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Code NumberProduct description
Price (Rs.)
BPEM-1 Digi Gel Basic- Gel documentation system Biotech supplied with mega pixel digital camra, filters, transilluminator with 20x20 cm viewing window. with 365 nm UV158400
BPEM-2Digi Gel Advanced- Gel documentation system Biotech system : supplied with megapixel digital camera, filters, transilluminator with 20 x 20 cm viewing with 312 UV. ALso supplied is mini dark room cabinet. 200880
BPEM-3 Gel Advanced - LCD Gel documentation system Biotech : as above model Digi Gel advanced but with dark room cabinet having built in 7" LCD monitor. 230400
BPEM-4Gel Analysis Software Biotech
(if eeded)
BPEM-5Submarine (Agrose ) Gel Electrophoresis unit Biotech Model Gel 01-01 Analytical Gels
10 x 7 cm
BPEM-6Submarine (Agrose ) Gel Electrophoresis Unit- Biotech model Gel 01- 02 Analytical Gels
13 x 13 cm
BPEM- 7Vertical (Page ) Gel Electrophoresis Unit- Biotech model Gel 02 - 01 mini model for one 10x10cm gels 4800
BPEM-8Vertical (Page ) Gel Electrophoresis Unit - Biotech model Gel 02- 02 regular model for one 6x14 cm gels 8400
BPEM-9Electrophoresis power supply Unit- Biotech model Gel 03-01 mini pack out put 50 to 300 VDC max current 100 mA - analougue5400
BPEM-10ELectrophoresis power supply unit- Biotech model Gel 03-02 stablized power supply. Digital 500 volt 100 mA. 10500
BPEM-10A -do- programmable 24600
BPEM-11Transillumilator Biotech
a Model Gel 04-01 student model UV
size of window 10x10cm
b Model Gel 04-02 college model UV size of window is 25x13 cm .65 nm wavelength24000
cModel Gel 04-03 Research model UV

size of window is 20x20 cm 312 nm mid range.
dspare UV tube 360 nm peak wavelength.1920
espare UV tube mid range 312 nm peak
f UV protective glasses . 2280
BPEM-13Micro centrifuge - Biotech -model fuge
01-05 rotor 6 places for 1.5 ml centrifuge tubes
used in cell pelleting spins for enzyme reaction,
DNA spquencing hybridization serum sampling etc.Speed 6000 RPM.
BPEM-14Dry Bath - Biotech size 168x232 mnm
AMains input with single heating block15000
BModel BT 05-01 heating & coling Single block range 5'C to 75''C46980
BEPM -15 PCR work station- Biotech :-with 2 UV
aModel ENVIR 21-02 work area size
18" front x24"x30" (Height )
bModel ENVIR 21-03 work area
size 45x24x30"
cModel ENVIR 21-03 work area
size 45x24x30"
BPEM -16Tissue culture rack -Biotech
amodel BT 60-01 with 4 shelves, 16 flouorescent
tube ,16 CFL bulbs,4 UV germicidal tubes
b Model BT-60-02 with 5 shelves,20 fluorescent
tubes,20 CFL bulbs,5 UV germicidal tubes.
c Model BT-60-03 with 6 shelves,24 fluorescent
tubes,24 CFL bulbs, 6UV germicidal tubes
BPEM-17 Hybridization incubator - Biotech model THERM 03-01,temperature range ambient +
5'C to 80'C.
BPEM-18Biotech Image thermal cycler- Max
heating rang 0'C to 99'C with cooling 2%.
(Details on request )
ASample capacity MG 25 + :25 wells X0.2 ml+
16 wells ) 0.5mlwith heated lid
BSample capacity Mg 48 +: 48 wells x0.2 ml
+48 wells x 0.5 ml with heated lid
CSample capacity MG 96 wells +:96 wells
x 0.2 ml + 77 wells x 0.5ml with heated
BPEM-21Bioreactor - fermentor Biotech
amodel Bio-Ferma 01-02 Basic unit with 1.5itre
working volume and 2.5 litre total volume .
bmodel Bio-ferma 01-02 Basic Unit with 3.2 litre
working volume and 3 litre total volume.
cmodel Bio- Ferma 01-03 Basic unit with 5 litre
working volume and 7 litre total volume.
Optical SYstems for basic Unit add to the price of above basic units :-
aCooling system for temperature below room
temperature control range (10'C to 70'C )
bpH display & control system pH control range pH
2.0 to 11.0 with two peristaltic pumps
cDissolved oxygen display & control system two
gases spargling system.
dFeed / Harvest module with one bidirectional
variable speed peristaltic pump


Code nUmber
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BPEM-22Biotech Polltech portable Gas sampler Model PEM- GAS -1 - A handy , battery cum main operated instrument useful for air sampling to determine the concentration of gases such as SO2 , Nox ,Ozone ,H2 S, NH3 ,chlorine etc. & dust particles in the work particals in the work places with filter disc
BPEM-23 Biotech Polltech portable . Air sampler model No H A S -1 49800
BPEM- 24Biotech Polltech High volume Air
samplers model - HVF 01 for the monitoring of ambient levels of suspended particulate matter
(SPM) respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM) & gaseous polltech such as SO2 ,Nox ,
ozene, H2S, NH3 each model has provision of ambient Gas sampline in obsorbing solution and particulare matter in cyclone & or on filter.
aHigh volume air sampler model 92400
bRespirable dust sampler BRUSHLESS AC
Blower same as above

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