Portable water & Soil Analysis kit


Code NumberProduct Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BWASA-1Biotech Digital portable water & SOil Analysis kit :3 parameter covrning pH cond,ORP 3.5 digit LCD display complete in case with working manual 8850/
BWASA-2Biotech Digital portable water & Soil Analysis kit :4 parameter,coverning pH ORP conductivity & temp with manual11425/-
BWASA-3Biotech portable digital Water & Soil analysis kit : 5 parameters measures pH ORP,
D.O. conductivity & temp compansator.

BWASA-4Biotech portable digital water & Soil Analysis kit : 6 parameters measures pH,ORP TDS, D.O,temp and conductivity15120/-

BWASA-5Biotech portable digital water & SOil Analysis kit: 7 parameters coverning pH.ORP ,TDS, D.O. conductivity temp and salinity .Completed with accessories and manual16600/-

BWASA-5ABiotech portable water and soil analysis kit-digital 6 parameters pH, ORP, TDS, DO, Cond, temp.salinity and turbidity complete with manual22850/-

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