Accessories of General Laboratories

General Laboratories Accessories

Code NumberProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BGLA-1Asbestos pad sheet framed 180 /- p/doz
BGLA-1AAsbestos pads without frame 150 x 150mm130/- p/doz
BGLA-2 Alluminium foil- per roll large95/- p/roll
BGLA-3Blow pipe- C P large-8"204/- doz
BGLA-4Blow pipe stainless steel-850/-
BGLA-5Burette stand rod and clamp with boss head.
BGLA-5ABurette stand rod and clamp with boss head.
(7'' x 5'') x 24''
260/- each
BGLA-5BBurette stand rod and clamp with boss head.
(8'' x 5'') x 24''
348/- each
BGLA-5CBurette stand rod and clamp with boss head.
Plastic Heavy Big size
560/- each
BGLA-6Burette / Retort stand - with screw rod.
Size (8''x5'') x 24''
BGLA-6ABurette / Retort stand - with screw rod.
Size (7''x5'') x 24''
200/- each
BGLA-6BBurette / Retort stand - with screw rod.
Size (6''x4'') x 18''
270/- each
BGLA-7Burette clamp & Boss Head Superior
Boss Head Oxydized
Rs. 170/- per sheet metal
Made of Sheet- Rs 52 set
BGLA-8Fischer clamp
85/- each
BGLA-8AFischer clamp
175/- each
BGLA-9Fischer clamp - 3 fingers200/- each
BGLA-10Funnel stand -
Plastic Heavy
BGLA-10AFunnel stand -
Wooden Pushed Superior
180/- each
BGLA-11ABrushes for Test Tubes
36/- per Doz
BGLA-11BBrushes for Test Tubes
70/- per Doz
BGLA-11CBrushes for Pipette
125/- per Doz
BGLA-11DBrushes for Pipette
140/- per Doz
BGLA-11EBrushes for Bottle
130/- per Doz
BGLA-11FBrushes for Bottle
165/- per Doz
BGLA-11GBrushes for Burette
215/- per Doz
BGLA-11HBrushes for Burette
336/- per Doz
BGLA-11IBrush Camel hair no as per grade nos. (Fine Quality)
0-3 nos
70 Rs/dzn
BGLA-11Jper grade nos. (Fine Quality)
4-5 nos
Rs 90/doz
BGLA-11Kper grade nos. (Fine Quality)
6 no.
BGLA-12Burners Bunsen - Heavy Brass C.P with RegulatorRs. 125/-
BGLA-12ABurners Bunsen - Heavy Deluxe with Leak proof stop cock.Rs. 200/-
BGLA-12BMecker Burner - Brass C.P. Perforated top brass.Rs.450/-
BGLA-13 Gas tap - Brass C.P. - 2 wayRs. 470/-
BGLA-13AGas tap - Brass C.P. - 4 way- Brass C.P - Heavy660/-
BGLA-14Water Tap Swan Neck C.P 1way1050/-
BGLA-14AWater Tap Swan Neck Heavy 2way1830/-
BGLA-15Bulb for pipette
144/- per doz
BGLA-15ABulb for pipette
180/- per doz
BGLA-15BBulb for pipette
264/- per doz
BGLA-23Charcoal Block BoxRs 144/-
BGLA-24Cork borer brass N.P
Set of 3
BGLA-24ACork borer brass N.P
Set of 6
BGLA-24BCork borer brass N.P
Set of 12
BGLA-25Cork Borer German Heavy Brass
Set of 6
BGLA-25ACork Borer German Heavy Brass
Set of 12
BGLA-26Cork Boring Machine fine qualityRs. 3000/- each
BGLA-26ACork Bark No. 024/-
BGLA-26BCork Bark No. 128/-
BGLA-26CCork Bark No. 234/-
BGLA-26DCork Bark No. 340/-
BGLA-26ECork Bark No. 444/-
BGLA-26FCork Bark No. 556/-
BGLA-26GCork Bark No. 662/-
BGLA-26HCork Bark No. 784/-
BGLA-26ICork Bark No. 896/-
BGLA-26JCork Bark No. 9192/-
BGLA-26KCork Bark No. 10248/-
BGLA-26LCork Bark No. 12320/-
BGLA-26MCork Bark No. 13430/-
BGLA-26NCork Bark No. 14480/-
BGLA-26OCork Bark No. 15550/-
BGLA-27Bark Cork Assorted from No.2 to 6 Nos.Rs.96 per doz.
BGLA-29Coat / Apron doctors white jean free size. export QualityRs. 540/- each
BGLA-30Coat / Apron doctor plastic largeRs.178/- each
BGLA-31Cotton / Surgical sterilized 500gm.Rs.180/- Pkt
BGLA-32Cotton / Surgical sterlized 300gm.Rs.105/- Pkt
BGLA-33Cork Opener and Tin Cutter superiorRs. 250/- each
BGLA-34Chisel Strong and Heavy.Rs.96/- each
BGLA-36Diamond Point Glass Marking Pencil.Rs.55/- each
BGLA-37Diamond Point Glass Marking Pencil (Deluxe Quality)Rs.156/- each
BGLA-38Drawing Instrument Box - Superior Quality Complete.Rs.600/-each
BGLA-39Drawing Pins - SuperiorRs.30/- Pkt
BGLA-39ADrawing Pins -Deluxe - Quality Plastic HeadRs.50/- Pkt
BGLA-40First Aid Box - Very Fine Quality.Rs.576/- each
BGLA-40AFire Extinguisher - Dry Chemical Powder type Cap. 5Kg. as per ISI Specification.Rs. 2982/- each
BGLA-40BFire Extinguisher - ABC powder (for all types of fire) Cap. 5Kg. as per ISI specification.Rs. 5424/- each
BGLA-42Funnel stand Polylab Iron Powder coatedRs. 528/- each
BGLA-43File Trangular or Flat/Round - 6''Rs. 228/- each
BGLA-45Glass Diamond cutter routine typeRs. 270/- each
BGLA-46Glass Diamond Cutter Export Special QualityRs. 440/- each
BGLA-46AGlass Marking PencilRs114/-per doz
BGLA-47Heater - Electrical with cordRs 600/-each
BGLA-51Hand Gloves - Heavy Rubber for dissection work.Rs.175 per pair
BGLA-52Hand Gloves Red thickRs.95 per pair
BGLA-53Hand Gloves - Surgical Post Morton typeRs.20 per pair
BGLA-54Hand DrillRs. 384 Each
BGLA-55Hand Drill superior (Engineering) Rs.456/- Each
BGLA-56Hand Drill bits set of 9 (for wood only)Rs.334/- Each
BGLA-57Hand Drill Electrical operated (Superior Deluxe)Rs.3350/- Each
BGLA-58Hand Drill bits superior any 1,2 & 3Rs.72/- Each
BGLA-61Hammer Nail PullerRs.110/- Each
BGLA-61AHammer Nail Puller
Small Size
Rs.72/- Each
BGLA-62Injection Syring Graduated with Needle.Rs.15/- Each
BGLA-63Injection Needles Best Quality DeluxeRs. 70/-per Doz
BGLA-64Lactometer RoutineRs.50/- Each
BGLA-64ALactometer Routine
Superior Zeal Type
Rs.60/- Each
BGLA-65Label Book For Chemical and Reagent (Paper)Rs. 230/- per Doz
BGLA-65ALabel Book For Chemical and Reagent Sticker Acid ProofRs. 60/- each
BGLA-66Pinch Clip Heavy
80/- (per Doz)
BGLA-66APinch Clip Heavy
245/- (Per Doz)
BGLA-66BPinch Clip Heavy
Screw Type(Halfman)
30/- each
BGLA-67Platinum Loop Holder with Ebonite HandleRs. 135/- Each
BGLA-68Platinum Wire fused in glass rod best qualityRs. 20/- Each
BGLA-69Pipette Box 16 x 3'' AluminiumRs. 500/- Each
BGLA-70Pipette Box Stainless SteelRs. 600 Each
BGLA-71Petridishes box aluminum for 12 dishesRs. 650 Each
BGLA-72Petridishes box stainless steelRs.770 Each
BGLA-73Plastic cement (Adhesive) 250mlRs.90 Each
BGLA-74Plastic Cement (S.Merk) 250mlRs.240 Each
BGLA-75Pipette stand horizontal for 12 pipette plaste.Rs.140 Each
BGLA-75Pipette stand horizontal for 12 pipette plaste.
Heavy Pipette Plaste
Rs.165 Each
BGLA-76Pipette stand super deluxe quality verticleRs.495 Each
BGLA-77Plier Wire - Cutting SuperiorRs.125/-
BGLA-78Plier Wire Superior - Standard TAPARIA / GADORERs.250 Each
BGLA-80Long Nose Plier - SuperiorRs.150/-
BGLA-81Long Nose Plier GADORE / TAPARIARs. 250 Each
BGLA-83Rubber Corks No. 120/-
BGLA-83ARubber Corks No. 232/-
BGLA-83BRubber Corks No. 334/-
BGLA-83CRubber Corks No. 438/-
BGLA-83DRubber Corks No. 544/-
BGLA-83ERubber Corks No. 650/-
BGLA-83FRubber Corks No. 755/-
BGLA-83GRubber Corks No. 860/-
BGLA-83HRubber Corks No. 980/-
BGLA-83IRubber Corks No. 1092/-
BGLA-83JRubber Corks No. 11114/-
BGLA-83KRubber Corks No. 12126/-
BGLA-83LRubber Corks No. 13156/-
BGLA-83MRubber Corks No. 14170/-
BGLA-83NRubber Corks No. 15220/-
BGLA-84ORubber Cork Assorted No. 0 to 450/- doz
BGLA-84PRubber Cork Assorted No. 5 to 875/- doz
BGLA-84QRubber Cork Assorted No. 9 to 13100/- doz
BGLA-85RRubber Coil - Poly Pack Lab quality
Dia 5mm
BGLA-85SRubber Coil - Poly Pack Lab quality
Dia 6mm
BGLA-85TRubber Coil - Poly Pack Lab quality
Dia 7mm
BGLA-85URubber Coil - Poly Pack Lab quality
Dia 8mm
BGLA-85VRubber Coil - Poly Pack Lab quality
Dia 10mm
BGLA-85WRubber Coil - Poly Pack Lab quality
Dia 12mm
BGLA-86Rubber Coil- Acid Alkali Proof
Dia 5mm
BGLA-86ARubber Coil- Acid Alkali Proof
Dia 6mm
BGLA-86BRubber Coil- Acid Alkali Proof
Dia 7mm
BGLA-86CRubber Coil- Acid Alkali Proof
Dia 8mm
BGLA-86DRubber Coil- Acid Alkali Proof
Dia 10mm
BGLA-86ERubber Coil- Acid Alkali Proof
Dia 12mm
BGLA-87Rubber Pressure Tubing
Dia 6mm
96/- per meter
BGLA-87ARubber Pressure Tubing
Dia 8mm
96/- per meter
BGLA-87BRubber Pressure Tubing
Dia 9mm
96/- per meter
BGLA-87CRubber Pressure Tubing
Dia 10mm
96/- per meter
BGLA-88Silicon Tubing
Outer Dia 5mm
84/- per meter
BGLA-88ASilicon Tubing
Outer Dia 6mm
114/- per meter
BGLA-88BSilicon Tubing
Outer Dia 7mm
132/- per meter
BGLA-88CSilicon Tubing
Outer Dia 8mm
180/- per meter
BGLA-88DSilicon Tubing
Outer Dia 9mm
205/- per meter
BGLA-88ESilicon Tubing
Outer Dia 10mm
252/- per meter
BGLA-91Sand Bath G.I / Copper. 6" Dia90/- Each
BGLA-91ASand Paper15/- Each
BGLA-92Spatula SS 6''Rs. 20 Each
BGLA-92ASuperior Spatula 8''Rs. 22 Each
BGLA-92BSpanner 8''Rs. 378 Each
BGLA-95Spirit Lamp Brass S.S.Rs. 90 Each
BGLA-95ASprit Lamp S.SRs. 58 Each
BGLA-96Spirit Lamp Aluminum SuperiorRs.40 Each
BGLA-98Deflagrating spoon - brass Rs.40 Each
BGLA-100Screw Driver set of 6Rs. 150/- Each
BGLA-100ASuperior with Electric TesterRs. 384 per set
BGLA-101Screw Driver Set Engineering typeRs. 480 per set
BGLA-102Screw Driver set Gadore/Taparia or EquivalentRs. 345 set
BGLA-103Test Tube Holder
Routine Quality
144/- (Per dzn)
BGLA-103ATest Tube Holder
Export Quality
185/- (Per Doz)
BGLA-103BTest tube Holder Brass27/- Each
BGLA-105Crucible Tong- Superior Powder coated 6" N.P.38/- each
BGLA-105ACrucible Tong- Superior Powder coated 8" N.P.45/- each
BGLA-105BCrucible Tong- Superior Powder coated 10" N.P.80/- each
BGLA-105CCrucible Tong- Superior Powder coated 12" N.P.100/- each
BGLA-105DCrucible Tong- Superior Powder coated 18" N.P.160/- each
BGLA-107Tong Crucible Stainless Steel 6"84/-each
BGLA-107ATong Crucible Stainless Steel 7"96/-each
BGLA-107BTong Crucible Stainless Steel 8"114/-each
BGLA-107CTong Crucible Stainless Steel 10"162/-each
BGLA-107DTong Crucible Stainless Steel 12"204/-each
BGLA-108Tong For Beaker / Flask - Best Quality Stainless SteelRs. 230 each
BGLA-110Tripod Stand Made of Iron with Screw log Top Tringular 6"x3"70/-
BGLA-110ATripod Stand Made of Iron with Screw log Top Tringular 8"x4"80/-
BGLA-110BTripod Stand Made of Iron with Screw log Tripod Stand Heavy 6"x4"85/-
BGLA-113Test Tube Stand Aluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 12mm, 12 Holes56/-
BGLA-113AAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 12mm, 24 Holes78/-
BGLA-113BAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 12mm, 30 Holes96/-
BGLA-113CAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 12mm, 36 Holes144/-
BGLA-113DAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 12mm, 48 Holes192/-
BGLA-113EAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 12mm, 60 Holes216/-
BGLA-113FAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 15mm, 12 Holes71/-
BGLA-113GAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 15mm, 24 Holes84/-
BGLA-113HAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 15mm, 30 Holes114/-
BGLA-113IAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 15mm, 36 Holes156/-
BGLA-113JAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 15mm, 48 Holes204/-
BGLA-113KAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 15mm, 60 Holes264/-
BGLA-113LAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 18mm, 12 Holes84/-
BGLA-113MAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 18mm, 24 Holes96/-
BGLA-113NAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 18mm, 30 Holes142/-
BGLA-113OAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 18mm, 36 Holes168/-
BGLA-113PAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 18mm, 48 Holes226/-
BGLA-113QAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 18mm, 60 Holes288/-
BGLA-113RAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 25mm, 12 Holes108/-
BGLA-113SAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 25mm, 24 Holes162/-
BGLA-113TAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 25mm, 30 Holes162/-
BGLA-113UAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 25mm, 36 Holes264/-
BGLA-113VAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 25mm, 48 Holes280/-
BGLA-113WAluminium Heavy (Khan Rocks) Dia 25mm, 60 Holes336/-
BGLA-114Test Tube WidalRack 30 Holes140 Each
BGLA-114ATest Tube WidalRack 36 Holes230 Each
BGLA-115Test Tube Stand 6 Holes75 Each
BGLA-117Tin Cutter Scissor TypeRs.114 Each
BGLA-117ATin Cutter Scissor Type But SuperiorRs. 202/-
BGLA-118ATape Rule Steel 2 MeterRs.87 Each
BGLA-118BTape Rule Steel 3 MeterRs. 115 Each
BGLA-119Water Bath - Copper Deluxe with Concentric ring 4''208/-
BGLA-119ACopper Deluxe with Concentric ring 5"302/-
BGLA-119BCopper Deluxe with Concentric ring 6"314/-
BGLA-119CCopper Deluxe with Concentric ring 8"714/-
BGLA-120AWire Gauge - RoutineRs. 115 Doz
BGLA-120BWire Gauge Export Quality with FrameRs.173 Doz
BGLA-121Wax Paraffin For Dissection TraysRs. 178 kg
BGLA-122Terrestial / Astronomical TelescopeEach Rs. 7800/-

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