Electro Medical Apparatus


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BPE-38Biotech Telethermometer digital - Single probe siz prove9204
BPE-39Biotech Cock's pole climbing response apparatus : Built in solid state buzer & stimulator to provide electrical shock of 440 V02 mA.at a frequency of 5 per second for a duration controlled manualy or by built in 30 seconds.18990
BPE-40Biotech activity cage :- (Actophotometer Digital ) with six photo cells and totalizer or counter digital. 13000
BPE-41Biotech Analgesiometer -
aMark I radiant heat type of tall
ficker type .
bMark II contract heat type. 15600
cMark III Eddy Hot plate for determining
analgestic effect of drug.
dMark IV Radiant heat digital type34200
BPE-42Biotech Histamine chamber-compact Histamien aerosol apparatus. 8124
BPE-43Biotech Eectro convelsometer - for as say of anti convulsant & epiolepit drug11400
BPE-44Biotech Free ICE Flaking Machine - production cap. 70 kgs. of ICE per day, sotrage
cap. 30 kgs. quality compressor & art cooled condensation CFC / HCFC free, flake type Ice producer,auto cut off in case of no water supply autocut off Ice storage bin full ,rust free body with casters for easy mobility complete unit.
BPE-45Biotech Mini Cold rack / Blood bank refrigerator - size 150 x 75 x 75 cms ( Approx ) inside all SS with 2/3 shelves.15 amp power supply clamping rod 2" tube light liquid. Double door system, Outer dorf fill view singlke piece double
well insulated glass ,Inner doors three pieces acrylic sheet so as not to loose the temperature fast. Thermostatic control working temp. 4 degree C to
6 degree C (Factory set ) PUF insulation between Inner & outer walls.CFC/HCFC free unit housed in
a wheeled base cabinet,complete unit
BPE-46Biotech Vaccine storage cabinet Inner chamber :- digital indicator -cum-tem .Coixtroller auto- alarm temp.Range 3'Cto 4"C .1128000
BPE-47Biotech Lyphollizer (freeze Dryer ) - Micro process based,stainless steel with digital cum tem.controller temp. range 20'C to (- 40'C324000
BPE-48Biotech Mortuary chamber with digital display cum temp. controller.cap. Temp range
1single body
2'C- 5'C

2Two bodies
2'C- 5'C

BPE-49Sonicator -Ultra Sonic cleaning bath. 31200

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