-17Simtronics Digital Clinical Flame Photometer : Dual channel  single aspirationwith filters (NaK)  for medical use . Final results  in meq/1 dual filters 3.5 digit LED display alongwith  compressor and other accessories31250/-
BSM-18Simtronics Digital Clinical Flame Photometer with (Na  & K filters 1/2  digit LED display along with compressor and accessories Double Display.325001/-
Accessories - spare filter Li or Ca2500/-


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM-19 Simtronics karl fisher titrator. complete apparatus 14500/-
BSM-19A 19A Simtronics Microprocessor
Karl Fisher Moisture Titrator: with built in magnetic stirrer auto computation of moisture in ppm % ageand mg H/ storage of of data timne Karl fisher reagent dis-penscing by motorized proceeds,Final results are flashed on 8 digit digital display. External printer attachment facility available.


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM- 20Simtronics  Digital Tele Thermometer 6 channels with veterinary probes.6000/-
b) -do- single channel. 2550/-


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM-21Biotech / Simtronics digital conductivity meter - 3.5 digit LED-10U mn to 1000 mno with built in compensation, accuracy + 1.51  6500/-
BSM-22Biotech /Simtronics Digital Turbidity meter : 3.5 digit LED Display range upto 1000 NTU/JT resolution IJTU/NTU.8000/-
BSM-23Biotech / Simtronics Digital Nephelometer -3.5 digit LED display ,
Range upto 200 N TResolution 0.01. NTU
BSM-24Simtronics Microprocessor based Conductivity : TDS meter- with alphanumeric : 16x2 LCD display showing conductivity, TDS & temp. features include auto ranging selectable reference temperature and temperature co-efficien data storage facility for 90 samples external printer attachment facility avaliable . 14900/-


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM-25Simtronics Digital TDS meters :-3.5 digit LED display with facility for temp. compensation & digital cell constant adjustment alongwith TDS cell (Table model ). 5500/-
BSM-26Simtronics Digital Salinity
meter :-3.5 digit LCD display with sallinity cell.range 0 to 200 PPT resolution 0.001


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM-27Simtronics Microprocessor based DO meter with 16x2 alphanumeric LCD display simulatneous display of DO and temperature Data storage facility up to 90 samples & external printer attachment facility avaliable.14500/-
BSM-28Simtronics Digital Dissolved oxygen meter 3.5 digit LED  display  with Gold /Silver probe (Table model ). 6000/-


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM-29Simtronics Digital Blood Analyser  Direct reading no calculation required. 23000/-
BSM-30Simtronics Digital Haemo Globinometer- 2.5 digit 8 filter (Sample 1ml ).         9000/-


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM-31Combined electrode for pH } meter                                                      1100/-
BSM-32Glass Electrode                        500/-
BSM-33Reference electrode                 500/-
BSM-34Platinum electrode                   1000/-
BSM- 35Gel filled combined electrode   1200/-
BSM-36Silver electrode.                          900/-
BSM-37 Cuvettes square glass                 900/-
BSM-38Cuvettes square quartz              2500/-
BSM-39Cuvettes square plastic              150/-
BSM-40Conductivity meter cell              1100/-
BSM-41D.O. Probe                                 1480/-
BSM-41D.O. membrance                        200/-
BSM-43FIlter for flame meter Nak,Li or Ca                                                         3000/-


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSM-44Digital pH tester 0-14 pocket imp.1700/-
BSM-45Digital TDS tester pocket imp.  2000/-
BSM-46Digital COnductivity tester pocket. 2100/-
BSM-47Digital Salinity Teste pocket 8535/-
BSM-48 Digital ORP tester  pocket    8500/-
BSM-49Digital Soil pH and moisturemeter pocket. 3830/-
BSM-50 Digital Grain/Moisture meter pocket. 7925/-
BSM-51 Digital portable leaf area meter90000/-

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