Honey bee keeping Instruments

Honey Bee Keeping Instruments

Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BHBI-1Biotech Bee Keeping box/Honey bee hive season wood export quality.4800/-
BHBI-2Biotech Bee Smoker. 1320/
BHBI-3Biotech Honey Extractor with 4 frames 11400/-
BHBI-4 Biotech Bee Vail.480/-
BHBI-5Biotech Honey bee Queen Cage 240/-
BHBI-6Bee Knife180/-
BHBI-7Honey bee queen spring.180/-
BHBI-8Bee Hive Tools sely of 3. 480/- set
BHBI-9Honey Bee Com B Foundation Wax Sheet. 1620 set 100
BHBI-10Honey Bee Feeder. 360/-
BHBI-11Honey Bee Gloves.110/- p/pair

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