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We have been offering qualitative range of products that have been manufactured  with latest  and innovative techniques. All our  products are aavaliable in use friendly designs and  perform testing with great amount of accuracy and precision. We offer products that aremanufactured as per the client’s specifications without compromising on the  quality aspect. Range of products offered  by us includes  Electronic Instruments e.g Digital pH meter, OHP ,Projector , Biological Slides ,Laboratory Mannekins ,  studies.Microscope  with CCT camera ,Immaging system with software, and Laboratory glassware,& Chemicals . These  products are widely  in demand in the market due to the following  features:-

  1. Technically accurate products.
  2. Easy to use and install.
  3. Make subjects easy and interesting.
  4. Powerful working and display.
  5. Help in minute

Application Area

I Cdiversified range of products are efficiently caster to various research work and studies. The technical accuracy of our products have given them wide recognition in the market. DUe to the consistent performance of our  products they are  widely been used in varipous application . Our range of  products are mostly used in “-

  • Agriculture
  • Microbiology
  • Agua Culture
  • Biotechnology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry lab
  • Forestry
  • Under water study
  • Mineral water plant
  • Mines and Geology
  • Pollution control & Enviroment studies
  • Paramedical & Nursingh colleges
  • Plants and Dyes
  • Pharmaceuticals Depts
  • Environmental studies
  • Sewage plants
  • Testile
  • Pathology
  • Home SCIENCE 

Display Zoological and Botanical Specimens –
(in plastomount /Glassmount )
Plastomount  or Glassmount  specimens for museum display are most carefully selected and preserved in life form in our laboratory adn are securely mounted on plastic  transparent white or black plate which ever will show the animals characteristic’s to the best advantages.

Human Models:

We offer a wide range of human models , which are used in laboratory and other research institutions. These are related to Zoology, Botany ,Chemistry, Biotechnology,Agriculture, Medical & Nursing  etc. Further our models cover the full concept of the  topic and makes the subject interesting  and easy to learn.

Biotech Permanent Micro-Prepared Slides:-

(Slides are supplied strictly on Approval Basis)

 Experience in preparing  micro -prepared permanent slides for several years has proved “Specification is important.”

All slides are prepared in our modern well equipped – laboratory to meet the requirement  of those  who demand  maximum  efficiency and reliability. A vital function of our microtechnic laboratory  is to inspect the arruracy of every  slide at various  stage of its manufacture in  order to ensure  our clients,the standard quality which is essentially required for teaching  the subject.

Biotech Zoological & Botanical Class Work Material :

Biotech has perhaps , the largest  and widest collection of preserved  zoology & Botany material , Constant field  collection cleaning and preservation by qualified persons make us  not only leaders in the field but also ensures prompt and dependable supply,

(Each unit is sufficient for a class of 35 students . All larvas packer in doz)

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