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Full-body lifelike Mannequin

Specially designed for Professional Nursing Training

High Quality Mannequin provides wide range of exercises Possible including both first aid and emergency situations.


1. Lifting, Carrying and Moving of the patient.

2. Bed Care of the Patient.

3. Bathing (Genital Care) Hair washing and face washing.

4. Oral Cavity Care.

5. Care and Cleaning of the Nose.

6. Prevention of Bedsores (Decubitus).

7. Prevention of Muscles Cramps.

8. Prevention of Pneumonia.

9. Prevention of Blood Clots (Thromboses).

10. Prevention of Thrush and Parotitis.

11. Physiotheraphy.

12. Inhalation Tharapy.

13. Oxygen Inhalation.

14. Resuscitation: Mouth to Nose, Mouth to Mouth and Other methods.

15. Bandages.

16. Irrigations and Lavages: Gastric (stomach) lavage, Ostomy Irrigation, Intestinal Irrigation, Irrigation of the bladder, Irrigation of the vagina.

17. Enamas.

18. Urethral Catheterization for male and female.

19. Injection and Transfusions: Hypodermic Injections, Intramuscular Injections, Hypodermic Infusions.
BXC-401Multi functional patient care Manikin: The model is made of soft and half hard PVC plastic, solid, & durable, easy to use All joints are moveable, can be belt, all parts can be disassembled. It can be demonstrate following items:

1. Washing Face and bathing the bed- ridden patient.

2. Care and cleaning of the mouth.

3. Care and cleaning of Trachea dissection.

4. Inhalation of oxygen (nasal cork or nasal catheter).

5. Nasal Lavage.

6. Stomach Lavage.

7. Heart Infection.

8. Heart resuscitating on chest.

9. Chest Puncture.

10. Liver Puncture.

11. Kidney Puncture

12. Abdomen Puncture

13. Medulla Puncture

14. Lumbar Puncture

15. Deltoid Injection

16. Deltoid hypodermic Injection.

17. Vein Injection

18. Vein Puncture

19. Vein Transfusion

20. Vein blood transfusion.

21. Urethral catheterization of women

22. Muscular injection on buttocks


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Full-body life Like male Minikin

Specially design for Professional Trauma nursing care

High quality Minikin Provides wide range of exercises.


1. Bed Bathes, Dressing and Undressing

2. Hair washing

3. Face Washing

4. Irrigation of the eyes and ears.

5. Oral Cavity Care.

6. Oxygen Inhalation

7. Nasal Feeding

8. Lavage

9. Oral Cavity Intubations.

10. Nasal Cavity Intubations.

11.Tracheotomy Care

12. Organs Structure of Thorax

13. Venipuncture and Injection, Transfusion

14. Deltoid Injection

15. Male Urethral Catheterization

16.Female Urethral Catheterization

17. Gluteus Injection

18. Ostomy Irrigation

19. Organs Structure of Addominal Cavity.
Rs. 66790/-

1. Face washing and Swab Down.

2. Oral Cavity Nursing

3. Tracheotomy Nursing

4. Oxygen Inbreathe

5. Nasal Feeding

6. Stomach Washing

7. Intracardiac Injection

8. CPR First Aid

9. Mammary Nursing

10. Thoracic Puncture

11. Liver Puncture

12. Celiac Puncture

13. Medulla Puncture

14. Lumbar Puncture

15. Deltoid Puncture

16. Deltoid Subcutaneous Injection

17. Vein Injection

18. Vein Puncture

19. Vein Transfusion

20. Female catheter

21. Female Clyster

22. Gluteus Intramuscular Injection


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1. This simulation of Adult Model is designed according to the International CPR standard. In this model there light Indicator Display for correct and Incorrect Artificial respiration (Mouth to Mouth)

2. There is Light Indicator for correct compression position display, wrong compression position display, Digital counter.

3. This model simulate the patient revival through first aid by measure of heart pressure and Mouth to Mouth respiration.

4. This model also shows to wether the opration is correct or not by light Indicator, Audio Prompting and grade printing. An ideal model for use in nursing College, Medical College, Hospital & Nursing Training Institutes.
DM-CPR5001High-Intellegent Digital Comprehensive CPR Training Manikin

1. Obvious anatomical marks, skin-touch feeling, uniform skin color, lifelike shape, nice appearance.

2. Simulation of vital signs:- the initial state simulates mydriasis and no carotid artery pulse could be detected then.

-during pressing process, manikin carotid artery pulsated passively, pulse frequency is in line with compressing.

-after successful rescue, pupils restore normal, carotid artery pulse recovers spontaneously.

3. Can perform five oprations: conscious judgement, emergency call, pulse examination, respiration examintion, clearence of foreign body, signal light set, separate button.

4. Artificial respiration, external cardiac compression and airway opening.

5. Four Opration modes.

CPR display function:

1. Electronic monitoring: electronic monitoring of airway opening and Compression site, display coreect times and wrong times of artificial Reparation and external cardiac compression.

2. voice promt: English voice prompt during the training and assessment Operation;

Voice can be switch to closed or open, volume can also be adjust; Voice prompt incorrect compression site, Insufficient compression; Insufficient inflation, incorrect inflation into stomach, excessive Inflation, there is no voice prompts for actual assessment.

3.Indicators display Inflation volume is 500/600ml-1000ml -Insufficient inflation Voulme,yellow indicator

-Proper Inflation volume, green indicator

-Excessive Inflation volume, red indicator.

4. Indicators display compression depth, Proper compression depth is >5cm.

- Insufficient compression depth, yellow indicator.

- proper compression depth, green Indicator.

5. Signal light will response if not examine carotid artery, bloated light.

6. Opration time can be in seond.

7. Opration frequency. 100times/min.

8. Power supply:220v

Printer Function:

1. Can select synchronously Printing after Opration.

2. Transcript content contains opration mode, concious judgment, emergency breathing, Pulse examination, Respiration examination, Clearance of foreign body, compression and inflation time of each cycle, compression correct/Incorrect times, incorrect compression reason and times, correct/Incorrect inflation reason and times, time setting, opration time, test evalution


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BDM-CPR2000Electronic Half- Torso CPR Training Manikin

Implement standard: the 2010 AHA (American Heart Association) Guidline for CPR and ECC


1. Simulating standard airway opening

2. External chest compression: display device and alarm device

- Indicator light display of correct (at least 5cm) and wrong (less the 5cm) compression; alarm of incorrect compression.

3. Artificial respiration (inhalation): display device and alarm device

- Inhalation <500-600ml or > 600, wrong indicator light display and alarm prompting; Inhalation between 500-600ml right indicator light display.

- Indicator light display open airway

- Inhalation too quickly or too much result in air entering into stomach; indicator light display and alarm prompting.

4. Ratio of compression and artificial respiration: 30:2 (one or two person).

5. Operating cycle: one cycle includes five times of compression and artificial respiration at a rtion of 30:2.

6. Operation frequency: at least 100 times per minute.

7. Operation methods: exercise operation

8. Examination of Pupil response: mydriasis and myosis conrast

9. Examination of carotid pulse: squeeze air ball manually, simulating carotid artery pulse

10. Power supply: 220V AC
This Model serves as ideal Training aids for teaching and Training CPR skills in Hospitals, Medical College and Schools. Function: Heart Pressure and mouth to mouth respiration.
This Model serves as ideal Training aids for teaching and Training CPR skills in Hospitals, Medical College and Schools. Function: Heart Pressure and mouth to mouth respiration.
This manikin shows the half body from the head to the sixth rib of the chest. The cross section is painted with different colors to show the different organs clearly and vived. The cross section heart and lung show the various movements when demonstrate heart pressure and mouth to mouth respiration or mouth to nose respiration.
BXC-204 Torso 23 parts (Tall 85cm):- This outstanding torso features an exposed spine with removable vertebra and spinal cord segments, a female breast plate interchangeable male and female genitaila. The female organs include a fetus in the womb. Dissectible into 23 parts: Torso, female breast plate, head eyeball, brain, vertebra spinal nerves,lung (2parts), heart (2 parts) liver kidney stomach (2part) intestines- (4parts) male gentitalia (2parts) female with fetus (3Parts). Made of PVC plastic mounted on base Rs 15285/-

This torso feature: torso, brain (2 parts), cut calvarium, heart, lung (4parts), Stomach, diaphragm, liver, heart, trachea & esophagus & aorta, Pancreas and spleen, intestine etc. Dissecyible into 15 parts. Made of PVC plastic. Mounted on base
BXC-320ATorso 15 parts - (Tall 42cm):- This model includeing 12 dissectible parts torso, head, (2parts), brain, lungs(2parts) stomach, Liver, kidney, pancreas and spleen intestine mounted on plastic base Rs 4875/-
BXC-409New Born Baby model:- This can demonstrate the newborn baby and all kind of operation in clinic education. Made of soft PVC plastic, Washable length: 52cm head diameter 34cm.Rs 2485/-
BXC-409ANew Born Baby model (Male) Rs 3090/-
BXC-409B New Born Baby model (Female) Rs 3090/-
BXC-410New Born intubation baby model- This model is used to demonstrate the newborn baby intubation & train the students to learn intubation skills. Served as an ideal model for medical college, nursing schools and hospital etc. Made of elastic PVC plastic. Rs 6195/-
BXC-414Development process for fetus-

1. Normal utertus shows the inner genitals of femal.

2. Shows the embryo and uterus in the first month of gestation placenta is shown also.

3. Shows the fetus & uterus in the seond month of gestation. The embryo is just look like human.

4. Shows the fetus & Uterus in the third months of gestation the height of the fetus is about 9 cm.

5. Shows the fetus & Uterus in the fourth months of gestation the height of the fetus is about 16 cm.

6. Shows the fetus & Uterus in the fifth months of gestation the height of the fetus is about 25 cm.

7. Shows the fetus & Uterus in the sixth months of gestation the height of the fetus is about 30 cm.

8. Shows the fetus & Uterus in the seventh months of gestation the height of the fetus is about 35 cm.

9. Shows the fetus & Uterus in the eight months of gestation the height of the fetus is about 40 cm.

10. Shows the fetus & Uterus in the nine months of gestation the height of the fetus is about 45 cm.

Dimension- Natural size on base
Rs 33595/-
BXD-151 HUMAN PLACENTA ANATOMISE MODEL * Shows the structure of placenta and the relation between placenta and umbilical cord * Mounted on stand * Made of Advanced PVC * Seven positions are displayed. Rs.3245/-

Separated into 13 parts as follow: Placenta, Umbilical cord, abdominal cover, lungs, heart, thymus, diaphragm, liver, stomach, intestine, body.
Shows a female fetus at the end the pregnacy with placenta and umbillical cord.
Made of Advanced PVC.
Rs. 17870/-

Consists of 8 parts, mounted on stand.
Show ovary, primary and secondary ovarian follicles, ovium, ovultion, ovum, corpus luteum, corpus albiaans.
It demonstrates the procedure of ovum's development.
Shows 10 Positions.
Made of advanced PVC.
Rs. 19320/-
BXC-434 Injectable Training Arm Model.

This arm model can demonstrate the following Items:

1. Vein Phlebotomy on elbow forearm.

2. Vein Injection on elbow forearm.

3. Vein Blood transfusion on elbow forearm.

4. Vein liquid transfusion on elbow forearm.

5. Muscular injection on deltoid on the side of upper limb.
BXC-417This model shows the anatomical section of female genitals. It can be demonstrated to put the pessary, How to put contraceptive medicine membrane of table, How to put in a take out the IUD and how to make induced abortion etc.Rs.2895/-
BXC- 418 A/B/C/ High Quality Nurse Trainging Doll Unisex) Male or Female- This model has been newly developed as a teaching aid, especially for training nurses. Every doll has an exchangeable male & female genital insect. The doll had in infection pad in the arm, thighs, and in the buttock. The doll has the usual internal organs sot that in addition to the badic care procedures a wide range of medical treatment procedurres can be practiced. Made of washhable & unbreakable PVC plastic. 65625/-

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