Human Medical Model Imported


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
WK-001The Vascular System and Viscera2245/-
WK-002The endocrine System2245/-
WK-003The Respiratory System2245/-
WK-004 The Spinal Nervous2245/-
WK-005The Human Skull2245/-
WK-006The Liver2245/-
WK-007The Brain2245/-
WK-008The Skeletal System2245/-
WK-009The Kidney2245/-
WK-010The Digestive System2245/-
WK-011The Eye2245/-
WK-012The Skin2245/-
WK-013The Teeth2245/-
WK-014The Musculature-I2245/-
WK-015The Musculature-II2245/-
WK-016Ear-Organs of Hearing and balance2245/-
WK-017Anatomy of the Teeth2245/-
WK-018The Central Nervous System:Spinal Cord2245/-
WK-019Understanding Osteoporosis2245/-
WK-020Understanding the Common Cold2245/-
WK-021Understanding Epilepsy2245/-
WK-022Metabolic Syndrome2245/-
WK-023Understanding Bacterial Infection2245/-
WK-024Understanding Allergies2245/-
WK-026The Prostate2245/-
WK-027Human Spine Disorder2245/-
WK-028Knee Injures2245/-
WK-029Hip and Knee2245/-
WK-030Hand and Wrist2245/-
WK-031Foot and Ankle2245/-
WK-032Shoulder and Elbow2245/-
WK-033Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome2245/-
WK-034The Heart2245/-

Anatomical Charts Laminated with Hard backing Aluminium Frame and Hanging

Code NumberProduct Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
PL-001Pregnancy and Birth1545
PL-002Understanding Breast Disease1545
PL-003Understanding Hypertension1545
PL-004Understanding Stroke1545
PL-005Understanding Cholestrol1545
PL-006Understanding Diabetes1545
PL-007Understanding Type 1 Diabetes1545
PL-008 Understanding Type 1 Diabetes1545
PL-009The Vascular System and Viscera1545
PL-010Dangers of Smoking1545
PL-011Danger of alcohol1545
PL-012The Heart1545
PL-013Understanding Parkinson Disease1545
PL-014Understanding the Common Cold1545
PL-015Understanding Bacterial Infection1545
PL-016Understanding Viral Infection1545
PL-017The Respiratory System1545
PL-018The Respiratory System and Asthama1545
PL-019Understanding Asthama1545
PL-020Understanding Osteoporosis1545
PL-021Maintaining a Healthy Weight1545
PL-022First Aid for Children in a Emergency Call1545
PL-023The Skeleton System1545
PL-026Deep Vein Thrombosis1545
PL-027Migraines and Headaches1545
PL-028Understanding Alzheimer's1545
PL-029Understanding Depression1545
PL-030Understanding Epilepsy 1545
PL-031Understanding Cancer1545
PL-032Understanding Cancer1545
PL-033Understanding Allergies1545
PL-034Understanding Carpel Tunnel Syndrome1545
PL-035Understanding Ulcers1545
PL-036Undertanding Menopause1545
PL-037Understanding Erectile Dysfunction1545
PL-038Understanding Erectile Dysfunction1545
PL-039The Prostate1545
PL-040Understanding HIV and AIDS1545
PL-041Sexually Transmitted Infections1545
PL-042Understanding Influenza1545
PL-043Metabolic Syndrome1545
PL-044Anatomy of the Teeth1545
PL-045 Disorders of Teeth and Jaw1545
PL-046Shoulder and Elbow1545
PL-047The Kidney1545
PL-048Hip and Knee1545
PL-049Knee Injuries1545
PL-050Ligament of the Joints1545
PL-051Anatomy and Injuries of the Shoulde1545
PL-052Anatomy and Injuries of the Foot and Ankle1545
PL-053Anatomy and Injuries of Hip1545
PL-054Foot and Ankle 1545
PL-055Hand and Wrist1545
PL-056Temporomandibular Joint(TMJ)1545
PL-057The Spinal Nerves1545
PL-058Understanding Arthrites1545
PL-059Shoulder and Elbow1545
PL-060Human Spine Disorders1545
PL-061Hip and Knee Inflamation1545
PL-062Whiplash Injuries of the Head and Neck1545
PL-063Ear, Nose and Throat1545
PL-064Middle Ear Conditions1545
PL-065Anatomy of the Inner Ear1545
PL-066The Human Skull1545
PL-067The Brain1545
PL-068The Eye1545
PL-069The Lymphatic System1545
PL-070The Female Muscular System1545
PL-071The Human Hair1545


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BXC-101Human Skeleton Life Size Tall 180cm. Rs. 15585/-
BXC-101A´╗┐Human Skeleton With Muscles & Ligaments (Tall 180 cm). Rs. 27795/-
BXC-101CHuman Skeleton Life- Size 170cm. Rs.20895
BXC-102Human Skeleton medium- TALL 85cm. Rs.3495/-
BXC-102B Human Skeleton with nerves & Blood Vessels Tall 85 cm. Rs. 5445/-
BXC-130 Disartiuculated Human Skeleton(Bilateral) (200 Bones). Rs. 10895/-


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BXD-104 Adult Skull Life Size : Human Skull Life Size. Rs.2085/
BXD-104 -1Disarticulated Skull : Human Skull Disarticulated. Rs.4295/-
BXD-104 CAdult Skull (Coloured) Life Size : Human Skull Coloured Life Size. Rs. 2985/-
BGD/A11115Infant Skull Model : Human Skull Infant. Rs. 4785/-
BXD-121foetal child skull: Human Skull Foetal Rs. 1870/-
BXD-115Vertebrae Pelvis with 5pcs Lumbar Vertebrae. Rs.4595/-
BXD-126Vertebral column with Vertebrae (85cm). Rs.5945/-
BXD-104ESkull Model with 8 parts Brain. Rs. 4735/-


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BXC-123Adult male pelvis-Human. Rs. 2010/-
BXC-124Adult Female Pelvis- Human. Rs. 2010/-
BXC-127Birth Demonstration Model. Rs.2645/
BXC-133C Human Thoracic Spinal Coloumn. Rs.4120/-
BXC-128 Big Adult arm bone model with blood vessel.Rs.3395/-
BXC-129Big Adult leg bone model with blood vesselRs.3395/-
BXC-120Femur bone.Rs.1695/-

Code NumberProduct Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BXC-109Shoulder joint life size with muscles. Rs.1385/-
BXC-110Hip Joint life size. Rs.1385/-
BXC-111Knee joint life size. Rs.1385/-
BXC-112Elbow Joint Life Size Rs. 1385/-
BXC-127Functional elbow joint life cycle. Rs.2415/-
BXC-113Foot Joint Life Size Rs. 1385/-
BXC-113AFoot Joint with ligaments Life Size. Rs.1585/-
BXC-114AHand joint with ligaments life size. Rs.1585/-
BXC-114Hand joint life size. Rs. 1385/-


Code NumberProduct Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BMK-019 Pumping Heart. Rs.1665/-
BXC-307A/PD-002 Heart Model life size. Rs.2085/-
BXC-307 Jumbo Heart Model Rs.2745/-
BXC-315 Digestive System Model. Rs.8045/-
BXC-320 Larynx, heart & Lungs Model. Rs.6085/-
BXC-306 Stomach Moedel. Rs.1815/-
BXC-312 Liver Model. Rs.3345/-
BXC-311 Liver, Pancreas, & duodenum model. Rs.2130/-
BXC-330 Model of the Transparent lung segment. Rs.5485/-
BXD-311-1 Model of Spleen Pancreas & duodenum. Rs.2195/-
BXC-308 Brain with Arteries. Rs.1855/-
BXD-308-2 Human Brain Stem Model. Rs.1370/-
BXC-310-3 Human Kidney with adrenal gland. Rs.1675/-
BXC-301 Magnified Human larynx Model. Rs.1285/-
BXC-310-1 Kidey model (1 part). Rs.2355/-
BXC-310-2 Kidney model (2 part). Rs.2625/-
SK007 Eye Anatomy model Rs.1500/-
PEA-131 Model of human functional Eye. Rs.4780/-
BXC-316 Giant Eye Model. Rs.2085/-
BXC-316B Eye with Orbit. Rs.4685/-
BXC-313 Skin block model enlarged. Rs.2135/-
BXC-303C Giant size ear model new style. Rs.2285/-
BXC-309 Model of the Anatomical nasal cavity. Rs.1335/-


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BXC-403/TH-001 Tooth Hygiene set. Rs.3035/-
BXD-305-1 Human Teeth. Rs.2525/-
Th-002 Dental model small. Rs.1315/-
BXC-318 Brain with arteries on head. Rs.3985/-


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BGD/A18101 Nervous System. Rs.15185/-
BGD/A18110 Sympathetic nervous system. Rs.23885/-
BGD/A16001 Circulatory system. Rs.12525/-
BGD/A18102 Spinal cord in the spinal canal. Rs.18945/-
BGD/A12001 Digestive system. Rs.14130/-
BGD/A16011 Lymphatic system. Rs.25425/-


Code Number
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
58. BXC-332AHuman Female Pelvis section (1 part).Rs.2425/-
59. BXC-331A Human Male Pelvis (1 Part).Rs.2425/-
60. BXC 332BHuman female Pregnant Pelvis section with fetus.Rs.7045/-
61. BXC-331CAdvance male internal & external organs.Rs.2635/-
62. BXC-332CAdvance Female internal & external organs.Rs.2635/-
63. BXC-331 Male urogenital system. Rs.1865/-
64. BXC-332Female urogenital System.Rs.1865/-
65. BXC-436AMagnified Uterus model.Rs.1045/-
66. BSD/12006A Apendix & caecum.Rs.3525/-
67. BXD-109 Model of Transparent human (85cm).Rs.8965/-
68. BXD-330-1Lung demonstration model. Rs.2825/-

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