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Price (Rs.)
BWE-1Biotech Micro Prepared slide cabinet- Best quality capacity 1000 slide stream lined slide cabinet consisting of 11 drawers to hold 100 slides , each in vertical position with alluminium grooves. The 11th drawer is for deeping index cards & other accessories
a. Price with out trolly.
b. same but with trolly & wheels.
BWE-2Biotech Slide Cabinet- Deluxe quality - with sunmica covered cap. 1000 - slides . It is a stream lined slide cabinet consisting of 11 drawers in a vertical row. The drawers are fitted with small card frame and puller knob. Made out of seasoned wood. 2920/-
a. same but with trolly & wheel. 3675/-
BWE-3Biotech Slide cabinet- cap. 500 slide,it consist of 5 drawers to hold100 slide each in vertical position & are fitted with a small card frame & puller knob.
a. same but with trolly.

BWE-4Biotech Slide cabinet-Deluxe quality-with sunmica-500 slides capacity.
a. same but with trolly & wheel.
BWE-55Trolly with wheel -spare - Deluxe quality. 790/-
BWE-6Biotech Slide Cabinet -Cap.2000 slides 3200/-
BWE-7Biotech Slide Cabinet-Deluxe quality with sunmica capacity 2000 slides 5470/-
BWE-8Biotech Slide Cabinet -cap.5000 slides 9500/-
BWE-9Biotech Cabinet- cap.5000 slides deluxe quality with sunmica.15520/-
BWE-10Biotech Slide Cabinet - cap-10000, deluxe quality with sunmica covered. 29775/-
BWE-11Biotech Micro Slide Cabinet (Flat Manner ) super deluxe (Sunglass / Sunmica covered for slides to keep in flat position )- The cabinet is constructed with heavy duty weather proof ply covered with sunmica externally.The door is of the disappearing type with locking arrangement.It has 25 aluminium anodized trays.Total capacity 500 slides.Complete as above for keeping 500 slides. 5925/-
BWE-12Biotech Micro slide Cabinet-Super deluxe-same as BWE-11 but cap.1000 slides6100/
BWE-13Biotech Multipurpose micro slide cabinet- The entire external surface is covered with sunmica . The cabinet contain aluminium anodized trays to hold
20 slides in each slides in each tray in flat position. The lower unitis provided with 5 drawers with wooden slide holding grooves and each drawer can hold 200 slides in vertical

a. Cap.1000(500 flat+500 vertical)
b. Cap.1500( 500flat+1000 vertical
c. Cap.2000( 800 flat+12000 vertical)
BWE-14Biotech Tissue Wax
Block Storage Box - useful to store specimen and tissue block embeddded in wax or cellodin for microtomy when required cap.- 2000 blocks
BWE-15Biotech Chart Cabinet- Folding type capacity 90 charts- made out of thick wooden work covered thick teak ply the cabinet is having capacity of 90 charts. Hangers and hooks are serially numbered . Finished in nice spirit polish. 3750/-
BWE-16Biotech Chart Cabinet-super deluxe quality - folding type for 90 charts with excellent quality of board and sunmica covered. 10140/-
BWE-17Biotech chart Cabinet - Metalic-This is specially designed for permanent storage , made of mild steel non folding cabinet , door has locking handle with fine finishing . Capacity 90 / 100 charts.12500/-
BWE-18Biotech Metallic Chart Racks - Wall Mount - It consists of two slotted angle strips which are fixed vertically against wall. 20/30/40 pairs of metalic pegs are fixed horizontally in level to keep 3/4 charts in each row6550/-
BWE-19Biotech Projection slide cabinet - for 2x2" slide. Made of thick board covered with laminated sunglass film dust proof door provided with lock.
a. cap. 600 slides. 2 x 2"
b. cap. 1000 slides 2 x 2 "
c. cap. 2000 slides 2 x 2"
BWE-20Biotech Slide holder (folder )made of heavy card board folding cover flaps holder are partioned for twenty 3" x 1" microscope slides.140/-
BWE-21Biotech Card Index cabinet for library -for keeping box card.
a. card size 5x3"with 6 drawers.
b.card size 5x3"with 12 drawers
c. card size 5x3"with 24 drawers
7500/- 9500/-
BWE-22Biotech Herbarium plain sheet- size 14x11"178 p/100
BWE-23Biotech Herbarium driers- size 16" x 11" 320 p/100
BWE-24Biotech Herbarium cabinet - Containing herbarium drawer of size 15 x 18 x 3" in a vertical row made of seasoned wood frame .Each drawer is provided with a chrome plated index.cap.12 drawers. 6370/-
BWE-25Biotech Herbarium cabinet- capacity 24 drawers 12140/-
BWE-26Biotech Herbarium cabinet super deluxe quality with sunmica covered capacity 12 drawers of size 15 x 18 x 3" 5000/-
BWE-27Biotech Herbarium cabinet super deluxe drawers size 15x18x3" sunmica covered. capacity 24 drawers. 8000/-
BWE-28Biotech Hernarium Cabinet -Made of steel and designed for permanent storage with locking handle . Drawer size 15x18x3".
a. cap.12 drawers heavy quality
b. cap 24 drawers heavy quality
BWE-29Biotech staining rack - superior bottle capacity
a. for 6 bottles
b. for 12 bottles
c. for 16 bottles.
84/- 250/- 300/-
BWE-30Biotech staining rack : For microtomy section slides deluxe quality- 16 holes in two rows with 2" dia to accommodate specimen tubes of size 4 x 2" 320/-
BWE-30BBiotech staining rack -made of teakwood for microtome section slides deluxe quality-16 holes in two rows with 2" dia to accomodate specimen tubes of size 4 x 2"550/-
BWE-31Biotech slide Boxes for Micro prepare slides - with aluminium grooves ,nicely polished with index sheet.
a.) wooden with polish
b.) Deluxe quality with micra
c.) Plastic heavy removable cover
d.) projection slide boxes for 2x2"
BWE-32Biotech slide Trays- capacity 20 slides
a. Aluminium perforated.
b. Wooden - plain
BWE-33Microscope cabinet. - Glass display 5 shelves6500/-

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