Genetics and molecular / Heredity & Bio chemical models

Biotech genetics & Molecular Bio-Model IN SHOWCASE

Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BGEM1Typical plant or animal cell under electron microscope450
BGEM2Generalised plant cell or Animal cell- Highly detail450
BGEM3Typical chromosome- Detail as seenunder electron microscope.450
BGEM4Types of Chromosome- Complete in showcase set of 2550
BGEM5Mitochondri- Detailed to show the doucle membrane550
BGEM6Types of cell membrane- A set of 3 highly detailed. 550
BGEM7 Nucleus- Detailed model550
BGEM8Cell wall thickening- set of 5
(2) Annular
(3) Reticular
(4) Scaliriform
(5) Simple
BGEM9Golgi body- Detailed large Model- Clearly explained550
BGEM10Types of Lysosome detailed-Clearly explained550
BGEM11Endoplasmic Reticulum- Clearly explained550
BGEM12 Plastids Microscopic structure-Clearly explained.550
BGEM13Mitosis set of 10 model- It consists of the following stages : (1) resting cell (2) Prophase (3) late Prophase (4) Metaphase (5) Anaphase (6) Late Anaphase (7) Telophase (8) Late Telophase (9) Daughter cell (10) A detailed cell1300
BGEM14Mitosis- Set of 14 models fully detailed2000
BGEM15Meiosis set of 10 models- Consist of - (1) Leptotene (2) Pachytene (3) First Meitotic division (4) Zygotene (5) II Meiotic division (6) Metaphase (7) Early diakinesis (8) Telophase I (9) Telophase II (10) 4 Cell division.1300
BGEM16Meiosis- Set of 14 models fully detailed2000
BGEM17DNA Model(Watson & crick) This model represent the concept of the DNA Molecule in simple form but with sufficien accuracy details. It consist of following 4 models BGEM 17 A B C DFULL SET
BGEM17ADouble helical structure of DNA950
BGEM17BBiological structure of DNA600
BGEM17CLinking of Necleotides. 750
BGEM17DReplicating of DNA. 950
BGEM18 Structure of RNA Model- (Watson & Crick)-
with in a cell Complete set of 3 models- detailed BELOW BGEM 18 (A,B,C)
BGEM18A Helical structure of RNA. 950
BGEM18BLinking of Nacleotides750
BGEM18CRNA Mechanism Protine synthesis950


Code Number
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BGEM19 Showcase showing Mendle's dihybrid cross750
BGEM20Monohybrid --do-- 750
BGEM21Model showing law of Incomplete Dominence in adulusion fowl750
BGEM22Model showing Crossing over (stern's) fully labelled750
BGEM23Models showing Sex linked Inheritance in poultry. 750
BGEM24Model showing Origin & Kinds of Human Twins. 750
BGEM25Model showing Antigen, anitibody reaction900
BGEM26 Model showing principal of active Immunization- showing before & after infection900
BGEM27Model showing mechanism of Urine formation1300
BGEM28 Model of Chemistry of Muscles contration- Showing the muscles during contraction after the theory of Winegrad1300
BGEM29Model showing transcription method- Obtaining a gene from M-RNA1300
BGEM30Model showing transcription method- Obtaining a gene from M-RNA1100
BGEM31 Antibody formation model- Highly Magnified1300
BGEM32Disease Causing Bacteria of Man- set of 12 Models in showcase1300
BGEM33 Structure of Bacteria- Coccus/ Bascillus/Spirllum or any bacteria (each)550
BGEM34Aids Virus (Hiv. Human). 900
BGEM35Meselson and Radding Model showing mechanism of standard transfer. 1300
BGEM36Virus Bactero Phage. 800
BGEM37Virus- Polyhedral symmetray- A typical detail structure550
BGEM38Virus-Tobacco Mosaic (TMV)- Helical symmetry.650
BGEM39Life cycle of Bacteriophage virus- Set of 8 in showcase1100
BGEM40Structure of Carbohydrate.750
BGEM41Structure of lipid- Showing the formation of a fat molecule of fatty acids. 750
BGEM42Protein synthesis- Detailed model showing the dehydration synthesis of Aminoacid. 1000
BGEM43Model of Chliride shift- Showing the phenomenon of buffering effect of haemoglobin & the Chloride shift. 1000
BGEM44Kreb's Cycle- (Citric acid cycle)- Showinh how 36 molecules of ATP are produced in the ycle and only two molecules ATP are formed in glycolysis. 1000

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