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BBM1Anabaena- A magnified filaments, showing skinete heterocyst650
BBM2Nostoc- showing the filamentous colonies four hetero cysts 650
BBM3Nostoc- Same as above but set of two model 650
BBM4Oscillatoria- Set of 2 models complete filament and cell structure650
BBM5Chlamydomonas- showing the cup like chloroplasts, embedded pyrenoid nucleus, two contractile vacuoles650
BBM6Chlamydomonas LH- set of 12 models fully labelled in showcase1300
BBM7 Volovx- showing two large colonies forming cells with other details650
BBM8Volvox- set of 15 models fully labelled in showcase1300
BBM9 Eudorina LH- detailed dev. stages during life cycle, set of 12 models 1300
BBM10Pandorina LH- Detailed dev. stages during life cycle, set of 12 models1300
BBM11Padiastrum- showing the coenoium and three stages of reproduction 800
BBM12Hydrodictyon- a set of 8 models in showcase1300
BBM13Ulothrix- set of two models showing singles filament with holdfast and detailed internal structure with reproductive stages800
BBM14 Ulothrix LH- showing morphology and complete life history with A-sexual and sexual Rep. in showcase set of 15 models 1300
BBM15Coleochete LH- Showing the discoid form and stages in life cycle, set of 13 fully labelled in showcase 1300
BBM16 Oedogonium- Single detailed structure on board1300
BBM17Oedogonium- (set of three) a young filament showing holdfast cell structure cap cell and oogonial stage1100
BBM18Oedogonium LH- showcase 12 stages in its life history in showcase 2300
BBM19 Spirogyra- Cell filament showing cell wall protoplasm nuclesu chromatophores pyrenoids and starch grains & other details650
BBM200 Spirogyra LH- set of 12 models in showcase fully labelled1300
BBM21Zygnema- Model showing rediating chloropast with nucleus 650/-
22 Closteriu
BBM22Closterium- set of 3 stages in reproduction1250
BBM23Closterium- single cell detailed structure1200
BBM24 Vaucheria- (set of 2) showing branching coenocytic body650
BBM25Vaucheria LH - set of 13 model showing all details 1300
BBM26Botrydium LH- set of models showing the aeral portion of the body converted into a sporangium, the formation of aplanospores, the rhizoidal region1300
BBM27Chara- Set of 4 Models detachable showing a fruiting plant with antheridium minute structure of antherozooids and part of a spermatic filament showing antherozooids with globule and nucle1300
BBM28Chara- Globule on stand900
BBM29 Chara- Nucule on stand900
BBM30 Chara LH- a set of 14 models showing detailed structure of all the stages in reproduction complete in showcase1300
BBM31Ectocarpus LH- Showing all important stages including unilocular and plurilocular stages set of 12 models 1300
BBM32 Fucus- showing the dichotomous thallus, the region of sex organs at the branch tip and the air bladde950
BBM33Fucus- A set of 2 models showing antheridial and oogonia conceptacies1200
BBM34Fucus LH- a set of 12 models showing oogonia antheridia detailed models fully libelled in showcase1300
BBM35 Laminaria- showing blade like body dtipe and hold fast 550
BBM36Diatoms- As beautiful Model showing in detail, the complex structure of a diatom cell, greatly enlarged700
BBM37 Diatoms- Set of 6 in showcase showing different forms of diatoms and their; structure 1300
BBM38Batrachospermum life cycle- a set of 11 models in showcase showing plant body, young carpogonium, male gemate, mature corpogoium zygote and formation fo hapolid gonimoblasts1300
BBM39Batrachospermum- Detialed single cell enlarged650
BBM40 Sargassum life cycle- a set of 14 models, in showcase 1300
BBM41Dictyota life cycle- a set of 13 models completely labelled in showcase1300
BBM42 Polysiphonia LH- a set of 12 models micro models set of 6 showing plant bdoy antheridia spermatic corpogonium and its fertillization and teltrasposic plant in showcase1300
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