Chromatography Apparatus


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BCA-1Biotech Chromatography Cabinet Teakwood : The cabinet is made of seasoned wood. All internal surface are heavily coated with wax to make these resistant to most of solvents.Tight closing is with special clamps.rubber gaskets provides air tightening the cabinet has glass windows on both sides.It includes stainless steel trough and glass rods.
BCA-1AResearch grade cabinet - size 24"x12"x24" 6800
BCA-1BResearch grade cabinet - size 33"x9"x33" 11000
BCA-1CResearch grade for practice size 20"x10"x20"5850
BCA-2Biotech U.V. Chromatography Inspection Cabinet- for viewing T.L.C. plate,fitted with UV tube.5300


Code NumberProduct description
Price (Rs.)
BCA-3 Chromatography Paper English/German size-46x57 cm-pkt of 100 13695
---do--- Indian 4750
BCA-4Chromatographic loose sheet imported per 10 1450
BCA-5Chromatography trogh stainless steel for Cabinet. For 24'' x 12'' x 24'' 1000
BCA-6 Chromatography automizer (Spryer)-Borosilicate glass400
BCA-7Innoculation Needle (Plantinum loop) in glass Rod with wire30
BCA-8Innoculation Needle-special Quality with Bekalite Handle65
BCA-9Chromatography App. As per Quickfit. Made of Borosilicate glass which includes Buchner funnel of 250ml, colomn 200m X 18mm with Resorvoir complete set5050


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BCA-11Biotech College grade innoculation chamber with sunmica :- Size27 x15x15" w/o ultra violet 4800
Biotech College grade innoculation chamber with sunmica :- Size27 x15x15" with imp. ultra violet 6550
BCA-12Biotech Research & Sterlized Innoculation Chamber covered with all side sunmica -Size 27x15x15"
with imp. ultra violet
BCA-12ABiotech Tissue Culture Hood with UV Tube 8500
BCA-13Biotech College grade Innoculation chamber : Size 40"x24"x24" Deluxe Quality Research grade w/o ultra violet 8500
Biotech College grade Innoculation chamber : Size 40"x24"x24" Deluxe Quality Research grade with imp. ultra violet 11000
BCA-13ABiotech Tissue Culture Hood. Research Grade Quality 13995
BCA-1ABiotech Fumigation Chamber - It is meant for fumigating specimen with insecticides for preservation Specimen is placed in the chamber
insecticide sprayed and close the air tight door.Ultra violet tube & viewing glass.
Size 24x24x15"
BCA-15 Research Innoculation Chamber Tissue culture hood with UV tube : Made of perpex sheet smooth and scratch free interior surface, seamless and nicely curved corners with a sash (horizontal swing door) opening, of 106 cms x 40cms (frame), fitted with transparent 4mn plexi glass on the front with Inflorecent tube UV Tube BIOTECH MODEL BTCH-800 11250
BCA-16Research Tissue Culture Hood for Ultra Research. Same as above but fitted with exhaust fan & duct and Ultra violet tube. BIOTECH MODEL No. BTCH-120013995
BCA-17Biotech Tissue Culture Rack / Cabinet. Metallic size 48" x 21 - Four shelves each having UV tube & Inflorescent - Tube, filter with one exhaust fan - complete uni65000
BCA-17A----Do-----but with 5 shelves. 85000


Code NumberProduct description
Price (Rs.)
BCA-18Ultra Violet Lamp- Medical grade German / Imported7200
BCA-19Spare Stand (Indian) for above1100
BCA-20Ultra Violet Black wood lamp - Imported 125 watts6000
BCA-21 Ultra Violet Tube - Imported / Japan 3 Feet long 30watts1800
Ultra Violet Tube - Imported / Japan 1.5 long 15watts1100
BCA-22Spare fittings for U.V. Tube1100
BCA-23Safety Goggles for Ultra violet lamps (Indian) 250
BCA-24Safety Goggles for U.V. light imported1100
BCA-25Infra Red Lamp - Complete with cord & stand950
BCA-26Sodium Vapour Lamp - Imported with vaccum jacket3490
BCA-27Transformer for sodium Lamp superior quality1650
BCA-28Silt Box for sodium vapour lamp wooden1050

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