General models BBM 1-233


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BBM1Anabaena- A magnified filaments, showing skinete heterocyst650
BBM2Nostoc- showing the filamentous colonies four hetero cysts 650
BBM3Nostoc- Same as above but set of two model 650
BBM4Oscillatoria- Set of 2 models complete filament and cell structure650
BBM5Chlamydomonas- showing the cup like chloroplasts, embedded pyrenoid nucleus, two contractile vacuoles650
BBM6Chlamydomonas LH- set of 12 models fully labelled in showcase1300
BBM7 Volovx- showing two large colonies forming cells with other details650
BBM8Volvox- set of 15 models fully labelled in showcase1300
BBM9 Eudorina LH- detailed dev. stages during life cycle, set of 12 models 1300
BBM10Pandorina LH- Detailed dev. stages during life cycle, set of 12 models1300
BBM11Padiastrum- showing the coenoium and three stages of reproduction 800
BBM12Hydrodictyon- a set of 8 models in showcase1300
BBM13Ulothrix- set of two models showing singles filament with holdfast and detailed internal structure with reproductive stages800
BBM14 Ulothrix LH- showing morphology and complete life history with A-sexual and sexual Rep. in showcase set of 15 models 1300
BBM15Coleochete LH- Showing the discoid form and stages in life cycle, set of 13 fully labelled in showcase 1300
BBM16 Oedogonium- Single detailed structure on board1300
BBM17Oedogonium- (set of three) a young filament showing holdfast cell structure cap cell and oogonial stage1100
BBM18Oedogonium LH- showcase 12 stages in its life history in showcase 2300
BBM19 Spirogyra- Cell filament showing cell wall protoplasm nuclesu chromatophores pyrenoids and starch grains & other details650
BBM200 Spirogyra LH- set of 12 models in showcase fully labelled1300
BBM21Zygnema- Model showing rediating chloropast with nucleus 650/-
22 Closteriu
BBM22Closterium- set of 3 stages in reproduction1250
BBM23Closterium- single cell detailed structure1200
BBM24 Vaucheria- (set of 2) showing branching coenocytic body650
BBM25Vaucheria LH - set of 13 model showing all details 1300
BBM26Botrydium LH- set of models showing the aeral portion of the body converted into a sporangium, the formation of aplanospores, the rhizoidal region1300
BBM27Chara- Set of 4 Models detachable showing a fruiting plant with antheridium minute structure of antherozooids and part of a spermatic filament showing antherozooids with globule and nucle1300
BBM28Chara- Globule on stand900
BBM29 Chara- Nucule on stand900
BBM30 Chara LH- a set of 14 models showing detailed structure of all the stages in reproduction complete in showcase1300
BBM31Ectocarpus LH- Showing all important stages including unilocular and plurilocular stages set of 12 models 1300
BBM32 Fucus- showing the dichotomous thallus, the region of sex organs at the branch tip and the air bladde950
BBM33Fucus- A set of 2 models showing antheridial and oogonia conceptacies1200
BBM34Fucus LH- a set of 12 models showing oogonia antheridia detailed models fully libelled in showcase1300
BBM35 Laminaria- showing blade like body dtipe and hold fast 550
BBM36Diatoms- As beautiful Model showing in detail, the complex structure of a diatom cell, greatly enlarged700
BBM37 Diatoms- Set of 6 in showcase showing different forms of diatoms and their; structure 1300
BBM38Batrachospermum life cycle- a set of 11 models in showcase showing plant body, young carpogonium, male gemate, mature corpogoium zygote and formation fo hapolid gonimoblasts1300
BBM39Batrachospermum- Detialed single cell enlarged650
BBM40 Sargassum life cycle- a set of 14 models, in showcase 1300
BBM41Dictyota life cycle- a set of 13 models completely labelled in showcase1300
BBM42 Polysiphonia LH- a set of 12 models micro models set of 6 showing plant bdoy antheridia spermatic corpogonium and its fertillization and teltrasposic plant in showcase1300


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BBM43Coccus bacteria models - highly enlarged set of 5 in showcase 650
BBM44Bacteria- set of 16 models in showcase 1300
BBM45Bacillum Bacteria- set of 6 greatly enllarged in showcase650
BBM46Spirillum Bacteria- A set of 7 models higly enlarged in showcase650
BBM47 Generalized structure of typical bacteria- detailed model650
BBM48Disease causing bacteria of man- A set of 12 models1400
BBM49 Virus-polyhedra symmetry- a typical detailed structure1200
BBM50Virus-tabacco mosaic virus (TMV)- Helical Symmentry1200
BBM51Vurus- Bacteriophage- T. even series (T4) complex symmeter1200
BBM52Life cycle ;of Bacteriophage- A detailed model in showcase set of 81200
BBM53Aids Virus (HIV Human)1200
BBM54Antigen antibody Reaction1200


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BBM53Rhizopus LH- (A sexual reproduction) Complete life cycle showing a sexual reproduction fully labelled (set fo 11 models) 1300
BBM54Rhizopus LH- (sexual rproduction ) Complete life cycle showing sexual reproduction fully labelled in showcase (set of 15 models)1300
BBM55Pilobolus LH- set of 10 models fully detailed in showcase 650
BBM56Pythium LH- set of 10 models fully detailed in showcase1300
BBM57 Phytophthora infestans - cross section of potato leaf showing mycelium and sporangium sporangia650
BBM58phytophthora infestans LH - (set of 12 )showing all the repd. stages1300
BBM59mucor mucedo - colonial detailed model on board650
BBM60Mucor mucedo LH- showing sexual reproduction in showcase1300
BBM61Mucor mucedo LH- showing detailed structure on stand 1300
BBM62 Yeast- single cell showing detailed structure on stand 650
BBM63Yeast life cycle-A set of 21 model in showcase1300
BBM64Aspergillus (eurotium) life cycle - set of 12 model in showcase 1300
BBM65Erysiphae graminis life cycle - set of 12 model in showcase1300
BBM66 Peziza life cycle-(A set of 15 models) all stages in showcase 1300
BBM67 peziza - (VS of apotheciumDetailed anatomy650
BBM68Morchella Life cycle - (A set of 13)showing all important stages 2300
BBM69Morchella - single plant detailed and enlarged650
BBM70 Ustilago life cycle - (Set of 12) showing all important stages1300
BBM71Cystopus (albugo-white-rust) - showing adetailed model650
BBM72Cystopus (albugo) - (A set of 16 models ) showing complete life cycle1300
BBM73Cystopus-(A sexual repd.)detailed set of 14 stages in showcase 1300
BBM74Cystopus - (sexualrepd.)detailed development set of 12 1300
BBM75Claviceps - (ergot of rey)detailed structure650
BBM76Claviceps LH- set of 12 stages in showcase1300
BBM77Penicillium - (showing a sexual and sexual stages) showcase 1300
BBM78Tilletia carries - (smut)Germinating spore and detached conida650
BBM79 Puccinia Graminis - details individual model650
BBM80 Puccinia spores - set of 4 models in showcase650
BBM81 Puccinia graminis life cycle - set of 15 models in showcase1300
BBM82Agaricus life - (set of 15 model) showing all stages 1300
BBM83 lichen thallus TS - showing cortex algal layer, medulla etc.1100
BBM84Lichen - Apothecion V.S detailad structure1100


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BBM85Riccia thallus - A vertical transverse section, showing detailed anatomy650
BBM86 Riccia life cycle - (A set of 15 models) a detailed labelledmodel1300
BBM87 Marchantia-male receptacle (antheridiophore)cut open vertically650
BBM88 Marchantia polymorpha - Antheridium cut open vertically650
BBM89 Marchantia polymorpha - Female receptacle (archegoniophore entire)650
BBM90Marchantia polymorpha - entire thallus with gemma cup650
BBM91 Marchantia polymorpha - sporogonium mature650
BBM92Marchantia LH- (A set of 16 models) showing antheridiophore fertilization sporophytes and stages in germination1300
BBM93Marchantia LH 3-D structure- (set of 12 detailed showing individual stage on stand5000
BBM94Anthoceros life cycle - (set of 16 models)showing all details1300
BBM95 Development of moss plant - (set of 13 model) showing various stages in the life history of moss in showcase 1300
BBM96Moss plant - entire with sporophyte on stand650
BBM97 Moss capsules- Dissactable L.S. detailed of its internal structure 650
BBM98 Moss stem - TS on board650
BBM99 Moss antheridium - LS on pedastal stand 650
BBM100 Moss archegonium on pedestal stand650


Code NumberProduct description
Price (Rs.)
BBM 101Equisetum - (field horse tail) cone and shoot entire 650
BBM 102Equisetum - life cycle prothallus development showing various stage1300
BBM 103Equisetum - A set of 15 model in showcase1300
BBM 104Equisetum - Male prothallus with antheridia650
BBM 105Equisetum - cone LS650
BBM 106Equisetum - coneTS650
BBM 107Equisetum -Stem TS650
BBM 108Marsilea petiole - TS detailed650
BBM 109Marsilea rhizome - TS detailed 650
BBM 110Marsilea sporocarp - TS detailed650
BBM 111Marsilea sporocarp - LS detailed 650
BBM 112Marsilea sporocarp - VS detailed650
BBM 113Marsilea life cycle - A set of 16 models important stage of life cycle1300
BBM 114Psilotum stem TS-showing detailed structure650
BBM 115Psilotum life cycle -set of 8 models showing all stages in showcase2200
BBM 116Isoetes life cycle - set of 13 models showing all stages in shawcase2000
BBM 117Fern - a leaflet bearing numerous sori 650
BBM 118Fern- Sporophyll TS through pinnule and sorus 650
BBM 119Fern-adult prothallus with sex organ650
BBM 120Fern development of antheridia - set of 4 models in showcase1300
BBM 121Fern life cycle -A set of 13 models in showcase giving detailed stages 2000
BBM 122Fern LH-set of 8 models each on seprate stand 3 dimensional3000
BBM 123Fern rhizome - TS650
BBM 124Fern root TS650
BBM 125Fern petiole TS - on board 450
BBM 126Lycopodium stem TS - detailed model of board650
BBM 127Lycopodium strobilus LS and TS set of 2 models 1100
BBM 128Lycopodium LH-A set of 15 fully labelled showing all stages of life cycle 1400
BBM 129Selaginella cone LS and TS1200
BBM 130 Selaginella life cycle-A set of 14 models in showcase fully labelled1400
BBM 131Selaginella stem TS 650


Code NumberProduct description
Price (Rs.)
BBM 132Cycas - TS of stem -or root -or petiole each650
BBM 133Cycas - TS of ovule showing detailed internal structure of ovule 650
BBM 134Cycas seed TS - large 650
BBM 135Cycas leaflet TS - showing detailed internal anatomy on board 650
BBM 136Cycas coralloid root TS - showing detailed internal anatomy650
BBM 137Cycas life cycle - A set of 15 models fully lablled in showcase1400
BBM 138Pinus TS needle -Large size highly detailed model 650
BBM 139Pinus entire male coneand a single stamen650
BBM 140Pinus (LS female cone) showing ovules and vascular supply on stand 650
BBM 141Pinus-(LS male cone) showing detailed microsporangia on stand650
BBM 142Pinus single ovuliferous scale dissected and detailed650
BBM 143Pinus-boardered pit dissectable into 2 parts650
BBM 144Pinus single tracheie - showing minute structures650
BMM 145Pinus stem - highly detailed model TS stem on board650
BBM 146Pinus stem - TLS highly detailed model on board650
BBM 147Pinus stem-RLS highly detailed models on board650
BBM 148Pinus root - TS on board650
BBM 149Pinus LH - A set of 15 model fully lablled in showcase1300
BBM 150Pinus LH-detailed set of 20 models in showcase2000
BBM 151Taxus baccota - male cone on stand or female cone650
BBM 152Juniperus communism - branch with male and female cone650
BBM 153Ephedra male strobilus -showing staminate in the axil 650
BBM 154Ephedra trobilus - with two female flower 3 dimensional model 650
BBM 155Ephedra LS ovule - showing details of archegonia inside enlarge650
BBM 156Gentum ovule strobilus - bearing ovules on stand 650
BBM 157Gentum LS ovule - showing complete internal anatomy on stand 650
BBM 158Gentum LH - set of 15 models arranged in showcase 2000


Code NumberProduct description
Price (Rs.)
BBM 159Root dicot anatomy-3-d structure showing vertical/horizontal view650
BBM 160Dicot root TS - internal anatomy of the young root 650
BBM 161Monocot root TS - internal anatomy of the young root650
BBM 162Monocot root TS - showing complete internal details of the root650
BBM 163TS dicot old root - showing complete internal details of the root650
BBM 164Orchid root TS - showing details of the velamen tissue and other details650


Code NumberProduct description
Price (Rs.)
BBM 165Cuscuta with host - A total stem parasite ,twisting around the host650
BBM 166Cuscuta with host TS- 650
BBM 167Root nodule TS-detailed650
BBM 168Orobranch with host650
BBM 169Loranthus with host - detailed650
BBM 170Balanophora TS-detailed 650
BBM 171Orchid with host - detailed 650
BBM 172Casytha with host - detailed650
BBM 173Viscum album with haustoria- detailed650


Code NumberProduct description
Price (Rs.)
BBM 174Monocot stem anatomy 3D - showing vertical and horizontal view1100
BBM 175Dicot stem anatomy 3D - showing vertical and horizontal view 1100
BBM 176Dicot stem TS - showing complete internal details 650
BBM 177Sunflower stem TS secondry growth - a large size detailed model 650
BBM 178Monocot (maize) stem TS - showing complete internal anatomy650
BBM 179Dracaena stem TS-with abnormal secondry thickning650
BBM 180Cucurbita stem LS- showing complete stem with bicollateral bundles650
BBM 181Nodal anatomy-Helmanthus1300
BBM 182Nodal anatomy - calotropus1300
BBM 183Nodal anatomy - Salvadora1300
BBM 184A dicot leaf anatomy - 3D (three demensional) structure of the leaf1300
BBM 185Monocot leaf TS - showing details of interal structure 650
BBM 186Dicot leaf TS - complete internal details with stomata 650
BBM 187Leaf arrangement (phyllotaxy)- (A set of 6 models)
BBM 188Stomata - transverse section showing precise from of the guard cells 650


Code NumberProduct description
Price (Rs.)
BBM 189Drosera (sundew)650
BBM 190Dionea (venus fly trap)650
BBM 191Nepenthes (pitcher) 650
BBM 192Sarracenia (pitcher)650
BBM 193Utricularia (Baladderwort)650
BBM 194Butterwort650
BBM 195Insectvorous plant - (set of 5 plants)3000


Code NumberProduct description
Price (Rs.)
BBM 196Typical flower - a large beautiful with all detachable parts 650
BBM 197Pisum Sativum - Pea flower with Detachable parts 650
BBM 198Typical Cruciferous Flower 650
BBM 199Salvia Flower - working model with insect1200
BBM 200Sunflower - Male and Female 650
BBM 201Maize flower - Male Female650
BBM 202Floral diagram - Showing formula and arrangement (any family)650
BBM 203Single Stamen - (A large size model) on stand650
BBM 204Stamens showing insertion of anthers- Innate , Adnate , Dorsi, fixed and versatile set of 4 models on stand 1300
BBM 205Anther typical - A larges size model of typical angiospermic anther 650
BBM 207inflorescence - (Set of above 11 models) 7000
BBM 208Cyathium - Flower of Euphorbia, Showing Male and Female flowers 650
BBM 209Capitulum of sunflower - highly detailed model650


Code Number
BBM 206
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BBM 206 ATypical receme
BBM 206 BSpadix 650
BBM 206 CCorymb650
BBM 206 DSimple umble 650
BBM 206 ECompound umble
BBM 206 FBiparous cume650
BBM 206 GPanicle650
BBM 206 HCapitulum 650
BBM 206 ISpike650
BBM 206 JUniparous cyme helicoid650
BBM 206 KUniparous cyme Scorpoid650


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BBM 210 Germination of pollen Grain - (set of 8 models)650
BBM 211Microsporogenisis - (Set of 10 models) showing stages in anther development and the formation of pollen grains, labelled in showcase1400
BBM 212Anther TS - showing for pollen sacs650
BBM 213Anther - Reduction division in pollen mother cell650
BBM 214Dicot embryo Development - A set of 9 models detailed1300
BBM 215Monocot embryo development - set of 9 models 1300
BBM 216Hypogynous arrangement - Showing superior position of ovary 650
BBM 217Perigvnous Arrangement - showing equal position of ovary650
BBM 218Epigynous Arrangement - Showing inferior position of ovary 650
BBM 219Placentation types - set of 6 models showing the following types of placentation marginal, parietal, axile, free central basal, superficial1300
BBM 220 Placentation - set of 6 detailed extra large model3000
BBM 221Ovary - Vertical section with horizontal section of statement 650
BBM 222Ovary - same as above but small size on pedestal stand650
BBM 223Types of ovule - Orthotropous, Anatropous Campylotropous, Amphitropous set of four1300
BBM 224Ovule development - set of 11 models 1300
BBM 225Maize grain LS - showing complete internal details650
BBM 226Fertilization - set of 6 models in showcase650
BBM 227Embryo sac LS of ovule - showing passage of tube to embryo sac650
BBM 228Dicot germination - 8 stages individual on stand / showcase 1300
BBM 229Pea seed germination - 7 stages in the development of seeding1300
BBM 230Maize germination of seed - 7 stages individual on stand 1300
BBM 231classification of fruits - A set of 20 model showing all common types1700
BBM 232Types of plant cell set of 12 models1700
BBM 233Types of plant cell well1300

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