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BAC1Biotech Animal Cage-
for feeding or breeding experiments,
all metal cage with full length door .
It is provided with removable base
pan for easy cleaning . (Note-size
above 20" will be angle iron )
SIZE 9x9x9"670
SIZE 12x10x9"960
SIZE 15x9x9"1000
SIZE 15x12x9"1100
SIZE 18x12x9"1320
SIZE 18x15x9"1600
SIZE 22x20x15"3000
SIZE 24x20x15"4000
SIZE 30x20x15"5650
BAC-2Biotech Animal Breeding
Cage - slopping front door, made of heavy wire mesh mounted with remoable plastic bottle and a stain less steel cup for feeding.
SIZE 12x9x9"1000
SIZE 12x12x91200
SIZE 15x9x91400
SIZE 18x12x9"1700
SIZE 18x15x9"2000
SIZE 22x20x15"5500
BAC-3 Biotech deluxe stainless steel maternity & breeding Cages.- Complete with stainless steel removable floor mesh, removable SS Tray and SS food hopper ideal for big animal like guinea,pigs,rabbits etc.
SIZE 20x22x15"11000
SIZE 40x20x18 20500
BAC-4Biotech Poly propylene cages - made of translucent poly propylene chemical resistant and
auto clavable- cover made of stain less steel wires with food feeder and water bottles. (POLYCAGE)
BAC-4ASize With S.S top
BAC-4BSize With S.S top
BAC-4CSize With S.S top
BAC-4DSize With S.S top
BAC-5 Metabolism cage- S.S for rat mice or guinea pigs with stand.
BAC-5APrice made of aluminium6200
BAC-5B-do- stainless steel7700
BAC-6Nipple for bottle brass- with plastic bottle120/-Per Each
BAC-7Biotech Multi animal cage rack- movable- Manufactured from heavy iron angles perforated so that rack can be fitted at desired height (Supplied complete with nut and voltes ) Rack is duty store spray painted to give trouble free services for years.
BAC-7Asize or rack- 50x38x16" - 4 rack7500
BAC-7Bsize of rack -38x36x16"- 3 rack7000

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