Entomological Equipments


Code NumberProduct description
Price (Rs.)
BWEA-1Biotech Insect Pinning Case- (Entomological Boxes ) used for the storage of pinning insects collection.
The bottom of the case in lined with soft cork sheets .Boxes are provided with grooves for keeping insecticides etc.
BWEA-1A 18x12x3" 715
BWEA-1B15x12x3" 530
BWEA-1C 12x9"x2.5"485
BWEA-2 Insect Pinning case Deluxe quality - with fine quality wood with polytheurethene imported EVA sheet for fine pinning.

BWEA-2A 8x12x3" 744
BWEA-2B15x12x3" 690
BWEA-3Biotech Insect Pinning Case ) (Deluxe quality´╗┐) Prohit & Prohit model 1B-2 type with finewood & finish as of export quality with heavy EVA sheet imp. This sheet ensure more grip of pins
BWEA-3A18x12x3" 1350
BWEA-3B5x12x3" 1100
BWEA-3C12x9"x2.5" 695
BWEA-4Biotech Insect or dry plant display case with glass top -
bottom of case is lined with soft sheet. Decortaed with white glazed paper which takes pins perfectly .Box corners are having groove for keeping naphthalence balls or insecticide.
BWEA-4A18x12x3" 775
BWEA-4B15x12x3" 610
BWEA-5Insect DIsplay case deluxe quality- with polyeurethene lining
covered -detail as BWEA-3
BWEA-5B15x12x3" 1008
BWEA-6Biotech Cardboard Insect Box- with imp. polythurethene sheets.
BWEA-6A9x6x1.5" 60
BWEA-6B5.5"x4.5x2" 55
BWEA-6C 3x2x2"50


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BWEA-7Biotech Insect Night Berlese funnel- metallic electric fittings.Useful for night collection and soil arthopods. 630
BWEA-8-do- but with iron stand and clamp heavy1350
BWEA-9Biotech Insect SuctionTrap- for collecting small insects with long borosil glass tube fitted with latex tube and brass gauge to project entry of
insects in the mouth.
BWEA-10Biotech Insect Pooter (Deluxe quality)- A suction trap speically designed for small diptera and other insect. 210
BWEA-11Biotech UV Insect trap- Flying insect trap- with ultra violet light covers with electric grid for killing
BWEA-12Biotech Metallic Insect light trap- made of mild steel size 40x40 x 25cm with 5 cm dia metal sun net into a box for collection of trapped insects.8580


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BWEA-13Biotech Insect showcase cabinet- deluxe quality made of teak board frame work covered with non wrapping thick teak ply insect show case are finished in stain and moisture proof nitro cellulose clear nicely polished.
ACabinet with 6 shoecase of size 12''x10''x2.5"7395
BCabinet with 12 showcase of size
CCabinet with 6 showcase of size
DCabinet with 12 showcase of size
BWEA-13-A Insect cabinet Super Deluxe- with sunmica covered & fitted with imported pinning sheet. (Each)
Awith 6 shoecase of

size 12''x10''x2.5"
Bwith 12 shoecase of size 12''x10''x2.5"11850
Cwith 6 shoecase of size 18''x12''x3" 13900
Dwith 12 shoecase of

size 18''x12''x3"
BWEA-14 Biotech Insect pinning & Gripping Scissors - with locking arrangement. SS 90
BWEA-15Biotech Insect pinning forceps- S.S. coverede & blunt 55
BWEA-16Biotech Insect Collection bag- made of thick canvas cloth with adjustable shoulder strao to carry and collection bottles478
BWEA-17Biotech Pinning Block - Made of aluminium to fix the insect at desired level of insect pin. 248
BWEA-18Biotech Insect Pinning holder - 6 holes wooden180
BWEA-19 Biotech Entomological Dissection box- set of 8 stainless steel fine instruments including teasing needle made of insect pin. 387
BWEA-20Biotech Insect collection trays-plastic compartment trays-
Compartments 290
Compartments 4120
Compartments 6265
BWEA-21Biotech Integrated pest management kit ( IPM ) Kit - of 14 items with insect collecting net. 1950
BWEA-22 Entomological pins - English or Austria made from fine tempered with needle points & secure heads black or white No 2,3,5,12 per pkt 100 nos per pkt
-Do- No-1 to 16 or 20 per pkt 440/-
BWEA-23Biotech Entomological pines - minute per pkt . 440


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BWEA-24Biotech Insecticide power - very strong insecticide for keeping in insect boxes and dry collection to protect from insects .169/- per 500 gms´╗┐
BWEA-25Biotech Cyanide Insect Killing Jar- screwed bakelite capacity wide mouth jar charged with cyanide medium size142
BWEA-26Biotech Insect Preserving solution - A standard preservative 500ml. 188
BWEA-27Biotech Para Dichloro Benzene- To protect from fungus etc 500 gm. 370
BWEA-28Biotech Insect spreading board (adjustable) size 14 x 5 " 288
BWEA-29-do- Deluxe quality with Imported Cushoned sheet 355
BWEA-30Biotech spreading board fixed type non adjustable 235
BWEA-30ABiotech Spreading Board Deluxe with Cushoned sheet 200
BWEA-32Biotech Imp. entomological EVA sheet- for spreading and pinning insects etc
Size 6x12"240
Size 9x12"360
Size 12x12"580
BWEA-33frame for sheet580
BWEA-34 Biotech Research Insect Cage - Bolting (Muslin ) cloth (fine mesh ) on all four sides provided withloop hole for keeping insect . Very useful for field collection as well as laboratory use. for rearing on insect habits.
Size 6x6x6" 420
Size 8x8x8" 480
BWEA-35 Biotech Insect rearing cage with fine mesh deluxe quality.
Size 8x6x6" 255
Size 8x8x8" 275
BWEA-36Biotech Basic Entomological kit- contains all material necessary to collect and properly preserve insects. It includes- one insect pinning forceps size plastic tube for insects. One insect net, one insect killing bottle and insect preserving solution one spreading board and 4 special PU sheet 6x6 " for pinning. 1950

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